Lille to Paris

One kiss left side in Liege, Belgium.

Two kisses start left side in Lille, France.

Four kisses starting on left side in Paris.

“Jisu. You have to agree that this sleeping is creepy.” (Pertaining to Jisu’s corpse pose)

“It’s not a castle!” (Turned on all lights in flat to find a bathroom.

In France it is disgusting to have a toilet in the same room as the sink or shower. The toilet room is just for the toilet. The other room is the bathroom, for the shower and sink. Have to change rooms to wash your hands!

We left Bertrand’s at 6 am, and drove to the train station. Said goodbye, and then Jisu and I got on different cars for the hour and a half ride to Paris as we had different seat reservations.

I let myself relax when I got on the train, did my best NOT to fall asleep. Did not fall asleep, but after sometime, looked at my watch, expecting another hour, and realized it was past time! I had missed the stop!

Panicked and started talking to all of these tired French speaking people and pointing to my watch in a desperate attempt at communication. Finally I talked to this lady, and she was like, it would be best to get off. So, panicking, I got off. Only to run STRAIGHT INTO Eva. So happy to see her, so happy to be in the right place. It turned out that our train was just late, and I had gotten off at the right stop. And also I WOULDN’T have missed it, as the train terminated there anyway. THANK GOODNESS!!

We met up with Jisu, and then bought day transportation tickets and headed to the Louvre following Eva’s secret non touristic path.

The Louvre was immense, you could spend forever there. We stored our luggage there for the day for free. It was a pity Jisu and I were SO TIRED that morning, or I think I could have taken a lot more in. Eva showed us all her favorite highlights though, including the Mona Lisa, which had a queue stretching out of the room to take a picture with it. Ha!

After, we went to the French gardens outside for a picnic. Very nice. So good. Eva and her mother had packed beautiful little sack lunches: two sandwiches, once with salami and little pickles, and the other with cheese. Then there was juice, water and fruit. SO GOOD for worn travelers. SO GOOD.

We sat outside in the gardens lounging for a bit and then headed to see some bridges.

Back at Evas we had frozen glasses of vodka after dinner. Ukrainian style.


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