Iwig Dairy and Moving On


Just spoke with Vlad the Romanian from Bucharest. He played wooden flutes for us and is moving in this week at the Coop.

Long day. Exhausted, but came back to the Coop to find falafel, tzatziki sauce with wild mint from the park and fresh pita bread we made for brunch this morning. I left for work at 12 and worked until 6 today. Brought a mug of coffee from the house that said “Be Nice.” I want to keep this mug.

First full day on the job 9:30-6:30 (will be doing this through Friday, then working Sunday 12-5 by myself).

Was actually really nice and not bad at all. Think I am going to like working there. Very chill, but with very interesting networking and PR assignments. And the customers– mm!

English lad came in today, and he reminded me so much of Joe Hughes. He was buying milk for his porridge.

Also met Avery today, the guy who brings our local produce. He is not much older than me and is running a farm and networking and all that. Very cool.

And then there was Ben- he owns the trendy cafe right next door and uses our milk and cream. He is also just a little bit older than me. Went over and bought coffee from him for Marty and I– he knows his coffee! Very cool.

Also met a lot of other local business entrepreneurs from restaurants to farms to kitchens to politics.

Tim and Lorie, the owners of the family farm, stopped by today as well and I met them. They are very nice people and it is a pleasure to get to work for them.

Came home to spaghetti and cheese filled mushrooms. Stuffed my face and then got on the computer. Going to do some reading for the rest of the night and a bit more writing.

Six year old boy came in dancing Gangnam Style and telling me he was going to be a movie star. Really cute.

A young guy who started a hummus business in KC three years ago called The Hummus Company stopped by today and dropped off our hummus (which I am rapidly eating now). He was super nice and friendly, liked him a lot. I really like hard working people. Especially hard working people who create beautiful healthy food.

Yesterday I was out jogging, and ran past Cottin’s hardware store. Never noticed it before, but they have a lovely wooden piano on the porch outside their store. I sat down and played Fur Elise.

My boss used to be a director of a humane society, so there are a lot of dogs that come into the dairy store. The other day a family brought in their blind, deaf and toothless chihuahua they got from the animal shelter. He was so sweet even though he tried to bite me. But I would try to bite someone too if I couldn’t see them.

Also the other day a Mexican-American woman from the city of Chihuahua came in. Just a strange parallel for you.

I fucking love Mexico. I have really begun to have a healthy appreciate for Central and South America this year. Carlos was telling me about how the Aztecs were similar to the Romans with the central capital, while the Mayans to the west were more like the Greeks, with individual city states. He also told me about the lesser known Taraskans. And then a girl joined us for lunch who just got back from studying in China. And we all began talking about linguistics, and how most cultures have the word “Ma” and “Da/Ba” as a baby’s first word for their parents (China to India to Europe to Latin America). Someone said those sounds were linguistically the easiest for a human being to make, thus they are the first words so universally.

I just did shots of milk with some college boys that came in.

My lease ends at the end of the month, and I cannot bloody wait to get out of this place (I will write extensively about my experiences here once if is all safely behind me, though).

Starting in August I am planning on moving to Kansas City to live with Grandma and Grandpa for the time being, perhaps the year.

Pop and I crunched the numbers, and I will actually be saving money by commuting everyday to Lawrence from Kansas City, as opposed to getting a place in Lawrence by myself. Plus I will have beautiful influences surrounding me, and a wonderful Starbucks-Support-System. ;) We can negotiate rent, but Mom and Pop said maybe you would be interested in me paying you by taking you out on the town once a week or so?

Think of all the coffees we will drink and all the papers we will read and all of the tears you will see me cry, Grammar Grandma and Grandpa Posh! How exciting! ;)

Anyways, it’s not set in stone yet, but if you guys are okay with me moving in, I will probably start moving stuff in the next few weeks. I would love to live with you this year. :)

My current job is going to be a schedule of working a four day 40 hour week, and then getting three days off. Thus, three days out of the week I have time to explore KC, look for new jobs and things I might be interested in, learn about myself and maybe even find a part time job to add on if the right circumstances arise. :)

Also, by not signing a lease, I have the flexibility to adjust my life accordingly If AmeriCorps all of the sudden seems like a brilliant idea for some reason, I have the ability to go and do it.

Life is for living, people. Treat yourself right as well as the people around you. Love where you’re at and be there because you choose to be there, not because you are bound by a legal contract or guilt.

Made a new friend today! He just moved into Sunflower, and stopped by my work today and we ended up talking all afternoon. :) He has his undergrad degree in literature, and is getting his masters in journalism. Took a few years off of school to live in Portland, San Francisco and New York doing stand up comedy and painting.

Slow at work, but have been researching organic companies all day– really interesting. Going to compare them all and write an article on it for our first newsletter– which 50+ people have already signed up for! A journalist stopped by, launching a new website/networking arena for Lawrence local businesses. I want in on these connections.

I ate a goddamn dog biscuit today. Don’t you hate it when that happens?

An English man just came into the dairy and posited that if we couldn’t find a pen he would just open up a vein to sign his credit card slip.

Then went on to tell me, after said pen was found, that in Medieval Europe, when they were signing treaties, etc, they poured a bit of wine into the ink, blood of christ, and that is where the idea of signing in blood came from.

Just sent out our first “Iwig Dairy” newsletter, and already getting responses about setting up the food film series! And recognizing the names of the people contacting us– keep meeting more and more local business owners! It makes me feel like it wouldn’t be that far of a stretch to pull off myself, someday. For now though, it’s just really cool getting to interact with these people.

Spent the weekend in Mulvane with Nikki for his roommate’s wedding. Nikki’s family was very nice and made me feel really comfortable staying there.

Got back on Sunday for work, and Nikki brought me Chipotle and filled up my gas tank. And then scared the shit out of me with a prank call to my work. ;)

Had dinner and drinks with Deb and Dan that night- Pad Thai salad with Guinness and Grolsh. Talked about Monsanto but didn’t get overly emotional in the process. Progress. ;) Then we played guitars at Nikki’s apartment (rather, Dan and Nikki played while I was busy falling asleep on Debolina’s shoulder).

Spent Monday running errands (and running), cleaning my room, doing laundry, and packing as much shit as possible into the trunk of my car. Only a week left of living in Sunflower!

Monday night made French press coffee with Nikki, then ran to the store to buy cookies for a posh evening of “intellectual discussion.” His friend Trevor looked up topics while we were gone, then we stayed up til early in the morning talking about everything except intellectual topics. Lovely. :)

Woke up this morning and went to work. Nikki made me breakfast and brought me a snack just a little bit ago.

I updated the email list for the newsletter, struggled for freedom from the wrath of the ice cream freezers, learned about a new literary rapper from a customer, and drank my tea. :)

Deb, Dan, Nikki and I went out to eat at Dempsy’s and drank a bit of booze. The night before Deb, Dan and I went to Final Fridays in Lawrence and listened to free local music, drank free Pat’s Blue Ribbon beer, ate too much Latin American food, and soaked up the atmosphere from the place that is not going to ever be the same coming back to without one another.

Quit my job at the dairy on Thursday. Moved to KC with G and G on Saturday. Beginning to learn how to deal with the change and take responsibility for my life. x

Going out with Diana in downtown KC tonight. Going to bring a couple resumes as well. ;) Soul sister night. Much needed for both of us.

Played basketball with Nikki, his brother and David today. I backed out at first, but then ended up playing. The tyranny of sports.

Communications job this year. Preferably with an international focus. Job within two months. Two months to look and relax, but working by end of September. Also, going to start checking out how to make a bit of money on the side with writing online. Make money and focus on learning a new language and a new culture. Sign up to teach English abroad wherever this language and culture exist, and fuck off for a year. :) Sign up by January.

New language new culture new life new outlook. Shaking it up. Researching grad schools and applying by October of that year for the next year. Getting a masters in International Development with a focus on gender studies.

Finishing up year abroad and then heading to grad school, either in the states or out. I wouldn’t mind continuing my English education at all. But I would actually focus this time around. ;)

Two years of grad school, then land that sweet ass UN job I’ve always wanted.

Continue to work and learn and explore and fly and turn fears into strengths. Very busy and engaging career but ability to leave work at work, and come home to art and relationships and ever changing environments.

Just turned my keys in at Sunflower house. There was already a new girl living in my room. Coexisting with all of my psychopathic scribblings on the walls.

I was a little shocked as I walked out of the door, realizing I would probably never set foot in the place again. It reminded me of last year, leaving Hastings house.

I have been leaving places a lot recently.

I have the same feeling every time, though. I know when it is time to leave.

I feel free of Sunflower now. Just as I feel free of everywhere else I have lived and left. But I know there will be nights when I will cry over all of the good times I had there as well.

And that is life. :)

Listening to Emily’s sassy Europlaylists, and am finding myself again after working way too much at a job I didn’t give a shit about.

I just realized today that there are jobs out there that I could give a shit about, though. And probably have a lot of fun giving a shit about, meeting like minded people.

So I am excited to get a job now.

I realize I am not going to get my dream job this year, or even next year probably, but I will make the best of these next few years, and make them count.

And I am thinking about grad school seriously.

I know, I hate school. But all of the really good jobs that I want require a masters degree. Actually, most of the international development jobs in general require a masters.

I am going to take the GRE, just in case.

Last night was my last night in Lawrence with Deb and Dan. It was a really somber and beautiful day. Walked around campus, walked to Dan’s boss’ place and he made us iced mochas, just like the first night I met him.

We met Nikki and walked downtown to Rudy’s for pizza, then wandered back to pick up a growler from Dan’s place. On the way home, I was holding the glass growler, as well as Debolina and Nikki’s hands, and we were jerked sideways and I dropped the bottle right before we were home. Shattered brown glass all over the dirty student ghetto sidewalks.

Nikki and I decided to go camping after we parted ways with Deb and Dan. Went out to the lake and found a nice spot and saw baby raccoons, an opossum, a big raccoon at our campsite and then turkeys on the way back home this morning. I of course also stared at our neighbor’s tent with hatred for close to fifteen minutes, thinking the shape was an ax murderer coming to do us in.

I think I am going to buy a tent.

This morning Nikki and I woke up to rain and wet clothes. Packed and headed back. Stopped at Perkins to get breakfast like an old married couple, and probably caught five different types of the flu before we decided to scram.

Ate at Milton’s downtown instead, and had a double date with our attractive reflections.

Drove back to KC in the rain, very much rain.

Deb left today. I will be going to Albuquerque with her in a few weeks. Hopefully will get to stay there with her for a bit, too.



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