Ronda, Spain

Amazing day out in the sun!

Walked around Ronda after breakfast and saw the magnificent views. Then came back and took a siesta on the balcony for about 4 hours. :)

Talking with the receptionist of the hostel while my computer is charging.

He’s from Amsterdam. I KNEW I recognized his accent, he speaks JUST LIKE my Dutch friend Fana did! He even looks like her!!

He came here in September after he graduated highschool, with no Spanish language background, and ended up getting a job here at the hostel, while staying here during his eurotrip for his gap year.

Kind of crazy the guy in charge of the place is only 19– but it’s the same as when I ran the coffee shop in Lawrence I guess.

Anyway. He was really interesting and nice to talk to. Asked me why I was traveling with Koreans, said he couldn’t do it. And I confided in him and said that I had originally thought it would be easy, but it is a bit hard. Especially in stressful situations as they always start talking in Korean and make me feel stupid and useless just standing there– like what happened when we first met him and they were freaking out about the payment in Korean and totally leaving me out of it and I was like, “Can we please speak English in times like these?” And Jay was like, it’s just easier to get it straight in Korean. And I was like, to myself, that this is what I got myself into so I should just let it go.

His name is Paul Sebastian. Kind of inspiring to know he is doing this all himself and all, just recently learning Spanish. He’s been abroad as long as I have. And also I want to go see Amsterdam now. :)

Got a really great sunburn which I am TOTALLY proud of, and just as the sun went behind the buildings, Paul Sebastian came out and asked me if I wanted to go to a bar with him and his friends to watch the Madrid v. Barcelona game. I went, and it was so much fun!! Paul Sebastian bought me a drink, and then his friends bought me drinks as well. Spanish people take turns buying drinks in rounds, and then at the end they even it out so everyone get’s the right change. They didn’t make me pay though, they were just really, really nice. Only one of them knew English, Eduardo, and I made a dumb ass out of myself with a misunderstanding. But it was okay. :P Another guy, Nacho, I attempted to speak Spanish to, and surprising, I had a lot to say in Spanish! Three and a half painful years of language paid off a bit! ;)

When Madrid scored the winning shot the lady next to me went crazy and started pounding the table and all– she was so funny. Spilled my water all over though, and I motioned, “it’s okay, it’s okay.” Got really good at body language tonight.

All of his Spanish friends gave a kiss on each cheek when they met me. Just like the French do. :)

The bar was so crowded there was no room at all for any more people. There were like 30 boys sitting on the empty floor space and 50 standing up around the tables.

It was actually a really big game tonight. Madrid ended up winning. Spanish people are HILARIOUS when they get into something. So intense and funny! Going around kissing people’s heads when someone would score!!

Paul Sebastian invited me to go to a Tapas Bar and then Salsa dancing afterward, but I was too tired. Which I still am right now. So I am going to go to bed, but more about today tomorrow. GOOD DAY. :D

“Why did you come to Spain, Paul?” “It’s always been a dream of mine. —-And now it is a dream come true.” :) So cute.




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