Paris to Leicester

The next morning woke up and had coffee and the continental breakfast as usual (we were so spoiled!!!) and Eva’s mom’s Briage bread. So good.

Then we packed our bags, and walked down to Eva’s primary school, where we watched her mom and her vote for their new president. It was purely by hand, you got a slip of paper with each candidates name on it, and you put the name you wanted in an envelope, and then tossed it in a glass see through box.

After this, Eva’s dad drove us to the train station, after her Mom had packed us a lunch for the road. So sweet.

We got on the train, got on the metro, got on the train. And we were off to England!

As statedbefore, I was not a fan of the chunnel, at least the first time going through it. It was just such a weird concept. But I think it would get better the more you do it. :)

AH! Cute memory from Paris metro: We all sat down around this little old lady, you know, the four seats facing each other? And we some really typically 21 year old girl conversations which probably should not be heard by 80 year old ladies EVER, but Eva was like, it’s cool, she doesn’t speak English. BUT when we got off, I looked back and saw the lady grinning at us. And I smiled and waved and she waved back. I am POSITIVE she understood every word of our conversation. HA!


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