We are Here

We are here in Oregon at the state park.

We are staying in an old barn that is very cold but has a campfire in the middle of it.

We have no internet.

But we have a million waterfalls around us.

There are 24 of us staying in the old barn. We’re in the middle of a natural field, in the middle of a beautiful temperate rainforest. Everything is green, moss all over. Fog all over. Mist all over. Mud all over.

We walked under a few big waterfalls today- they had a trail that went through a cave underneath them. It was beautiful.

The area around us on the drive here was like a fairy tale. You couldn’t see ten feet ahead of you due to the fog. And there were tiny Christmas tree farms all around us on the rolling hills, and little farms scattered throughout the playground of nature.

We all sleep on the second story of the barn- but the middle is open, so we can see everyone in the whole barn as we fall asleep. And talk across the rafters to one another.

Day three without shower and the faux hawk is getting even better.


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