Post College Scrambling

Some small bird or mammal just came soaring in my window, hit my plants, and ricocheted out again- the only evidence of their presence here being the violently trembling orchid.

At least I hope it’s not in here still… rabies fear is present in my mind at every moment…

Walking downtown today, and a bearded man waves at me.

Seeing as I don’t know any men who are NOT bearded anymore, I wave back, though I didn’t recognize him at first. Realized as he came toward me that he used to live at Sunflower.

We ended up spending a few hours talking to the downtown locals, doing yoga and checking out dumpsters.

Interesting day, for sure.

Life is so different when you are just letting it pull you along, instead of actively directing it at all times.

So I’ve been keeping a “notebox” for the past year. Every few months I go through this box and type it all out into a list of disconnected ideas and words. I’ve felt really good about this all year, but the past few days I’ve been taking the notebox ideas of the day, and instead of shoving them in a box to potentially be used later, I have been using them that day, and creating. These daily pieces are not always going to be great, but that is kind of the point. They are practice, and they are a way of taking my notebox ideas of the moment to a new level. They are more of something I can work with, more of a jumping off point to come back to later compared to mere words. Maybe eventually I’ll get to the point where I won’t just write bits and pieces, but will start writing actual pieces when I think of them. But for now, I just want to get the scene and the mood down the day that I experience it. It makes me feel much more complete, and less anxious that I will lose the ideas going through my head.

Went shopping for Sunday brunch with Alix, my chef partner for the summer.

We talked about food standards all through Checkers, and delicious brunch ideas.

Alix had the idea to make homemade yogurt and granola for parfaits this weekend, so we went to a new local dairy shop on Massachusetts Street, Iwig, to get milk.

Ended up getting on real well with the owner, an adorable woman with green spectacles and a voracious knowledge and passion about the environment, health and progress. I mentioned I would like to volunteer and she handed me a job application!

Came back later that day to give her my resume, and we ended up talking for an hour until the shop closed about EVERYTHING good. Had so much fun and really liked her. And she said to come back on Tuesday with the application and we could talk again. :)

Came home and helped Alix make the granola, and talked about the food revolution. He’s in culinary arts, I could learn a lot from him this summer.

Late night bread and sunflower snacking with Jason, talking about life post university and being a generalist. He said take the time to think and explore. And he is pretty similar to me. And he’s making his goals happen everyday. :)

Eating Pho with Justin in the kitchen, talking about law and life.

Just gave a house showing to a girl who wants to move in. She’s a writer and studied in Spain a few years ago. I think she’ll get in, she’s really quiet and interesting. I told her she’ll find endless story ideas in this house.

She was previously living down the street from us and had a lot of break ins. Recently someone left a neat stack of bullets in her house and her roommates and her haven’t been back to their place since.

This morning I went to get my fingerprints done at the police office for AmeriCorps. They make you go through a metal detector to get in, and I was turned away because of my pepper spray.

Being the asshole that I am, I go outside, drop my pepper spray in a bush by the front door for safekeeping, and then proceed back into the police station. with confidence and pride at my sneaky self.

The pepper spray was gone when I came back out. At least I didn’t get fined or arrested, right? :P

Doctor’s office to get some drugs for my swelling Angelina Jolie lips. She tells me she cannot prescribe me anything unless she sees it in action.

“Come back when it happens again.

My eyes tear up, and I beg her for mercy.

“Please, please! The last time it happened was a Saturday night and the doctor’s office was closed, I was out on a date with my boyfriend and it was humiliating!”

“I’m sorry. Those drugs are sensitive to adrenal glands. I cannot give you them unless I physically see your skin inflamed.”

“I JUST WANT TO BE IN CONTROL OF MY OWN BODYYYYYYYYYYYYYY,” I hiccup. I am sobbing uncontrollably now, and she begins to waver. I see this and lay it on a little more thick.

“Okay. I’ll give you ONE prescription. But try the over the counter medications first, promise? And COME BACK AND SHOW ME when it happens again.”

I wail with happiness.

“THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I am forever in your debt, I will name my first born after you!”

She shoves me aside and shoos me out the door, wanting to forget the fact that she, a practiced physician, was just persuaded by a 22 year old liberal arts student.

I am a character today.

Rainy day today, and the past month for that matter. Hard to stay out of bed when it is like this.

Reading Zorba the Greek. Applied to volunteer at the Human Society and at the hospital for nutritional education.

Getting fingerprints at the police station tomorrow (for AmeriCorps).

After I get these turned in, they’ll start offering me locations. Start in October.

Helping Brian out tomorrow at Food Not Bombs around 3:30. Going to try and do that Thursdays and Saturdays. Free meals for a worthwhile cause with good people.

Training on Friday again at the Willow Center. There is a woman starting a yoga group there, and there is also a health and nutrition program which I think I might want to get involved in. Along with the newsletter. :)

I also signed up for a few more training sessions at the Willow for next week: Lethality Assessments, Profile of an Assailant, Advocate Policies and Procedures, Child Abuse and Neglect.

Saturday I am planning on going to a lecture at the public library. I also joined two books groups at the library and am going to check out the books today for them.

Started some amateur journalism research today. I want to learn how to write well, not just rely completely on my intuition.

Going to write a testimonial and thank you lettertoday for my favorite teacher, Professor O’Brien. Also going to see if she and my favorite TA will write the letters of recommendation for me.

AmeriCorps is on the table officially now, so if in October I realize that I completely NEED to leave the state and word and write, I can. :)

Tomorrow I am also going to stop by the World Company and see if I can volunteer/intern for them.

Turned in my application for IWIG and learned some interesting things about their milk. Here is the link to their website:

I bought a bottle of 2% milk, and have been drinking guilt free dairy non stop. So good in coffee. Different taste than regular milk sold in stores because:

They use a low heat pasteurization process while factory farms use a high heat process. The high heat process is faster, but it kills all the bacteria in the milk, including the healthy enzymes in the milk that make it easier to digest and give your body essential nutrients. The lady at IWIG told me that she has had so many people come in saying they are lactose intolerant, but can drink her milk without any problems. IWIG also trained Highland Farms (the other dairy in the glass bottles) how to use the low temperature pasteurization technique.

On top of this, using glass bottles is not only an environmentally friendly thing to do, it drastically changes the flavor of the milk when it is put in plastic bottles, as the chemicals seep into the milk. The glass bottles make for a pure, fresh taste.

Also, IWIG does not use growth hormones or antibiotics on their cows.

The milk definitely tastes different, it’s the aftertaste. Like a milkshake, a bit.

IWIG is putting on a food standards movie series this summer, which I am going to help out with an attend. And they are having a cheese making demonstration at the end of June which I am going to.

Have had a lot of interviews at the house for new house members for the summer. A few homeless men, made me feel a bit uncomfortable. One of them was telling about the people in his life, “Some of them went on to become poets and models, some of them got strung out on drugs and died.”

They did not get voted in, though. The writer girl did. :)

Made brunch with Alix, Markus and Carlos on Sunday. Carlos and I bought donuts for us all before we began. It was stress free and very relaxing. :) Made waffles with freshly ground cardamom, cinnamon and allspice in them. Could eat them plain they were so good. Individual parfaits for everyone with fresh strawberry glaze and a homemade banana chip to top it off. Then we made Chorizo,egg, potato, onion hash to go on the side. Orange juice and coffee and milk.

All for under $60, and fed 40 people. Very cool. :)

We are going to try and get IWIG milk for this weekend.

IWIG also sells butter. YUM. Going to get on that too.

Also, when I was talking to the IWIG lady, she mentioned they got some of their other things from CSAs. And I told her we got food fro CSAs as well. I want to learn more about CSAs though, because I don’t actually understand it all. But I want to. We also order our food from New Boston at Sunflower, which is an alternative food program that orders food in bulk to save money and gas and avoids the supermarket stop.

Spoke with Andy the other night. He is so quiet. I love the quiet. He told me thank you for thanking him for doing a good job at organizing the occupancy committee. But it was an honest, straight on, THANK YOU that only shy people can give. :)

Sunflower house has that going for it, at least. Even if it shuts people down, it does empower people socially to not be scared to interact. And after living with 40 strangers, I will never be as scared of a new environment again. Isaac, a new boy who moved in this summer, is finding his voice here. That is cool to see. :)

The thing that isn’t that cool to see is that every single hippie in this silly place owns a goddamned iphone. And are constantly on it when they are not looking down on people like me for not doing more to fight the system. Go figure. ;)

So I went to the house meeting this Monday. The first one I have gone to since January or something. I had a good run of protesting, I think. And while I was gone they completely revamped the meeting space structure, which was cool to see. But about twenty minutes in I realized nothing had really changed, it was the same tedious, pedantic, bureaucratic bullshit I was so happy to leave six months ago. ;)

Regardless, I’m going to be a bit more involved for my last two months here. Just to learn and take it all in. I probably won’t get involved, but I really have learned so much about human nature and different personality types. I’d like to observe closer, now that I have finished school, and start integrating these characters into my writings.

Nikki went fishing yesterday and found an inflatable raft out at the lake that fits two people! It’s in great condition, and looks super fun. We sat for a few hours in the raft in the middle of his living room last night, playing guitar and ukulele. It was absurd and adorable and fun. :)

Got a letter in the mail from Loic today. Nice surprise. :)

I realized that I am most comfortable when others are comfortable. Sacrificing my comfort for others takes away the option for them to be comfortable because I am. From now on I aim to make myself comfortable, not feeling selfish, but knowing that it is the most sustainable way for everyone to feel the best we can

Busy past few days! Great past few days! Too much to write about, so I’ll just go over the bullet points now and hopefully expand on the insights and comedy later. x

So yesterday I helped Brian with Food Not Bombs from 3-7. We made tons of different creative impromtu stir fry and then took it all downtown and ate with homeless people, “occupy lawrence” radicals and random drifters. I met a nice lady with a daughter. She introduced her daughter to me and was like, “She’s shy.” I said, quietly, “I was too.” And she said, quieter, “Me too.” It was a magical quiet person bonding moment. :) A guy we fixed food with brought his solar telescope, and I got to look at the sun through a telescope. Very cool. Could see the solar flares coming off of it, and the sunspots.


Right after that I ran downtown to meet Dan for coffee. We ended up sitting in Henry’s for three hours talking about EVERYTHING. A lot about feminism, though. HE was talking about feminism a lot. He’s trying to figure out how he will raise his new daughter to be a feminist. Just three months ago he was giving Debolina and I a look when we mentioned feminism, and now he just might be a bigger proponent of it than me. And that is saying A LOT.

Okay, not a bigger proponent, but a different one. It is so amazing to have guys speaking up on the issue. I tell you, this is the year of me for me! Jesus, these men. So all about equality and learning it is blowing my mind. I love men. And women. And doing away with the binary of men and women.

Sorry, got off on a rant there. In summary: beautiful, blossoming feminist men in my life. Plant the seeds, don’t pull the plants out of the ground, let them sprout up themselves. What I finally learned about people. And it is beautiful and surprising to witness human beings transforming on their own accord. Myself included. Yourself included. x

After that I went over the Nikki’s- walked in and it was dark, and there was a line of cookies with candles in them leading into his room! It was super cute.

Today went to a three hour training at the Willow, encountered a bunch of interesting, positive and open minded people there. Really enjoyed the training. Dan works as a case worker right now at the housing association— and he has a undergrad degree in Biology. I am thinking about looking into case work as a career– at least I could feel it out and see if it’s something I think I can do over the next year. :)

Rest of today I just read. I have collected a plethora of pamphlets over the past two days: food/vegetarian/animal rights from food not bombs, domestic violence

I just emailed the Willow volunteer coordinator about what I would like to get involved in this summer:

Something that really stuck out to me today was the legal struggles immigrant and Native American women face pertaining to DV. I was thinking about doing more research into this area, and maybe doing an outreach project over the summer to try to reach these communities better. Is there already something like this going on at the Willow? If so I would love to be a part of it. If not, I would love to work with you to expand on it. :)

Yesterday I had brunch with Nikki. He fixed me scrambled eggs and pancakes. His go to move. Not a bad one, if I do say so myself. ;)

Came home and spent the day to myself reading Zorba the Greek, stretching and thinking.

Around six Debolina, Carlos, Brian and Rachel showed up at my door and I was done with the books for the evening. ;)

Debolina and I sat on my bed and ate DELICIOUS chocolate cake her 83 year old Grandmother from India made for her. Debbie just got back from India Sunday. Her Grandma wanted her to make sure she only shared the chocolate cake with a few people. Smart Grandma. ;)

Debbie and I caught up on life and had girl talk. By the way Debbo, I still want to see those pictures from India; post them on your blog! And tell Mama an Baba Ghosh hello for me. :)

Debbie updated me on some of the recent house drama as well. Apparently the guy that lives across from me and handles the house rent has not been charging himself for months! Really shocking because he was a really trusted and committed member of the house. He immediately took off after people found out. I just fixed brunch with him last week and had a really good time with him. Weird. Moral of the story? Never trust anyone. Never let checks and balances system go unchecked.

Dan came over after awhile, and we all ate pizza together. I got a letter from Diana in the mail, immediately called her up, and soon she was in Lawrence with us, as well. :)

I gave Diana a tour of the house and then we left it for the night. :) Went downtown to the Bourgeois Pig and I had coffee and she had wine. Talked about her new life in Kansas City, and how we are both jobless. ;)

Deb and Dan joined us after awhile, and we all came to the conclusion that we are going to take a roadtrip to the Omaha zoo sometime this summer. Then Nikki stopped by and I, AGAIN, forced a hot caffeinated beverage down his throat. When will I learn? ;) It was really sweet of him to come though, as he had just gotten off of work, and didn’t know Diana at all.

On the whole a pretty good night. Nikki is off on a canoeing trip with his roommate this week and I am headed to Kansas City to semi move in with my lovely, lovely Grandparents and do some writing. And maybe a bit of exploring. And maybe a bit of Mexican food as well. We’ll see. :)

Really, I’d just be happy to read outside in their backyard with them and update them on my crazy life.

Will blog tonight and Grandma and Grandpa’s, FOR Grandma and Grandpa. ;)

Love. x

Sunday I fixed brunch with Alex and Carlos. We made strawberry banana pancakes which were AMAZING.

Mom and Pop showed up and I got to bitch to them about a certain roommate, and it was completely satisfying. I’m happy they got to see it all first hand. :)

Did my chores, then headed to the park and read in the sun.

Debolina got back from India later that day, and gave me a beautiful dress and purse from Calcutta. Thank you so much, love! x

Saturday was pretty chill, Friday I had a really good time at the Willow, and Thursday was Food Not Bombs.

This Friday I am headed to Manhattan, and get back Sunday. Friday is also Dan’s birthday, going to make him a cake. Then on Monday Nikki and I are going to Mumford and Sons concert in Kansas City.

Grandpa was an EXCELLENT tour guide this weekend, showing me all around Kansas City KS and MO. I took extensive notes and learned a lot.

Hit rock bottom today, but it was good. I think I’ve been hovering at the bottom for quite awhile. Lots of tears and hiccuping later, and I’ve got myself motivated and on track. Starting my day off with a routine from now on.

Woke up at 8 am this morning and headed outside for a jog. Stretched, showered and then made breakfast for Father’s Day and served Pop blueberry pancakes, bacon, eggs, orange juice and cappuccinos. Pop, of course, denied the fact that he loathes pancakes. ;)

Called Grandpa and wished him a happy father’s day as well. He told me happy day as well, and I thanked my feminist grandpa. Read my personal constitution, checked email, read the world news and the national news, took a geography quiz on Europe and did fairly well (fun to think exclusively about that part of the world again, even if just for 15 minutes). I haven’t gotten to playing music and studying a language yet, hopefully I can incorporate those fully into my routine by the end of the week. Next I wrote in three separate journals for three separate areas of my life I want to improve in, and then I wrote on this blog, then I will write on the poetry blog Ben and I have going daily, then I will write a piece for my professional blog (doing a “professional” article a day as well, no matter how shitty it may be).

We are playing a family game at two, and then I am going to do an hour of job search, a bit of career planning, an hour of daily to do list (which includes scrapbooking and calling Grandma for advice on “life and stuff”. ;)). I am then going to write, take time to update my idea list and implement then, then dinner and go for a walk. Then I am going to start settling into pajamas by 8, set out my running shoes for tomorrow, and read J.K. for the rest of the night. :)

Ben and Cara are coming to visit and go out to dinner with me in Lawrence on Friday and spend the night! :) Cara brought back a beautiful purse from Vietnam for me, it was made by the Miao people. :)

About to eat dinner– they made Mexican food and it smells really good. Real Mexican food with recipes straight from Paulette’s mother’s restaurant. Our usual Monday cook is on the lam, hasn’t payed since August and currently owes us all about $4,000. Oh, the joys of living in the world.

Driving home from Manhattan today, I was struck by the beautiful rolling green hills that seemed to go on forever, and the reliable golden hay bales sprinkled across the earth. I had a sudden realization that I live in America. That I live in Kansas. That this place of the world is just as exotic and interesting as any other place. Something I’ve never thought of before- it was like I was seeing my piece of the world with appreciation for the first time.

This also might have had something to do with the fact that I just received a letter in the mail from Joe in England saying that he is still planning on visiting this summer! I want to show him the large expanses of land on the drive between Manhattan and Lawrence.

Going to go to the house meeting tonight, I feel like I am walking on thin ice with the hippies so I better get my act together for one night at least. Plus I kind of want to see what the dynamics are like now- after so many of the key players having left in a huff over the course of the year- I want to see who has stepped up.

Went back and read what I’ve been produced over the past few months- and I have to say. This is a pretty accurate representation of myself and my life. With the omission, of course, of those nights sitting in front of the computer watching romantic comedies and eating bags of chocolate chips. I think we’re all better off not hearing about that. ;)

Good talk with Ma this morning. We saw Pop off to D.C. and then made fancy cappuccinos and filled the morning with enlightening conversation.

Packed after lunch and headed back to Lawrence. Unpacked and settled in, then talked Nikki into going to Dillons and Iwig with me. We almost got arrested for public display of affection.

About to eat dinner– they made Mexican food and it smells really good. Real Mexican food with recipes straight from Paulette’s mother’s restaurant. Our usual Monday cook is on the lam, hasn’t payed since August and currently owes us all about $4,000. Oh, the joys of living in the world.

Driving home from Manhattan today, I was struck by the beautiful rolling green hills that seemed to go on forever, and the reliable golden hay bales sprinkled across the earth. I had a sudden realization that I live in America. That I live in Kansas. That this place of the world is just as exotic and interesting as any other place. Something I’ve never thought of before- it was like I was seeing my piece of the world with appreciation for the first time.

This also might have had something to do with the fact that I just received a letter in the mail from Joe in England saying that he is still planning on visiting this summer! I want to show him the large expanses of land on the drive between Manhattan and Lawrence.

Going to go to the house meeting tonight, I feel like I am walking on thin ice with the hippies so I better get my act together for one night at least. Plus I kind of want to see what the dynamics are like now- after so many of the key players having left in a huff over the course of the year- I want to see who has stepped up.

Lord knows it wasn’t me. ;)


One of the best runs of my life today. It was slightly raining, completely cloudy and dark and the air smelled like a storm was about to hit.

On the way home, covered in summer sweat and rain, I went past the little street side bookcase someone put out for the community. Looked through, and found one of my all time favorite books- the Elegance of the Hedgehog. Waved at the hippies that made the community library and then jogged home in the rain with my beautiful book. I’ll have to finish one of my books and drop it off next time I run past there. :)

Got a call from Iwig, going in for a proper interview tomorrow. They are opening a store in North Lawrence, hope I could work at the one on Mass Street, though. They also asked if I knew anyone who could paint a farm scene for them on the outside of their store- and I hooked my housemate Kelsey up with a paid art job! :)

Went for a run down by the river- turned around immediately after reaching it. Will have to take someone else with me next time I go there– it is pretty, but so isolated. Jogged down to North Lawrence as well, a bit shady for my taste, but it’s a job, yeah?

Took a shower, and now I am going to drink green tea and try to get to feeling a bit better.

Going to try and finish J.K. Rowling’s new book, The Casual Vacancy, today. It’s set in the fields, the British version of the U.S. projects.It is rough; a slow, hard and a lot of times painful read. I feel like I need to finish the 500 page piece because

1. It’s J.K.

2. It’s opening up my eyes to a life I had never imagined in such detail before, and I am learning many new ways to look at life. The book is about class and people’s different socioeconomic lives, all intertwined. I usually love it when authors pull a bunch of people’s stories together, but J.K. almost has too much going on for me to be too invested in any of the stories. Maybe this is what she wanted, though; none of the characters are particularly likable people. But, they each seem to have something I can just barely connect to, which is interesting.

Anyway, not a fan of J.K.’s non-mystery writing. Without the suspense, she is a bit of a hard writer to swallow. I think the topic is really noble though. What I really want to read right now is Save the Waltz by Zelda Fitzgerald. Nikki picked up a copy for me of it at the KU library (which I can’t check books out of anymore!) and it is the complete opposite of J.K.’s gritty writing. It is flowing and flowery and filled to the brim with metaphors and melds an impeccably honest observation of life with a fairy tale. But that’s just the first five pages- the same five pages I read when I was in a little bookshop in Dublin last year. Maybe tonight I’ll get a bit further. :)

My other goal for the evening is hydration. And writing.

Tomorrow I have interview, applying at the Raven Bookstore downtown, calling Prima Taza and the World Company, Food Not Bombs cook and eat and then coffee with Dan. Debolina gets back from Wichita on Sunday.

Nikki and I went to the park and talked last night. The park lamps were shining in a way that each of our faces were half covered in shadow. A really eerie way to a have a conversation with someone, but a good conversation.

Later we went over to his friend Clay’s house, and Clay’s dog pulled my shirt off when no one was looking. Do not ask me how this happened.

Crazy tired lately, but in a good I’ve-been-running-and-moving-my-body-and-mind way.

Last night at the Coop we ate delicious black bean burger sliders on biscuits with rich homemade berry pie.

Talked to Marie about food and how I’ve always been a vegetarian, but not always gotten my protein because I ate so many starches and noodles to fill me up. Now I eat mainly protein and fruits and vegetables. She said, “Wow. I bet your moods are much more stable now.” I thought about it, and realized it’s true. Ever since I started eating healthy and becoming concerned with what I put in my body, my moods have become much less overwhelming. I only ever thought of food as beneficial or harmful to the physical body, but the mind is part of the body, too. I thought me becoming more in control of my emotions had to do solely with my growing up, but now I realize it also had a lot to do with me learning to treat my body right, and my body responding in kind.

We have an interviewer today who majored in business and minored in Mandarin. Grew up in Lawrence, KS and now spends all his time jetting back and forth from Shanghai.


I had prepared the coffee machine the night before, so all I had to do this morning was flip the switch. Then I grabbed the book I’m currently devouring by Erica Jong, my new, absolute favorite writer, and read for an hour or so while drinking my cinnamon coffee. We get a copy of the Lawrence Journal World in the mornings; I am going to start reading that with my coffee as well. :)

Took a shower, popped on a summer dress, packed my lunch for the day, and am headed out the door soon: working 9:30-6:30 today, and the rest of this week.

Downloaded beginners Arabic to my computer and started that last night. Fascinating and not at all as overwhelming as I thought it would be. I can already tell that it is a beautiful language- it’s the language I have been waiting to learn. :)

So finishing Jong’s book today, and have a JOURNAL full of quotes from it which I would like to bombard you with in this blog. :) Then I am starting “The Second Sex” by Simone Beauvoir, which I have always wanted to read am finally checked it out at the library yesterday. :) I have created a rigorous reading list of pure feminine fire and passion for life to read over the course of the next few months- really excited.

I have ants in my room, but we are, for the time being at least, coexisting peacefully. ;) Last night I slept with my screenless window open, and felt one with the night. There was lovely fresh air blowing in all night over my typewriter- romantic and inspiring. I am excited to read and write, and am finally getting into doing it. Also, I remembered how much I fucking LOVE myself and my alone time. And my self created structure and adaptability to changes and challenges the day creates for me. :)

So I’m off to work with a full stomach, a calm mind and a stack of beautiful books to come home to. As I was driving back from the library yesterday, I was hit with a sudden realization of the beauty of life and the position I am in right now. I have been feeling trapped lately by expectations, my own and others’, and all of the sudden, with music blaring through the speakers and precious books and words in the passengers seat next to me, I realized exactly what I want to do with life over the next few years. Each step has options and alternative routes, as I love to have flexibility for changing moods and ideas. But it is all laid out now, and I feel super happy about it. I don’t think I am going to tell anyone what my plans are, you can just see them as they progress, if that is alright with you. :) Sharing plans with the world usually sets them up for failure, and plus, the whole beauty of these plans are that they are mine and mine alone from my own mind.

Really good morning. Going to start doing this and integrate it into my routine. Updated my planner and am taking it into work today to share so that I can plan a good schedule. Then printing out an updated routine tonight, not sharing it with anyone, and doing it.

Got a job at Iwig family dairy store down the street.

Lots of interesting hippies and farmers coming in to talk to.

Lots of time to write stories.

Lots of structure to my day now.


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