Walked to breakfast only to discover it is closed as it is a bank holiday for the Queen. We have horrid brunch instead for the next few days.

Made coffee and then spilled coffee and then let the rest grow cold as I fell asleep again under my soft covers tightly keeping out the freezing summer air.

Woke up. Demanded Emily look up the evolutionary theories for male pattern baldness. Proceeded to get into a large and pointless debate which progressed nowhere from the initial question except to the opportunity to yell about the truth or untruth of the statement that bald guys shave their head more often than those with a good head of hair.

Had brunch. Tried to establish myself to the house as a decent human being over eggs and beans as I forged half hearted morning conversations.

Came and washed Loic’s tiramisu pan a month to the date after he had given it to me. Jumped in the shower. Got dressed. Ran out the door to the honking of Loic’s horn and headed to Oadby village.

Dropped library books off.

Hit up Costa coffee and Loic bought me a cuppa even after I explained the concept of “going dutch” to him. Whadda good guy. :)

Loic and I had a bunch of fiery conversations about god-knows-what. All I know is that at some point Loic tried to turn the politics off and I rammed right back into a new topic. By the time he had dropped me off at Hastings I was screaming like a mad man about Western double standards and its utterly irresponsible trust in “democracy.”

“I’ll try and not be such a bitch when you get home.” -A

“Yeah. You have been acting like quite a woman lately.” -E

“I’m not okay with that kind of language.” -A

“I believe woman belong back in the kitchen” S, taking a piss

“Yes! Thank you!” -E

“Gender norms were created for a reason and we should stop fighting them. Men and women were not created equal. Woman should know their place.” -S, no longer really taking a piss

“Thank you thank you thank you! MWAH! I love you!!” -E


Actual quotes from a tense dinner departure.

Yesterday woke up to the rain, had brunch, then had a sort of afternoon nap again, and then headed to Oadby Costa with the gang to study.

Sitting in the coffee shop, we all decided that, 10 years to the date, we were all going to meet in the same coffee shop in Leicester. June 2, 2022.

We theorized about what each other would be like then, and what our kids would be like, and if we would bring them with us or not.

Loic will have polite kids, Eva’s kids will be, in her own words, “nightmares,” haha. Jisu will have artists, and I will have kids that sit by themselves and stare out the window with dreamy vacant gazes. Ha.

We went to ASDA after and I bought supplies for Mexican food. None of them had tried proper Mexican food before so I thought I should try my best.

It was odd buying everything in the International food section. Even the torilla chips.

I was really upset when I couldn’t find cilantro. I asked, and they said they had never heard of it. We tried one more store, but the woman there didn’t know what I was talking about either. She took me over to the spices though, and we found it— it’s called CORIANDER in Europe! Do we call it that in America as well? Anyway, NEVER ask for cilantro in Europe. They will either think you are really really foreign, or else nuts.

The meal ended up turning out alright. We made burritos, tacos and nachos with corn and bean salsa, refried beans, meat, salsa, jalapenos, sour cream, lemon cilantro rice and guacamole. We ate on Loic’s floor and skyped his sister, Gwendoline. I invited her and her boyfriend to visit Kansas when Loic and Eva come next summer, and they said maybe!

After dinner, ran back home and changed, and then went with Loic and Eva to Eva’s friend’s house to play poker. I was shit at poker and got out early. It was a pretty awkward night; the people I met that night were not that welcoming. Or interesting, for that matter. I wanted to leave pretty much right after we got there, but Loic had driven, so I had no way back. I had to sit there for three hours in silence with a growing hatred for the loud mouth American across the table who was dumb as SHIT and rude as HELL to me about the fact that I came from Kansas.

She was from Boston. “Where are you from?” “Kansas!” “Oh…. that’s… different…”

I make fun of Kansas all the time, but unless you are from Kansas, I will NOT allow you to make fun of my home in front of me, thank you. Loic was so sweet though, he’s all cocky and confident like, “I’ll win fast for so we can leave.” Haha. And he did win!

26 and still doing her degree. Yikes. And I don’t think she stopped talking the whole three hours we were there.

Lesson: Always have an out.

And stop playing poker.

Emily is being a bit of a vulture with my belongings. I told her I was leaving next week and the first thing she said to me was: “Don’t forget to let me pick through your clothes. And I’ll take your airer.”

Went to see Men in Black 3 in 3D tonight at the cinema. It really was not bad. But that might have also been because of the fact that I had two Grolsch lagers and one Stella cider before. Jisu and I snuck them on the bus like the little delinquents that we are. The 3D movie experience is really shit though– everything is out of focus in the background, and in general, it’s just really bad movie quality.

On the positive side I remembered how much I like the idea of space. When I was a little kid it used to make me sad because I always thought my soul mate was an alien somewhere far off in the universe whom I would never meet. And to an extent, this still seems completely plausible to the 21 year old me. Ha.

Raining buckets all day. And this weekend is the Queen’s diamond jubilee. There were pictures on the news of all the people there- huddled under umbrellas, “celebrating” in London. It is 40 degrees FAHRENHEIT in this country. In JUNE. Life experiences.

This morning we had brunch early– then I came back home and got in bed. Found a bee in my bed. Status quo.

I started to doze with the rain pounding outside— so I opened my window to let in the cold rain air so I could snuggle deeper under my covers and took a proper afternoon nap.

Woke up an hour later. Felt shit about my life for sleeping, as I always do, but also indignant about the fact that life requires so much unpleasant waking up.

Took a shower, then grabbed a Latin book and and purse and hit the road for Oadby village.

Stopped by ASDA on my way as it is Sunday and we only have until four to do all of our emergency supply shopping.

Costa coffee, good as usual. I will really miss Costa.

After I left Costa, which closed at four, I walked around in the dreary rain and stumbled upon an actual Drury Lane. I saw no muffin man, but there was a glass house on the street. I found this significant in my melodramatic mood, for some reason which I have yet to create.

I saw lots of gates and lots of expectations.

The rain was swirling in circles like snow.

My shoes were completely wet and my socks as well. And I just wanted to walk and walk forever. There is something wonderful about brooding and walking and thinking and feeling lost. This is where I thrive. This is why I will never be able to have a nine to five job. OR why I should definitely FILL my time with a nine to five job. We’ll see.

Dinner was alright- it was a buffet for the Queen. We had scones. But in all actuality; a pretty shit meal.

Came back home and skyped Papa and made him listen to me moan and whine about the pointlessness of my life. He was a great listener and we had a good girl talk. Eventually he couldn’t take it any longer though, and told me to go hang out with my friends. Jisu and Eva popped in my room signalling their departure and I slipped my deteriorating keds over my still wet socks and headed out the door for the movie with them.


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