Sevilla, Spain

Before flight to Sevilla, 10:30 am:

Had a little drink and now just letting people and places wash over me. and god damn it, it is nice. :)

The way the little kids RUN though the security check, and then their aunt comes behind them and beeps, and then she holds her hands up like ‘you caught me!’ and we share a smile.

girl with dread locks inching closer to me like she can FEEL the hipster bond. :P

lady tells us the time “diez y cinquenta”

Thought missed it, but an hour early!


security guards with sworrds/sticks?

MADREMIA! spanish paper

valentines month in spain— men hand out roses to women. and women hand a book to them. Rose symbolizes love, and book symbolizes forever (since knowledge is forever)

Cannot wear only your bathing suit in the city of Barcelona, but the city wants to be accepting of all lifestyles, so you are aloud to go in the nude. Quite a few nudists in the city, apparently. Too friggin cold when we were there for any of them to venture out though, I bet.

Churros in Sevilla.

People in Southern Spain very racist.

Walking down the street with Jiyeon and Jay when first got to Sevilla, and after only 20 minutes, someone called “China! (chee-na)” at them. Jiyeon says she has gotten that at least 3 times a day for the whole three weeks she has been here. Also, she went to a club in Sevilla last week, and she didn’t notice til her friend told her, but all the guys were pulling their eyes back, making fun of her for being asian! That is something that happened when we were like, 8 years old, not something adults should ever even think of doing.

Jiyeon bought a bottle of “con gas agua” by accident. We thought the name was funny.

Bought a bag of oranges and bread earlier. The food here relatively cheap but only when you buy unprepared food. Prepared food gets pricey, but sometimes it is worth it to avoid staring at the roaches in the kitchen.

Sangria last night. Got drunk off of one glass. Not sure if it was the fact that I haven’t eaten much lately, or the fact that it was POTENT. Most probably a combination of the two.

I have had sangria before, you just let fruit soak in wine for a few days.

But this sangria was basically wine with vodka and orange slices thrown in. ½ liter for 4 euros. Not bad considering the glasses on La Rambla, the main touristy street, started at 6-8 euros.

Drinking some wine tonight, it is just the same. So strong!


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