Malaga, Spain

Catch up:

Bus to Malaga from Ronda, arrived at noon. Was then told that all the buses to Madrid were full, and the next one we could take was at midnight!

So we spent the day in Malaga. What started out as a horror story turned into a really good day. Spent the day on the beach we found, right outside, reading and napping. Great day. Taco Bell for dinner. First Taco Bell I’ve seen since America. They served fries with all the orders!!

Midnight busride— long and winding roads taken at speeds of fast paced dreams.

Arrived in Madrid at 6 am. Cab to the hostal. Told at the hostal we had booked the previous nights, not the next night. After much talking in broken English she arranged for us to sleep in our room, but said we had to be out by noon. Tired and upset collapsed on bed, before fell asleep took one more look at the schedule— we HAD booked for the next night! Got it straightened out when we woke up later today.

Day wandering around Madrid. After 2 hours of searching finally found a supermercado. All went crazy buying food. As checking out- five policemen filed in. Then, out of nowhere- this woman policeman TACKLED this man to the ground. He’s pulling and squirming and trying desperately and violently to escape her grasp, but she held on tight til the other cops came over. So happy to leave that situation. Very dramatic and frightening in a small area.

Spend night in room all listening to 500 days of summer soundtrack and skyping and laughing and lounging. Taking the metro tomorrow at 9ish. Three changes to the airport then off the Switzerland to meet Jisu and Sam.


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