Leicester, England Stopover

Flew back to England, had a much dreamed about coffee from Costa, bought a vegetarian sandwich from M & S and sat down to read the Metro paper. I think that is what I love most about England, their lovely free Metro paper! :) Allowed self to relax and read about David Cameron and the pastie crisis while I sipped my white Americano. (Now that I write that name, seems really funny.) Before I left for the aircoach I bought the Purrett’s (my new host family) a tin of shortbread in a cute tin celebrating the Queen’s diamond jubilee. I also got some good old pirates gold pounds out of the ATM, so weird changing currencies within one day! Hopped on the airbus after chugging the rest of my coffee. Train station— got the bus to Bedford. (Like in It’s a Wonderful Life :)) THen I got off at BLECHLEY (get a load of that name!!!) Then finally hopped on the train to Leighton Buzzard. LONG day of transportation. Arrived at Leighton Buzzard early, so spent an hour brushing my teeth, washing my face, reading the paper, drinking orange juice, and basically making the train station my home for the afternoon. Then met David, then Sandra, then Doug. And now we’re off for day two of our time together.

I reall do love England. Feel so comfortable in it now. Especially Luton Airport and the train station. Could live there if I had to.

Successfulle did Ireland all by myslef. Was a bit worried about how today would work out– (Oooh raining) just becuase there were so many factors going into today. Had to get up at 5 to catch the bus at 6. Woke up early as I never really sleep soundly the night before I have to get up early (this is a really good thing). Anway. Planned on taking a shower AT LEAST since all my clothes are dirty and I was meeting my host family today and am a RAGAMUFFIN–got in the shower and WAITED and WAITED but the freezing water never got a hint warmer. (Cute German boy reading a book next to me as I write—) ANYWAY. Dermot had given me these really complicated instructions on getting to the airport the ngiht beofre. We leave the house at 5:50 and walk to the busstop. Only AFTER we get there does he tell me he’s changed his mind- I WON’T make the flight by following the original plan! (It’s raining so hard!! Waiting at train station and it’s lovely to llisten to it clanging on the tin roof above my head… Okay. Now the German guy is speaking French to someone. So jealous.) So Dermot. Dermot vaguley rattles off a few dozen names of places then the bus comes and he pops me on, thankfully telling the driver where I am going. Thank god the driver remembered, 30 minutes later he tells me to jump off. :)

So I’m off now. Got off at the right stop, that’s good, yeah? Well now I had no idea how to find the taxis I was supposed to take- so I had to ask yet ANOTHER bus driver, who directed me in the right direction.

Hopped in a cab, got a really nice Irish father who drilled me on my travels and haunted me about living like a local. “You just CAN’T be a tourist. You have to live like they live, you promise?” He was so nice, stopped at an ATM to grab some money before getting me to the right airport terminal. Only 22 euros as opposed to the 40 euros it was all the way to Ballycullen, so I felt I had got a deal.

Got to the airport JUST in time to go through security and get on the plane. They threw away the 10 dollar facewash I had JUST BOUGHT yesterday, which soured my mood. Got to the queue just in time, only to realize I hadn’t checked in with border control, which is mandatory on Ryanair flights! Supposedly, on paper, the gate was closing, but when they say the gate is closing they mean they are only beginning to queue up. So I RAN 20 minutes back to check in, went through security again, and arrived PANTING in the boarding queue again. All of the boarding guys, who I had panicked to 20 minutes beforehand were all, “You made it!” So happy, so tired. Had to get my bag checked for size and THANK GOD IT FIT or else I don’t know what I would have done. Probably would have just stayed in Ireland forever, it was such a hassle to get out.

Coffee and travel.

Sweatpants and books.

My thesis statement.

But JESUS. We get here earlier than expected, 11, and feeling a bit weirded out by the place, just because it’s a hotel, downtown, late at night, and Jay decides she needs to DO LAUNDRY AT THIS HOUR. As far as I know she just went to ask reception if they had machines, but she has been gone for a good 15 minutes. So creeped out. WHYYYYYY does she have to do this now? She’s in Leic for the next week and a half!

So we need to stick together at all times, even when just going to the reception apparently.


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