Buckinghamshire, England Day 2

The neighbors came over.

Doug popped a bottle of bubbly and we all had a glass of champage.

Then we went into the dining room and had makeral spread with capers on toast along with white wine. YUM.

Next we had red wine with ham and carrots, onions, potatoes, gravy and asparagus.

Then we had key lime pie, with real limes and lemons in it. And a crust made out of DIGESTIVE BISCUITS OF COURSE!

Usually, this is where dinner ends, but the then brought out a huge platter of fancy English cheeses with an array of different types of crackers with more red wine.

And finally, to top it all of, we went back around the fire and had coffee, tea and chocolate.

Perfect night. Adorable neighbors. The woman would roll her eyes in a knowing/joking way at EVERYTHING said. So funny. The man was funny in a conspiratory way with me as we tried to get as much food as we could to our end of the table. Doug and Sandra are just great. And Peter, I am going to try talking to him more tomorrow. I feel bad I have not talked to him much because I feel like he has a lot to say and is a really interesting person. It’s just a language/cultural barrier.

Because everytime I bring up something of interest to me he is all into it as well. Must make better efforts tomorow.

Grandma and Grandpa, I miss you both so much. Sandra and Doug remind me so much of both of you.

Went jogging before thanks to the prompt from my Mama. Best thing ever. Doug is waking me up tomorrow at 8 so I can go again, Mom. :) I really was in top form tonight, ONLY because of the jog. I’ve been in a haze the past week or so and the jog really cleared my head and brought me back to myself. Going to do everyday from now on. ESPECIALLY during the trip whenever possible. It is completely necessary. I will just stay close so as not to get too lost.

Gin and tonic with lemon with Sandra at noon this afternoon.


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