Mice and Meditation

Tomorrow starts our weekend, and we are volunteering at a local town at their squash harvest in the afternoon.

Tonight we are spending our evening in the ranger’s lodge.

We had egg drop soup and salad for dinner. Our fridge is completely empty now- and we’ve spent way over our money for the week. Hungry hungry hungry. And we’re not allowed to keep any of our own food, as the mice will get to it.

Feeling a little bit anxious tonight, really just need a bit of time to myself. Doing surprisingly well with this crazy roller coaster ride- but I’m about ready for a break. I’m happy that it’s the weekend. And next week starts our four day weeks thankfully.

Tonight we had yoga pt after work- and everyone was farting because of the chili we had yesterday. Everyone is way too comfortable with one another. I’m tired of farts and burps. But they are not going anywhere. And this is all making me a better person in some creative way. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

I know my writing is not the best right now- I’m just not feeling it lately. Too much is happening to be able to process any of it. Especially write any of it down. But I’m going to start- tomorrow. Just writing as the day goes. Instead of trying to remember it all when I sit down at the end of the day to an internet connection on a time crunch.

*“My gosh, I have to poop so bad.” – the most adorable girl on my team just announced.

“Have you have sharted before? I did once. On the way to a bar. I think I was just too excited. I shit my pants and have to throw them away in the trash can on the way there. You guys are fucking lying. You’ve all sharted before. I’m going to make you shart.” –  my other favorite girl on the team

“It’s really weird how we both peed our pants at the same time.”



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