Visited Loic’s university. Then visited the Netherlands, Maastricht. Then had dinner at a pub and then watched Korean dramas.

Woke up at 11. Loic and his family were making loud noise and knocking on the door for an HOUR waiting on breakfast for Jisu and I. Typical. I really need to learn to wake up. :P

For breakfast–

Nespresso. Mmmm. George Clooney. ;)

Then a beautiful array of croissants filled with jams, sugars, chocolates, honey and fruits. Also waffles filled with the same stuff. Nothing was without sugar. They really take their sweets seriously. :P

All talked about our travels and showed pictures and then I took a wonderful hot shower.

After the shower had lunch—

Three types of bread and then tuna spread, ‘Americain’ spread (which had nothing to do with America so far as I could tell) and then this wonderful sausage called va- or something like that.

We had Grenadine for drinks– it’s a really concentrated syrup that you pour in your glass and fill with water. So good. So Belgian.

After this we went to the supermarche. So much fun. Have never seen a French cuisine grocery store before! Excited to try everything.

Came home and made dinner. Got to skype brother and that was really nice. :)

Had dinner with Loic’s parents: Belgian meatballs.

The recipe to come, because you need it.

There were two sauces– one the Italian sauce and the other the traditional Liege sauce. Had one of each- the Liege sauce was sweet with sugar and beer and whole grapes and orange and Liege jam and tons of other ingredients. So good!!!!! Belgian meatballs are so soft, as first you fry them and then you let them boil in water for like 45 minutes so they are perfectly soft. Also, there is bread crumbs in them– make them less dense and more fluffy. So good. :)

For dessert– lots of chocolate and coffee.

Had lunch around 4 and dinner around 8. :)

So tired and going to bed ASAP.

So much more to tell you, so many things discovered today, so little energy right now though! And getting up early tomorrow so need the sleep!

Will find time to write lots tomorrow.


On a separate note, the German guy and I are emailing a lot. :)


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