Coffee and Citations






Firm ideologies are where wars come from. I will never subscribe to any ideology other than empathy, and the acceptance of all viewpoints.  The ideology of anti-ideology.

This is what makes sense to my mind. This is what I see as being the highest form of radicalism possible. And as long as everyone does what makes sense to their mind, I’d say we’d have a pretty good world.

Still working on how to describe this. Had a really good conversation with Nikki about it this morning. We had our first fight. But it ended well.

Anthropology lecture blew my mind. Everything we talked about had some weird connection to my personal and public life; things that I’ve been bumping into all year, but just now seeing in a different light. Tied it in with Wednesday night’s feminist lecture and Tuesday night’s Atheism lecture. Came to work and my phone started ringing off the hook and everyone was in my office and I had a list of things to do before I even sat down. Best type of work day. Managing citations for Mariya’s research and it all came full circle with the topic I was reading about; mindset and ideas. Secularism and capitalism. Immigration and women’s rights. Beans and rice. Green tea and sex. Syria and pesto pasta. Coffee and citations. Islam and contacts.

Nikki made me eggs and pancakes this morning with coffee.

Got home around 4, just in time for the 5 pm UKSHA Communist-capitalist meeting of Coopers from around Lawrence. The meeting took place outside in Olive house’s backyard, sun out and beautiful, but when it went down we all snuggled under hippie blankets together and ate pizza.

Three hour meeting, 2 of which  passionately discussed the potential eviction of one of our less “woman friendly” housemates.

Just now discussion with Brian– we are ON IT, writing up a proposal tomorrow to get this thing working smoother— starting an effective mediation process with the house acting as judge and jury. See how it goes.

Free speech is invaluable, but so is mutual respect between people, especially between housemates. Progress and gender equality have value as well.

Rusty’s Rules of Order started in our house thanks to TJ. Big changes happening around here…………!

Locked out: Robbie broke into my room with a credit card. ;)

Currently headed out with Nikki and Trevor and meeting up with Deb and Dan later.

And then I will come home and BREATHE.

We made sushi and tempora last night with kale chips. Bunderbar.

Do this:

1. Find mass quantity of leftover hummus in your fridge.

2. Melt cheese over said hummus.

3. Proceed to slap sour creme and salsa over hot mixture and stir until becomes sticky orange goo.

4. Heat up some frozen tortillas, and you’ve got yourself a wonderful half assed meal until someone kind takes you out for dinner/saves your starving soul.


People might be okay.

Woke up this morning to Cooper giving me a wake up call at 9 for our 10 am discussion. He had texted me at 8 as well (unfortunately to no avail.. :P)

Seriously, what a nice boy. To incorporate me into his day, be genuinely interested that I get to class on time. :) We had to turn in papers wednesday and he texted me to make sure I was on it.

Still had a frantic morning as I scurried around the kitchen attempting to get the coffee grinder to work. Robbie came out of nowhere and loaned me his. Then we shared a bunch of smiles as I realized I had misplaced the oatmeal I had just made. I never found it. Weird fucking shit. 

Cooper and I walked to class together, and he gave me chocolate chip banana muffins he had made. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL PERSON. And then he’s engaging in our feminist discussion with actual interest, and I realize that he is someone I wouldn’t mind keeping around. :) He is one of those brave guys Dr. Katz talked about in the lecture last night. :)

Ended up talking about Medical Anthropology with Cooper– he’s starting KU Med school this August. He is beautifully skeptical of Western medicine, and I’m sure we could have about a thousand EYE OPENING conversations on the topic. He’s going to send me some links. We talked about Western Civ texts as well, all on a five minute walk over to Fraser. College is beautiful. Life is beautiful. People are beautiful and intellectual.

British boy in my class gets more American by the day– wearing white sneakers today!! ;) Beautiful pro-gender equality man.

Super smart intelligent girl in my discussion makes me realize the value in being a good speaker, and learning to coherently get across ideas and concepts in a calm manner. Demand respect.

Hung out with boy Friday night. He had made homemade cinnamon rolls for me, and bought me a beautiful purple orchid. Last night he surprised me; bought me two albums from my favorite band, and gave me a printed first chapter of a novel he started writing and wants me to help with.

Too much distraction this weekend. Getting serious again and focusing.

Spending my Sunday at the library after I finish my chores.

Erin made great quinoa kale spinach onion salad with balsamic vinegar and pumpkin pancakes for breakfast.

Made mushroom chile fresh corn tacos with avocados and cheese last night for dinner with Spanish rice.

Tonight I went to a lecture by Dr. Jackson Katz.

I don’t have time to explain it in detail now- but I will be writing extensively on it as it was very inspiring and eye opening.

–Listening to a male speaker on how violence and cultural concepts of masculinity are connected, and how it’s possible for change with knowledge and redefinition. It really opened my mind up to a broader discussion, and how much more powerful the inclusion of all people can be.

Have a problems with International law’s Western concept of “natural law” which still makes up half of international law.

“For an action of extraterritorial law enforcement to be legal, states must target ONLY THE OFFENDING GROUPS and ENSURE PROPORTIONALITY OF THEIR ACTIONS.”
-indiscriminate use of violence
-illegal weapons

Just talked Paraguayan politics for the last 30 minutes with Gabrielle.

Diversity in Equador with Loren.


Slept in,

drank coffee,

plotted a house rebellion,

cuddled with boy,

school work,





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