Paris day 2

So the second day in Paris.Hard to wake up. Left the house around 9 am, and started the day off in the graveyard. Saw Oscar Wilde’s grave and a bunch of famous French people’s graves. It was a really peaceful place. It was odd on Oscar Wilde’s grave though, because people had been writing on it. But then, thinking about it, that might have been just what he wanted. But why was he buried in France and not Ireland?

Anyway, it started raining really hard in the graveyard, lucky Eva and Jisu had umbrellas to share.

Next, we went to Notre Dame. It was beautiful. Eva said there is legend that the devil inspired the door on the front, because it seems far too complicated for any human to do.

Next, we went to see the monument for the Bastille. Then we went back to Eva’s university for a pee break. Then we stopped by a supermarket and bought some cheese for dinner, then went to the Musse d’Orsay. The museum was WONDERFUL, I would definitely go back. Lots of impressionism and symbolism paintings. Saw Van Gogh’s self portrait and starry night and Gauguin and Toulouse Lautrec. I also liked Bonnard and Vallotton.

After, we ran to the Eiffel tower. And, actually, I was quite impressed with it. It was HUGE and larger than life. And so still and majestic in the moving bustling city.


We asked an Asian couple to take our picture by the locket bridge- the guy took our picture with Eva’s camera, and the woman took one of us with HER camera!! Then we took one for them, Jisu took one with theres, and Eva and I took a picture of them with ours. Because they were so cute. I love taking pictures of random people. And it was totally justified in that instance. Pretty sure they were Korean spies like Jisu. :P

We went to Moulin Rouge next, took the Metro which Eva was a MASTER at. Got to Moulin Rouge and took the obligatory pictures. Then proceeded down the street which Eva was so excited to show us: it was literally FILLED with sex shops. Every shop down the road bursting with bright colors and supermarkets of sex. Tons of clubs as well with live shows. Eva said to keep our bags close to us in this part of town, as it was a dangerous place for tourists. And NEVER go there at night.

Took a left turn, and not a block over from the sexual oasis was the cute little innocent coffee shop in Monmarte area where they filmed Amelie. So cool to see, it was EXACTLY the same as in the movie. Eva said it costs like 8 euros for a cafe, so we didn’t go in. Just took creepy pictures through the windows like the loyal tourists we were.

Ummm. Next we did a lot of climbing. A LOT. Monmartre is the only place in Paris that is hilly, and man is it hilly. We climbed straight up, and got to the artistic, romantic part of Paris. A cult gathering of cafes around the edges and painters all over the center of the square doing caricatures. Ben would LOVE it. Great view of the city from up there, too.

Next we went up to the huge church on the hill. Jisu wanted to go in, so we did. We were herded inside in a group, and then a man said to me, in English, “Will you put your camera away?” and I stared blankly at him. So then he said, “ veux-tumettre votre appareil à l’”and I was like, AH! and scrambled to put it away. Eva cracked up. And we continued to giggle throughout the tour like the disrespectful children we are. Jisu almost killed us. 

Eva’s mother fixed another WONDERFUL dinner, the snails this time. They were cooked with some sort of green pesto sauce. Ate three of them, weren’t really my thing, but they were not bad! Next we had wonderful spaghetti noodles with beef. So good. Had apple bread for dessert. Yum. Eva’s Dad fixed us his wonderful Senseo Vienna coffee after dinner, like every night. :)

That night we stayed up late and hung out and watched The Dangerous Liaisons. I wandered away and started skyping halfway though, but I want to watch it again another time, as it was really good!


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