Horses rolling in dirt.

Dusty Spain.

White houses terra cotta roof

Casually riding Spanish  horses down the streets

Bus stops for farmer to herd his load of baby goats across the street. Favorite moment in the horrible country.


Going to appreciate America so much more when I go back. The comfort. Now that I know the whole world isn’t like America. I had to know though. Had to find out. Still finding out. Still learning to cope. Still finding strength in myself when I don’t think I have any left after the initial shocks.

Take care of self first and then can do for others.

The nightbus.

Very dramatic. A time capsule of our precious time spent in this menacing country.

To start off, Jiyeon and Jay were squashed by the assholes in front of them leaning back.

“Can you put your seat up a bit?”

“No. Deal with it.” (direct quote)

Jiyeon’s not taking any shit, gets up and starts her treasure hunt for a new seat. Finds one next to a nice younger Spanish guy and plops down.

“Can I sit here?” “Of course!”

Not happy without perfection Jiyeon makes sure the guy in front of her has his seat at the appropriate angle and he gladly obliges.

Jay, still crushed in the cave of doom behind the assholes, peeks out at me, her face lit up by her ipod. She looks like a scared child.

Two hours later the bus stops and everyone gets off for a rest stop.

Jiyeon misunderstands the situation and stretches out her legs onto the seat next to her after her seat savior has gotten off. She thinks they have all transferred to another bus.

To her surprise, ten minutes later the guy comes back to sit in his spot next to her.

She doesn’t recognize him.

She stares at him, as if to say, don’t mess with me.

He starts grinning at the ridiculous situation of a sassy Korean with her feet on his seat. He thinks she is joking with him.

“You’re not going to move?” he says, still smiling.

“No. This is my seat.”

He laughs. She says, starting to think he is being creepy, “I think you should leave now.”

This goes on for awhile as he laughs and the situation grows more tense. He tries to sit down in his seat. She freezes up, as she assumes he is pulling a move on her.

“I think I am going to move.”

She gets up, but then she realizes everyone else has come back as well, and she recognizes what has happened. She slinks back into her seat, mortified, and doesn’t make eye contact with the guy the rest of the time.

The nicest Spanish guy we came across, and MASSIVE misunderstanding. It was really funny, but we also felt really bad for the poor guy. I wanted to explain what had happened, but didn’t think I could explain very well in Spanglish.

Even after this embarrassment though, Jiyeon still made sure the guy in front of her respected her proper seat angle rule. Ha.

Meanwhile, Jay was going through her own personal demons. Crushed between the two seats in front and back of her, she didn’t move a muscle the whole six hour bus ride. I asked her why after, and she told me this.

The guy behind her had placed his coat on the back of her chair. For some reason, every five minutes for six hours, he would put his hand up to feel to make sure his coat was still there. During one of these coat checks, the smelly stranger’s hand landed on Jay’s SKULL, and he kept his hand there for a few terrifying minutes apparently. Jay didn’t move a muscle and just prayed to god this wasn’t the end.

This is Spain.

DAMN American debit cards. Will not work for ANYTHING here. Lucky I have Jay and Jiyeon with their chips in their cards like the rest of the world, or else I would not be able to do anything!!! Usually you need cash at stores, etc. But for transportation, the buses around to different cities– you need a chip card, no cash. I have my British one but it is out of money and I can’t put money on it here. (Already tried at the Spanish branch)

Tapas- carrots in greasy sauce

Dish- scrambled eggs with asparagus and a FUCKTON of jamon. I can deal with the jamon when it is thin slices— it’s actually really nice. But this omlete had HUGE chunks in it. Made me sick the next day.

The countryside— like Arizona, with mountains.


saw greg st. amand this morning at breakfast. Just like him, even the actions. :)

white washed houses on cliffs– square windows populating the square frame of the apartments

Was I ever brave? Or was I just numb?

beautiful landscapes. rows flat shrubs on orange earth

que tal? how much?

LOSA -graffiti

trash heaps. how do you look past the trash?

make it an artistic vacation from here on

terra cotta roofs smashed in

scariest bus ride EVER

flying on edge of cliffs SWAYING back and forth on big bus

mountains— snow.

EGGKYO- Korean for cute.

When born one year old. Then add another year. So Korean people are two years older than Western age count.

Locksmith in Malaga.

Ate octopus in Sevilla.

Squeezing the day’s sun out to the very last drops before it disappears behind the city skyline.

Cactuses cascading down the cliffs.

Olive trees in neat beautiful rows behind the arch.

Hot earth colored stone tile patio.

Aladdin doorways.

Messa Verde dwellings

Tourists across the canyon taking pictures of me snoozing.

Siesta at appropriate time. Dinner at appropriate time.

Birds flying. Nutrients from the cliffs like African birds?

Sheets blowing in the wind. Drying on the ledges.

Amsterdam guy comes out and invites me to watch the Madrid Barcelona game at the Irish pub. My pleasure.

Pub PACKED. Literally people every inch of the floor. Guys going around kissing each other when they score a point. Very nice side of Spanish culture. Very impassioned. Guys wouldn’t take no for an answer and all bought me drinks and all. So sweet. Still, no one really spoke English at all. So shocking.  I was so naïve about the world in thinking everyone had a good concept of English.

It’s not just music, it’s a way of life. Went and bought a 20 euro mp3 player after much hardship and struggle to find one. Would not BELIEVE how hard it is to find things when you are looking for them.

Also when I bought my mp3 player, tried to buy the one in the display case, but gave this up when the lady started a failed attempt at using her lighter to get the price tag off of it.

This is Spain.


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