Granada, Spain

Spanish food is pretty bad.

I want my family back. And a good book.

Sound of rushing water at Alhambra reminds me we are all nothing and should not cling to life so tightly.

BUT. Just want to play authors on the floor, back to the time when The Alhambra was just an obscure book title in the game.

Just don’t want this at all anymore. First time all year I have felt like this, and it’s probably a long time coming.

Feeling so much better today though. Stomach ache gone and fever gone. Going ot get coffee, music player, and a book and everything will be right with the world.

Going to download some some sassy Lily Allen illegally adn see if I can eat a bit of food.

OM and WILL live in the present.

Leaving the sorrowful Spanish guitarist now.

Going to go conquer the city by myself.

(Which I did.)

‘Let your brain catch up with emotions’ -grandma

Such a mess. Feeling a lot better but felt hopeless an hour or so ago.

I think that horrible guy really took my confidence in Barcelona.

Scared to go out by myself now.

But, to be fair, this is a ridiculously empty ghostly town. Do not feel comfortable in it at all

Maybe I should get out and walk around

But I told Jieyon and Jay to go eat without me because I wasn’t feeling good

Could work on my essay!

Will probably do that.

And I will get a coffee tonight

It’s a pity this hostel doesn’t have a kitchen. First one without it.

I just want to make my OWN food.


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