Brussels, Belgium

Ham and cheese omelet for lunch in Brussels with salad with horseradish dressing. So good!

After, stopped by the ‘waffle house’ and got a Brussels waffle with strawberries and whipped cream. So good. Amazing. The waffles themselves are unlike anything I have ever tasted. Such sweet dough, and then sugar crystals baked inside so that you crunch on hot sugar as you eat. So so good. The Brussels waffles bigger than Liege waffles, but Loic and his family say the Liege ones are better. So we will probably try them tomorrow. As well as fries with mayonnaise, which Belgium is also famous for.

Jupiler- cheap popular Belgian beer.

Flag up on King’s palace– means King of Belgium inside. King plays a very important role in Beligan politics.

Palace of Justice of Brussels made out of Congo money. Ironic. Beautiful building though. Very Greek.

Harmonizing old and new in the city of Brussels. Very well done, very beautiful.

Accordians everywhere in Europe.


Sorte- cheers

Canadians– present every statement as a question. Always wondered why. It’s the French influence! Tone goes up at the end and all is well. :)

exit signs in belgium:

uitgang- dutch

sortie- french.

dutch uitgang is so close to the german eingang! Dutch is a mix between German and English, so it is kind of fun to read. For example, in German welcome is Welkommen, and in Dutch it is Welkom. Interesting, yes? :)

Tonight had dinner with Loic’s whole family of 7. Tomorrow going over to Loic’s friend’s house for dinner with his friend’s family.

Tomorrow we are just relaxing and seeing Liege, then Tuesday we are going to try and see Bruges.

Then we have ridiculously early trains to Lille, but Bertrand is being such a sweetheart about it. Can’t wait to see him. And Eva. :)

But Loic’s is so nice right now. The days are flying by and we are having such a good time. So so nice. Loic is an over the top perfect host. :)

Wonderful day in Brussels, Bruxelles, Brussel; English, French, Dutch.

So much to write about. Just finished a lovely dinner of Chicory Rolled in Ham with Pechamel sauce. Mmmmm so good. Then we had mini chocolate souffle cakes baked by Loic’s sister Gwendoline and live guitar music and singing by Loic’s brother Niles. All with apple beer and red wine. Loic’s mother is so sweet and animated. Loic’s stepfather is quiet and quietly rolls his eyes at the others and looks at you. Cracks me up. I love family dynamics so much.

Watched the American movie ‘Eurotrip’ tonight with Loic and Jisu with blond beer. It was fun.


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