Parisian Food

Went to vote with Eva and her mother in the French election this morning. Just got the results in: Hollande won!!!

Eva’s father with the Foie Gras.

Wonderful dinner with Eva’s family tonight. tumblr_m3m6dtkx131r17p3so1_1280.jpg

Started the meal around 8 with pistachios, saucisson, leffe beer and crackers.

Boeuf bourguignon with carrots, rice and red wine for dinner. Three helpings! Complimentary to take seconds in France. Wish I had known that last week! :P

After, the standard frommage. A box of all different kinds of cheeses. The smelliest the best.

After this, fruits and yogurt. Put brown sugar in the yogurt, so good. Jisu had chocolate yogurt. Amazing.

After this, icecream.

After this, cafe. Lovely vanilla Vienna cafe. So so good.


First day in Paris:

The Louvre. Picnic out in the gardens. Bridges. Montmartre. COCA COLA. Eva’s university. And back to the Louvre to pick up our suitcases. A lot of metros and a lot of walking. But a beautiful wonderful day. :D


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