Basel, Switzerland


Well. I accidentally fell in love with a German boy tonight and he accidentally fell in love with me. :P He’s a VEGETARIAN, fixed over the top stir fry for me. And he wanted my address so we can write letters to one another.

A few of his friends came over, and we had a great international night, 6 of us at dinner together. :) They paid for EVERYTHING, SO SWEET.

Lots of interesting conversations, too many to even start to write.

Just such a good night.

Other people from the hostel kept filtering in as well, there were like 15 of us at the end. 15 of us from all over the world. BUT mainly a lot of Germans. :P Learned a lot of German slang which I of course have NO RECOLLECTION OF now. :P

Burgel is where my German is from. Small village! They grow all their own food, live off what they grow. Meat is scarce and expensive, so only the person who does the butchering gets to eat it.

Last night for dinner I went all out. Sam and I stopped by a really fun and nice Asian SUPERMARKET, so fun. Bought a bag of Korean sticky rice and soy sauce. I think went on to spend my francs to hopefully help nurse myself back to health with nutrients from REAL FOOD which i bought at the Coop store down the street. Bought Broccoli, asparagus, onions, garlic, eggs and peanuts. Made the best stir fry  I have ever had in my life. :)

Also had croissants with this beautiful cheese, apples and bananas.

The first day we were here there were coffee grounds, and FRENCH PRESS MINI COFFEE MAKERS!!! It was so unbelievably good. The coffee grounds have mysteriously disappeared now, sadly.

They DO HAVE tea kettles here in Switzerland, thank god. I think that was the worst part about Spain– no way to boil my water for coffee.

The other night, the night when all four of us, Jisu, Sam Jay and I were together, we bought cheese and mushroom tortellini, (UNBELIEVABLY GOOD) tons of pasta sauce, and fried mushrooms and asparagus to put in the sauce. We made this around midnight AFTER drinking three bottles of wine; it was a good night.

Today, I had another croissant with cheese and some nice instant coffee taken from the dear Beaumont dining hall.

Going to make stir fry again tonight, and then maybe get some croissants to make for tomorrow for lunch.

Tomorrow taking the train to Loic’s in Belgium. All will be PERFECT as long as I wake up by eleven for my train. My neurotic brain is worried, as always, about times and dates. But I am sure I will make it. I will set my alarm clock AND my phone alarm, and I will put them out of reach of the bed. But USUALLY, when I have to get somewhere, I wake up immediately in the morning.

Sitting drinking water and trying to hydrate myself, story of my life. :P

Sitting outside though, on the urban patio of the hostel. It’s in a little cove– with a few bars and restaurants sharing the bright sunshine outside with me. Watching people eat and drink– it really is SO RARE that you see people drinking water here. I think it probably has to do with culture/history. Like, back in the day, tap water was not safe? So they cleaned it through wine and coffee, etc? Or maybe they just really like day boozing over here. :P

Switzerland is really amazing. It is such a peaceful place. I wish I would have spent the whole break here. I feel comforted by the German language in Basel, surprising as the last time I was in Germany it felt scary and foreign to me still. I think after seeing a bit of the world that was more hostile and less accessible, the Germans seem so comfortable to be around. And their language is easier for me to pick up on than Spanish almost!

This is how the hostel culture works. A girl bought a jar of honey a few days ago. She left yesterday and handed the honey to me. I’m leaving today and a handing the honey over to my German friend Toni. And he will probably hand it over to someone else tomorrow.

Swiss chargers different than any other plug ins in the world. Like EU chargers but different spacing.

Taking trams all over town.

Cars/vehicles here SO incredibly quiet. People and crowds so calm and quiet. Crazy country, never been anywhere like it before. It’s like being in a dream. You just kind of glide through the day.

Going to forget about EVERYWHERE ELSE I have been, because Switzerland is the most beautiful place in the world. Friendly, welcoming, clean, organized. Probably has a lot to do with the fact that everyone is freaking rich here, but it’s a different kind of rich than in the US. It’s a rich where no one is really showing off, and there is not an apparent wealth gap at all. Difference between a wealthy socialist country and a wealthy capitalistic country.


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