The Things I Will Miss

Rode the front seat on the double decker bus with my feet up on the railing for the last time for quite awhile.

Felt the mossy bark of the trees on my walk home and hung my wet socks up on the radiator when I got back.

These are the things I will miss.

Came back and Emily had a cute little flower in a decorated cup for me on my desk. So cute.

And she bought me the POSH Cadbury Digestives. This is true love.

Naked lap around the house with roomie. Success.

We went to breakfast this morning and had a really good time. We’ve joked the whole year that we are like a little married couple going to breakfast in the mornings.

We went through the line and I took two eggs and hoops (spaghetti o’s) from my egg boy and told him thank you for a year’s worth of extra eggs.

Then, after I finished, I asked Emily how much she loved me. Would she go get two more eggs and hoops for me, pretty please? Lovely Emily did just that, but made sure to announce to the dining crew that these were most definitely NOT for her fat ass American roommate.

We ate with my Canadian friend Aaron and I told him goodbye. Saw Aurelion on the way out and told him bye too.

Emily taught us how to butter toast correctly— leaving the butter pats on the hot toast for a few seconds to warm it up so it’s soft enough that it won’t injure the perfectly golden bread. They take toast seriously over here.

Immediately when we started walking my flipflop broke though, so I had to LIMP the whole way back to Hastings in the pouring rain sloshing through freezing cold mud and rock. Emily walked with me the whole way. True friendship.

Discovered De Montfort University campus today. And wow, if I had had the option to go there rather than Leic Uni, I think I definitely would have. :)

Leicester campus is all new age and shiny, but De Montfort campus is built upon castle remains. They have beautiful “castle gardens” within the uni grounds– and it’s just like a magical world out of Harry Potter. The river runs right next to their university campus and there are swans underneath the bridge and benches and pubs overlooking the water. There are tons of trendy traditional English pubs all around the campus– and they are right next to the downtown.

It would have been a much different experience to have gone there– it would have actually been like living in the big city. Trendy nightclubs right next door, beautiful and terrifying graffiti covering ancient walls, cafes just about as populous as the nose piercings and tattoos of the people adorning them. It was such a cool area of town! Enough flair and spice to make it a bit unnerving, which is the best part about places like this. You know, that creepy feeling you get as you press on further into the unknown and play with the idea that you might very well never make it back out.

But no worries! I did make it out! Ha. It’s really not that bad. All year we’ve heard stories of “DeMontfort” and how it was “on the other side of the river” coated with all these bad vibes. I would never have gone there on purpose as all year people have been talking about it like it was the scum of the earth. But it is beautiful! With beautiful people. It is the art school. Their sterotype of Leicester Uni people is that we are all nerds, and seeing the students and their badass campus today, I would have to agree.

I mean, dude, their uni is built on a CASTLE!

And just down the road, I visited the Jewelery Wall. Finally. Been trying to get there all year! 2,000 year old Roman bath ruins; walked around on them. It was pretty cool. And the wall was MAGNIFICENT. Absolutely beautiful. They had a nice museum nearby. Sorry, G and G and Ma and Pa for not knowing about it before, you would have loved it!

But there is a shift in mood with people down there. It all feels a lot more artsy and less commercial, but also a bit more rough and unnerving. Winding my way around the Jewelry wall and there was a crowd of middle aged rough looking people huddled in a group yelling about something. Quickly walked past. As long as you are moving, people usually do not bother you. This is what I have learned. Also if you turn around and walk back that attracts attention as well. Best just to walk past and avoid eye contact.

The only interaction I had with people today was in Cafe Nero down on New Walk, when I was waiting in line. There was this guy in front of me who started talking to me.

“Are you from Poland?”

“No, I’m not Polish, I’m American.”

“Oh! Nice to meet you!” (*sticks out hand, shake hands)

He was from Somalia.

“Are you a student, what are you studying?”

“Politics.” (at this point, he was a little too interested and my smile was fading. He got excited when I said politics though, and he grabbed my hand again to shake it.)

Started to ask me how old I was, ALL IN THE LINE AT COSTA, and then held out his arms for a hug, and I was like, no. And he kept holding his arms out. And I just kept saying no, frowning and trying to get the guy at the counter’s attention.

Then he was like, “Okay, bye,” just as guy at the counter put his cappuccino on the counter. The barista was like, where did he go? He thought I was there WITH the guy.

Maybe it was a cultural thing. But whatever it was it was really odd. Especially how he just ran out of the shop when his coffee was ready. It was like he was just in line to talk to people and was never planning on paying for anything. Weird as hell!

Discussion on the ins and outs of page three girls with parents via skype.

My exam is actually Friday. I read the date the American way and screwed it up. 8/6/12 is the 8th of June, not the 6th.

On the bright side I got up early and got out and about.

Rode my bike and explored greater Leicester. Ran into some flipping shitting motherflipping weird people though. It’s been an odd day. Will expand on later.

Just got back to take a shower, only to discover that the shower doors have been barricaded shut. The porters, after investigating LAST WEEK, decided to tell us A WEEK LATER that the shower floors are unstable and could fall through to the bottom floor at any moment. One of the showers is still running, but they were too scared to go in and turn it off before they locked up the doors. If THEY are scared to go in after knowing about it for a whole WEEK, what the HELL were they thinking letting us use it all week? Dumb dumb dumb. The house has about been pushed to its limit this year, I think.

On a similar note, a few nights ago Eva came over because the fire alarm at her house was going off. Came back to Hastings and sitting in my room, and all of the sudden we smelled smoke. It was coming from the kitchen— on the OTHER SIDE OF OUR HOUSE. Went down to see– a piece of bread on fire in the oven which had been in there for godknowshowlong. No fire alarms go off in Hastings. Glad we are so safe here.

Pub with Eva last night. It was nice. We watched the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee concert on the tv and the adorable elderly couple at the booth across the room. We carefully watched for clues from the couple: Childhood sweethearts? God, no, a ring on the woman’s finger but not the man’s! Was this a scandalous secret lover’s rendezvous? Hardly, the man was too sweet to be a home wrecker. A sister and her gay brother? After much deliberation, this was decided to be the most plausible.

Slept for 12 hours and woke up just in time for the last of the brunch. Had brunch with the Portuguese and really enjoyed talking to them.

Came back and took a shower and about to head out to the library with Loic to study on last day before the Latin exam. I cannot tell you HOW MUCH my mood will increase after those dreadful anxiety ridden three hours are over tomorrow.

Then, I think, I will start to freak out and begin to miss everyone like crazy.


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