Beauty in the Barn

I’ve made some really interesting friendships that are opening up my eyes to the world. Worlds I learned about during my liberal arts education in college, but never was invested in learning about.

That changes a lot when people are looking into your eyes and telling you about their lives.

And damn, there are people who have lived lives here.

We’ve all lived such different lives. We’re going to figure out how to live one all together, now.

People are so beautiful. So delicate, yet so resilient.

I am in love with people in general.

I am in the relationship red zone right now- but I am also just amazed the all the people around me. We are wonderful and surprising creatures. I’ve never interacted with people as much as I have in the past two months- and it’s been my pleasure to be pleasantly surprised at what everyone can bring to the table.

I mean, yeah, there is still a lot of farting and burping as I mentioned earlier, but there is also a lot of real talk. And real life feelings and emotions and thoughts vocalized and not vocalized.

Jess and I are shower buddies at night, and that is our time for contemplation about life and our experiences here. We call it our metaphorical “washing off” of our problems and struggles.

My face is permanently red from the fire. And my moccasins are burnt from over ambitious feet warming.

Dre is one of my favorite people I’ve met here. He surprises me everyday. We joke we’re going to get married after this year. Dre and Jess crack me up when they’re together.

Tony is my hippie counterpart. Tony has not showered the whole time we’ve been in Oregon.

Carinne is the sweetest and most positive girl I’ve ever met. She’s a fantastic leader, and makes sure everyone is always feeling included and comfortable. We talk about Europe a lot, she lived two years in Germany teaching as an au pair.

Alyssa is the sweetest. Her and I are magnets- and bump into or elbow each other at least three times a day.

Sydney is our Snow White of the group. She’s always off playing with animals or taking pictures.

George is our little brother. He’s a character. He was born in Romania, but grew up with an Italian family in Boston. So Italian.

Ricky is from South Carolina and has a thick accent. Ryan is from California.

It’s a great group of people. We get on.



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