Dublin, Ireland Day 3

Saw Oscar Wilde’s dorm room in Trinity College.

Beautiful cherry blossoms all over. Picked one just waiting for me to pick it.

During our tour, we got to see a model viking house. As big as a dining room, and they fit 5 or 6 families inside it. It was the norm for vikings to live in houses with multiple houses, one family houses were unheard of. Anyway, Kiel asked for 20 volunteers, and he made us lay inside the model viking house and showed us how they kept warm; by making us spoon the person to our left. Really awkward, have never experienced being so close to 20 strangers. Ha.

Keep seeing advertisements for “Dublin: One book.” Really want to check it out and see.

Went up the mountain that morning with Shirley to drop Mark off to skate. View: Ocean and islands and mountains and snow and lush grass and city; had it all.

Yellow shrubs all over, forgot the name, but they have to BURN them to get rid of them. They literally inhabit the place. Same as in Scotland.

Cannot find stamps, a post office, or a post box in Ireland. “Irish people do not mail things” Shirley said.

books books books

New words on my lips ONLY by reading more. I need to ditch the internet for awhile. It is just so easy to just watch shows for free, and zone out. Really miss reading, but as long as I have a laptop around, I always use it. READ.

In Temple Bar area, bottlecaps literally decorating the cobblestone streets. So many that they have been worn down and are embedded in the streets like little diamonds.

Temple Bar is the best way in the WORLD to go broke.

Shirley told me after I got back that Irish people NEVER go to Temple Bar. That’s what I figured when I was there. It all seemed a bit hokey and fake. And EXPENSIVE! Didn’t buy a drink. Proud of myself.

Pints start at 6 + Euros and go straight up from there.

A cheap pint in Ireland is 4 euro. Similar to England I guess, as England uses pounds, so it probably equals out the same. But the math is easier here– she I’m thinking about that 8 dollar drink a lot…

Ireland is not the place for a broke college student to party. At least not in Dublin!

Palm trees outside their house. Snow in May. Ireland literally has crazy weather. I had no idea.

Way home from Dublin the other day: chattin’ up cute Irish boy bus driver. We both had no idea where my stop was, he had never heard of it, so I stayed up front and we chatted while we watched for the Spar which queued my stop.

He had a thick, delicious accent. SO cute.

Mumbled a lot at first, and I just nodded. Then, either I got used to how he was talking, or he slowed down, or both, but we ended up having a really nice conversation. :)

At Spar this morning I got shortchanged 20 cents. Went marched straight back in and the boy was smiling holding out my correct change. “I realized right after I did it. Sorry about that.”

Going to take the dart tomorrow for my last day in Ireland this trip. It goes along the coast. :)

So green and wet. Yellow flowers pimpling the green grass.

Checked out a hole in an old stone wall.

My problem, I realized earlier when all I could see was the trash and I wanted to see the leprechauns, is that you CANNOT expect the world to be mystical. You have to create the magic yourself, at all times.



Sequined bag lying in grass

Birds VIOLENTLY leaving the trees in a flutter and bashing of wings

Saw E.T. in the clouds looking up

Spiro. Hope.

Crossed barbed wire to get to a nice sunspot on an Irish rock to write.

Excerpt: “Hair blowing in front of my face. Fooking STUCK in Ireland the next t’ree days” Haha. So angsty yesterday. Painfully dramatic.

Started writing a story. Best times to write is when you feel crap about yourself. ;)


HORSES. Love the smell of them, the idea of them, and just them in general. I want to have horses on my farm when I get rich and famous. Where I go to get away from my city flat.

Dinner last night: homemade chicken. Potatoes. Carrots. Broccoli. Stuffing. All homemade with beautiful homemade gravy made from the chicken and the vegetables and other spices. SO GOOD.

Irish guy on the bus telling a story behind me: “She pulls a bottle of wine out of her jacket, ‘Look what I got, Mum!’ Crack the wine bottle open… Irish people slag ourselves. We are a self-deprecating nation.” Shirley said the same thing. :) I think I would be a really good Irish person.

Bus Lana- Bus Lane

Irish girl eating Haribo: “Americans don’t like the Haribo colors. They thinkg the greens are too dull so they make it LUMINOUS”

Luan- Sath (Monday through Saturday? Lunes- Sabado connection?)

Dermot always leaves a hot water bottle in my bed at night. It is so sweet! Then when I wake up in the morning, there is a plate waiting for me and a glass filled with orange juice and bread waiting in the toaster. Coffee ready at all hours of the day, keeps it hot all day! Pretty cool machine.

Havin’ a laugh

Taking a piss

These phrases need to be in American culture.

“That’s who I don’t like. That Sarah Palin lady. She’s a tramp. A tramp.” -Dermot

Yesterday on way to the city:

Darymond dropped me off at the Spar to get money out of the atm to give them for the week. Come out with a was of cash and pass it to him in front of the store, “I feel like we are doing a drug deal.” “Ha. You shouldn’t SAY that…” You can always count on me to be inappropriate. :P

Darymond got me waiting at the bus stop with this cute little Irish lady. She was on her way to town to catch the train with her sister for dinner at their brother’s for Easter. She turned out to be the cutest little lady ever. Really proper and posh, but so endearing and friendly. She asked me where I would like to sit, and came and sat right next to me. Started out just talking a bit, but by the end of the 20 minute bus ride we had covered so much. She told me about all the buildings that we passed, how she used to be an EU lawyer in Luxembourg. First she asked me what I wanted to be though. I told her a writer, but journalism for a steady job. She told me how her brother and his wife, who she was on her way to see now, were both journalists! “Journalism is great. Writing though, that’s even better.”

I told her to tell them that she met an aspiring journalist from Kansas. She was so excited because she said she had never met anyone from Kansas before.

She pointed out the street she was born on, and the park she used to go to as a child with a bag of bread crumbs for the ducks.

Her name was Nora. So awfully friendly. I could have spent all day talking to her. We were kindred spirits a bit.

Six hours later, sitting in the park that Nora played in as a kid, and collecting my thoughts.

Got into the city around noon. Walked around a bit, not sure what I was looking at. Luckily, I saw a guy holding a sign for the free tour of the city, through New Europe. I had done the New Europe tour in Edinburgh, and it was amazing, so I jumped in and went for it. It was a three and a half hour tour of the city, on a tip as you see fit/can basis. So good. Highly recommend to anyone traveling in big cities and I plan on doing it in all cities that have the tour! New Europe. But whatever town you are in, they call it that; i.e. New Dublin, New Edinburgh. Look for the guy holding the white sign with red boarder saying Free Walking Tour.

Link for the tour attached.


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