Weeding Gardens and Watching Groups

Sunday we volunteered at the community book event hosted by the library.

We were assigned authors, and were to attend their lectures and do “crowd control.”

Unfortunately, no one showed up for the book festival, and there were about 30x as many authors as audience members.

So our new job became sitting in author’s presentations.

The first presentation I went to was by a writer on Western Women and Love. She talked about all the wild wild west women and their life stories.

The second presentation I went to was by authors of a book about legalization.

The third presentation was by a professional women’s basketball player, who had won two gold Olympic medals, gave an inspiring speech and then tossed her medals out into the audience for us to hold.

After that we went and spoke with a British writer of a hitchhiker’s guide. He told us about all of his travels across Europe/Asia/Alaska and street smarts on getting a ride.

“Hitchhiking is only as dangerous as you are.”

After that Clint and I attended a lecture on “Holistic Cat Health Care,” and her second book, “Paleo Dog.” The writer had guest stared on Star Trek in the 70’s, and was the most intriguing and tangent prone speaker I have ever had the pleasure of listening to.

“Everybody masticate with me right now.”

” High blood pressure? GET A CAT!“

“American sperm count is down. I’m look at you, young men.”


“Just a sentence or two about throwing up. If you feed a cat too much it will always throw up. Gosh, I wish I could do that.”

Leans onto the podium on one arm, takes glasses off with the other and swings them in her hand as she throws an inordinate amount of sass at local vets. “When did YOU deliver your last kitten litter, huh?”

After that we wandered over and found a big pen of dogs from the animal shelter, mostly chihuahuas, and petted them for a good amount of time resulting in a significant therapeutic benefits.

Found an anarchist publishing company booth.

Got a free t-shirt.

Went back and talked to the cat lady, and everyone else trickled over as she hauled out some homeopathic machine that simulated a cat’s purr on the human body. 90% of human illnesses solved buy. German machine- the beamer.

Chilled on the floor, and then headed home.

That night when I got back we had to do our weekly cleaning for four hours. I had a 9a-11p day on Sunday.

And I am still catching up. But enthusiastic at the amount of life in the world.

Saturday was insane.

Our sixth day in a row working, and by 7:30 am we had found ourselves working in a community garden for people with disabilities and the elderly.

Around eight it started pouring rain.

They needed the rain so bad, it’s been the worst drought here in 100 years. It rained all morning. We put our raingear on, big yellow jackets and suspenders, and started sliding around in the fresh mud on the hard ground.

I was prompted told to join three grown lumberjack men on the pole digger, a drill about as tall and thick as my entire body. I had no idea how to use it, and the pouring rain and loud noise of the machinery impeded conversation. I did my time, and then handed my hard hat off to another teammate.

I walked back over to my team moving a huge rock pile, and found out they had spend their time killing black widows, literally coming out of the woodwork. Finished the rock pile, then started weeding.

Our hosts got us coffee and hot chocolate in the rain, and by lunch the skies had cleared. They bought us sandwiches, fruit, dessert and drinks and we all sat around talking.

In the afternoon one of my teammates got stung by a bee, we covered giant dirt mountains and gardens with layers of hay bales, we mulched, planted flowers and finally made it home around five.

When we got back, I took a quick shower and then met my parents for dinner. We went stocked up on warm clothes and peanuts, and then headed back to the Thai restaurant for the third time that week. They were closing, but they welcomed us in with open arms.

The owner remembered us, and asked how Mom and Pop’s trip to Reno was. His smile could heal a person.

The food was delicious as usual and the owner brought us a free Thai salad. On our way out Mom commented on the baseball game on tv- Royals v. Giants. “We’re from Kansas.” The owner found this really funny, and pretended to take back all of his generosity. He brightened all of our days.

After I got back, I headed downstairs to start laundry. Coming out of the room I was greeted by about 6 or 7 of my favorite people here, all dressed up. “You going out??!” They said. I thought about it for half a second, then gave a shy smile and was like, “Why not.”

I met them about ten minutes later and they handed me a ridiculously named shot they had bought at the liquor store down the street. We said prost and then headed down the road on the mile hike to the light rail.

We got to the train station immediately when the train was leaving, and we rushing to get tickets when the train attendant shooed us onto the train. “Hurry! Just get on! You can pay later,” he said. Something that would never fly in Germany.

Arrived downtown and split up for a bit, a few heading straight to the gay bars and the rest of us headed to another bar to meet Tony who was already downtown.

We found Tony at this awesome pub that was a residential house. Tony was just hanging out walking through the streets sharing cigarettes and cheeky swigs of whiskey with the homeless population.

Had a drink there and then headed to the gay bar district.

First of all, saw so many people we knew at the first gay bar we went to. What are the chances. The ceiling was so low and it had a great cave like atmosphere. Ordered a few drinks, then ordered a few more because we were planning on heading to a club to dance next.

Met up with everyone at the gay club we went to. Male bartenders walking around in nothing but red underwear and other men in cages swinging around right in my friend Jess’ face. There was a pool outside, and so many different levels. We all ended up on the dancefloor and closed the club down.

When the club closed, the three of us girls went in the bathroom, and used the men’s restroom because someone told us the ladies wasn’t open. Within minutes of going in a huge man bursts in and tells us, “OUT!” and we flush the toilet and run away.

Down the street we stop at a burger shop which is packed. As I’m waiting for my burger they hippies come up to me. “Do you even KNOW what your scarf means?” they ask. “No.” I respond. And they sigh heavily and tell me that it’s a prayer scarf, and storm away.

We take a huge van home for free, and then make it home. I go to my room and then head to the lounge to eat my burger in the dark. In there I find Tony, and we end up having a hours long drunk conversation about the state of the world. Go to bed around four and then get up at 8 am for a volunteering day long event. Which ended up being awesome. More about that later.

Long day. Weeding for 8 hours then PT.

Trained in Disaster Shelter Management. I was the only one from my team doing it, so if we go on a disaster project I’m the one that steps up.

Tomorrow we are doing a service project with the Sacramento community gardens.

Should be an interesting day.

Thursday I don’t know what we’re doing.

Friday I don’t know.

Saturday is national “make a difference day” and we’re all working all day out in the city.

Not much going on today- except working from 5:30am-6:45pm.

My two team positions are Career rep and Recruiter rep.


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