Laundry Love

We’re at the laundromat right now.

I’ll just work backward in time and tell you about the past few days.

There is a man with an Amazon parrot. It was sitting on his arm when we came in, but now it is walking around on the washers.

We’re going to celebrate a teammate’s birthday today. We have to be back in the van by 4 pm, so we’re going to enjoy happy hour.

Last night we watched “A Haunting at Silver Falls” in our old barn. We made popcorn and tea and all cuddled up on the drafty barn floor. You can feel the air coming in through all the cracks.

We had spaghetti for dinner before that, and earlier that day we went on a hike around Silver Falls. We walked under three gigantic waterfalls, and I met a girl who lived in Albany park her whole life, and knows a guy who writes comedy shows. She’s going to give me his contact information for Ben to hit up.

After dinner half the team left, and the rest of us sat around the fire and warmed our feet. Carinne and I talked about traveling life, and then Jess joined. Then later two girls from the other team joined the campfire, and we got deep into the heart of the feminist conversation until midnight. It was wonderful. My closest guy friend was also around the campfire, and he declined to comment on the conversation though. Which I found relieving that we didn’t have to get into an upsetting argument, but also upsetting that we could potentially have an upsetting argument over human rights.

(*A van just pulled up which has about 70 naked barbies plastered all over it. As a note.)

Earlier that day we hiked under about 4 beautiful waterfalls- we actually went underneath them through a cavern like slope- the spray all on our faces. Moss all over. Beautiful. Then we hung out at the ranger’s lounge and used their internet and drank coffee the rest of the day.

We got showers.

I’m not really sure what we’ve been doing with our lives the past few days, honestly. It’s been a lot of sitting around a campfire and chilling out with a bunch of pretty chill people.

Lots of tea. I’m still getting over my cold, and I have a weird headache which I think is from tmj, but I’m not sure. So that has me a bit stressed out. I think I’ll go to a doctor next Friday if it’s not sorted. I googled tmj though, and it says it can take weeks or months to resolve.

In other news, today I got up earlier and took my tea and sat outside in the fog. I don’t know if I’ve written this yet, but we are completely surrounded by the thickest forest I’ve ever seen in my life. It is so thick and full of life- and no one has ventured into it around our camp yet.

Last night when we came back from the showers, there were so many deer right outside our barn.

I’m about to head to a coffee shop. My laundry is almost done. Sorry this hasn’t been the most quality writing so far, but honestly there’s not a ton to write about. Or maybe there is just too much to write about. Sensory overload.

But it’s so odd- I feel so comfortable with everyone here, and our drafty old barn feels like a home already. One big sleepover home with an eternal campfire that we toast our bagels over.

I’m excited for the year. The team nearby us that lives in Silverton (where we are at now) are staying at a resort. So they have hottubbs, and queen size beds all to themselves. I’m really happy with our situation, we’re learning to tough it, but it’s not unbearable. We’re still dry. My roommates Monica and Hannah are in Santa Monica right now, and they are camping for the next two months. I would like to get to do that, but it’s nice to get to start out in between harsh and luxurious. We’re getting to know each other really well. Especially because we all literally have to crowd around a campfire after 5 pm at night until we go to bed.

Enjoying it. Love Oregon.

And also- our last day in California- we had a surprise visit from some women from the local domestic violence center. And I realized that I will be going back to school in the next 5-10 years for social work. And I want to be a social worker at a shelter in the areas of domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking. It’s what I can truly see myself doing.

But for now.

I’m feeling really freaking good doing what I’m doing. Which is getting paid to experience life. All over. Wherever. Whenever. Loving it.

Let go of my structure, but not my ideals.

Just need to fit in more writing, jogging, and communication with family and friends back home. I’m giving myself a week or so to settle in. Expect letters soon. xxxx


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