Barcelona, Spain Day 1

Flying into Barcelona, flew over the Pyrenees mountains.

Got mugged within an hour of getting into the city.

Cockroaches the size of my fist in the kitchen cup boards.

Afghan live porn show theater 3 doors down.


Cute little Spanish sandwich shop next to our hostel.

The image above is of cacaners. They are in all the windows, little statues of famous people pooping, to remind us that we are all human.

Okay. So here goes.

Today. Went on the free tour. Of course tipping graciously after the fact, as it was excellent as per usual.

Just going to write things down as I remember them, in no particular order.

Most interesting thing I learned today about Spanish culture:

Cacatio- Catalonian version of Santa. It’s literally means Uncle Shit. A wooden log with sticks to make arms is placed in the living room during the Christmas season. On Christmas, a big pile of gifts is placed behind “Cacatio” and covered with a blanket. Then, the children will take sticks and BEAT Cacatio screaming, “Uncle shit, Uncle shit, give us our presents or we will keep beating you!”

After Cacatio has literally had the shit beat out of him, the presents are uncovered, as if he has shit them out!

That’s not where the shit references stop in Catalonian culture, though. They have a figurine in the NATIVITY SCENE called cacaner, which literally means “the shitter.” He is sitting in the corner of every nativity scene with his pants pulled down!!! It is supposed to represent that we are all human. They have cacaner’s of tons of Spanish political figures, world figures including Obama and the Pope, and cartoon characters! They are in shop windows all over, with all different people from all over the world. Definitely something very unique to this part of the world! It is kind of a cool idea though, humbling these mighty people and showing that they are only human too. :)

Spain ships sand from Egypt every year to cover Barcelona’s beaches.

Payella is beautifully good if only I could stand eating food that is staring back at me.

Northern Catalonia Spain sends billions of euros a year to help southern Spain out financially.

Most Catalonians are at peace with the way things are, but there are also a lot of nationalist Catalonians who think they would be much better off on their own.

The drink here: Estella

If I want to write, I have to get experiences to write about.


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