3rd day in Paris: Versailles.

So we went to Versailles the last day in Paris. Eva had never been, so it was an experience for all of us. It was a very beautiful palace. There were emblems of the sun king all over, and huge windows with mirrors to bring the sun in. Each room had a theme of a different god, with the purpose of the room pertaining to that god. Very interesting. BEAUTIFUL paintings. And GAWD, so much gold.

Jisu and Eva went to explore the French gardens after, and, shhh, don’t tell anyone, I spent the rest of the day in a restaurant eating chocolate mousse with pistachios and reading Fitzgerald! True love.

That night, coming home, I thought we were goners.

It started raining hard, so hard, one of the most hard rains I’ve ever been out in. Then, when we got on the bus, a RIVER started going down the street we were headed up! Looking to the side— we saw that all the pipelines had broken, water was SPOUTING out of the potholes! Like, straight up and out! It was RIDICULOUS!!!!! The water was at least a FOOT on the road. At one point the bus stopped. And this young guy sitting by us took that change to take off his shoe and, WHOOSH, empty it of it’s contents on the dead silent bus. We all sat watching in silence a minute, and then everyone laughed. What freak weather!

Got safely home to Eva’s, and took hot showers and warmed up. Last day of the traveling on our month long spring break trip, and it was still colder than ever. I am never packing clothes for traveling again.

That’s the thing I remember most about this past month, actually. Being cold. :P

To my benefit though, this month has been freak weather. It was not supposed to be this cold, I could never have anticipated it. And all of Europe was this bad, so it didn’t matter where I traveled either. Just shit weather. But I’m warm now! So it’s finally all good. And I will have good stories, someday, when I am ready to laugh about it all. Not QUITE there yet though. :P

That night for dinner Jisu cooked a Korean dinner, soup with rice and seaweed and egg. And it was so good. A little too spicy for Eva’s family though.

Then we had French (raclif?) cheese and meat for the main course. It was so good. Really really rich cheese. Really, really French. :) It was the kind were you each have an little individual pan, and you put cheese and meat inside and cook it at the table. Jisu and I ate bread with the cheese, Eva’s family said no one ever does this!

We had a lot of really nice wine with the meal, at the end of the meal were all in tears from laughing. It was really, really nice. Had icecream and coffee for dinner, and then passed out. :)


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