Buckinghamshire, England Day 1

Day out with the Purrett’s, my English host family for a few days. I’m staying with another study abroad student from China, Peter.

English breakfast with French press coffee. Sightseeing then picnic lunch of Greek pastry with cheese and spinich inside. More sightseeing and then afternoon tea with homemade fresh out of the oven scones.

Baked tuna over basmati rice for dinner. Had three helpings.

Cucumber sandwiches and white tea when we arrived. (Cucumber sandwichs so good: bread spread with cream cheese. layer with cucumbers. sprinkle salt and pepper. serve. Mmmmm)

Scottish/Irish/English folk fiddle music tonight at “The Stables” with a glass of Merlot.

They live literally back in time! A real English traditional village. The most darling thing I have ever seen in my entire life. With MARVELOUS landscapes. Ridiculously beautiful. And footpaths all over the village. Cows and horses in tiny backyard pastures in town.

Went to the reservoir where we saw how the drought really is affecting England. Also saw the canal boats and learned about the canal boat living as a lifestyle. G and G, what you almost did when you booked a room on a boat! :)

Then we went to College Park, where we bird watched, had a picnic, took lots of cool pictures which I’ll post later, and saw exhibits. Cool mamoth tusk found there!

Next we went to a tree cathedral. It was literally trees planted in the outline of a cathedral. Someone was having a wedding there and they were setting up a tea party and decorating the walkway. Pretty cool.


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