Paris Day 1

So. Finishing with my first day in Paris, we went to Monmartre, saw the church, took a lift down and avoided all the people selling things. There were these guys who will tie bracelets around your wrist and then make you pay for it, or hand you a rose and make you pay for it.

We walked and walked to get to Eva’s district where her University was. It was the gay district and we stopped and got the most expensive coke I have ever had from a classy cute boy. We saw the place where Victor Hugo lived right by Eva’s school. We went to her university and saw one of her teachers and talked for awhile. Then ran to the Louvre, grabbed our bags and ran home to her apartment.

Got to her home, and her parents were so welcoming. Settled us down with beer and pistachios and saucisson. We relaxed, had a wonderful baths, and settled in. Eva’s mother fixed a wonderful beef bourguignon with rice for dinner and I had THREE HELPINGS!

Had fromage and then chocolate pudding and apples for dessert.



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