Tumble the table to buy time. Grab a pen, jot a rhyme.

Feed your Limelight diction addiction.

Sign your name in the stars.

Shave your legs and cut your hair and

Douse your personality with creative flair.

Pull it all over into a visual rebellion.

Free the artistic mind

Of the chains of discovery.

Let loose

The caged animal of formality.

Feel the harsh

Guarantee as we all become free.

Picking out choice words and streaming

chaotic will.

Beautiful bombardment of rhetoric.

Lace your bias into unbinding intention.

With shaky inspiration the world disappears.

Do not damage the process of illusion.

Paper hives buzzing with flirtatious

Muses. Demonic doubts.

On the verge of humanity alone in

The macrabe crowded charade.

Right or wrong we live too long

Gardening the law of relevancy.

Now I stand before the waves of


I feel the breath of the fears slowing me down.

Affecting the rhythm of our common pains.

Remember the thoughts in your life are ours too.

She’s got a penny in her pocket.


She will slowly warm


The heart of the world

That pulsing muscle where

Heaven and hell are born

The tired flesh

That works all day

Has no use for time.

But time has toned it

To hate you and I.

You and I the breakers

The killers the liars

Fill up the truck with

The useless old fliers

Who really takes the offer?

We all do.

Who really appreciates it?

Only when we accept.

Through and through.

Don’t play the dance with time

Just follow and expand on the rhyme.


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