Dublin, Ireland Day 1

Well. They are just perfect. Three dogs and four cats. So welcoming. Shirley got me coffee when I walked in the door and her husband put a hot water pocket in my bed. Their son, Mark, is my age and he is going to show me around the pubs. He snowboards/skateboards/surfs— there are mountains right in their backyard! And the ocean is twenty minutes away. And it’s only 4 pound return ticket into town every day! And they stocked me up with a ton of leaflets for traveling day trips outside Dublin as well. It is so nice and perfect and I love it!

Dermund came in “So we are going to have a lovely meal tonight, I’m cooking. Homemade burgers, with homemade chips. No processed anything. Completely homemade”

Told him Eva wanted to see if he wanted to skype later tonight “Nope. No. Tell her it’s all off. No. No. No.” He is so deadpan and funny. Took me a bit to catch onto his humor. But he cracks me up.

He was telling me a few minutes ago how, “excuse the expression, but Ireland is fucked.” How they bailed out all their banks just like the US and the rest of Europe did, and everyone is in debt. If they all had to pay up tomorrow, no one could.

Burgers were great. Sitting relaxing in sweats in the kitchen watching 4OD.

“You’re man/woman” -favorite Irish phrase


On my accent— said they were expecting me to be louder!! Their accents and personalities: perfect.

Continuing on with the tour:

Irish flag- red/orange- Catholics. green- protestants. white- merging the two together

(Interesting note: whatever country you are in, they change the ads on the internet for! Really interesting. The internet ALONE is cool in different countries.)

Mark and Shirley telling me last night how moonshine here is called ___ and is made from potato skins. It’s an orange color and will know you out with one sip.

On the tour we learned all about the potato farms and all.

Learned about Strongbow the viking whom the cider is named after

the harp is the national emblem of Ireland. The only country to use a musical instrument as their symbol.

Lily and Ricardo were going to Edinburgh the next day, I had fun telling them about the city, since I was just there.

Tourists in viking hats on those duckmarine tours that go on land and water. They yell everytime they go past someone. If I lived here I would probably have to murder them.

Dublin, in Irish (yes, they say Irish, not Celtic) means Black Pool. This is because originally, Dublin castle was in a kind of swampy region, with black eels all over it! They drained it out and built the castle.

Irish people drive on the left hand side of the road, like the UK. You can pass easily up to Northern Ireland without passport or anything. It’s basically like the same country. I was going to go to Belfast today, but decided I would just stick around Dublin and save money. There is still so much to do.

Anyway. We went to the place of U2’s first gig. Saw the bar that a barman wouldn’t let the band in after their gig, and Bono told the guy, “when we are rich and famous, we will buy you out of business and this will be our bar.” And that is exactly what they did after they made their first big bucks.

Trinity College- was there during the Easter Uprising weekend (more about that later) – and supposedly an Irish flag has NEVER been flown on the campus. That day we were there, however, all the guides were really confused as there was a huge proud Irish flag flying high. He said it might be really significant, or it might just be a weird fluke.

While walking around I just kept smiling. Just so DAMN happy to be in a foreign country all by myself. Meeting people as I go, and completely winging it. No one to entertain, no one to impress. So awesome.

When I first met the family, I was struck by the way they said; “I t’ink.” They really do the whole no “th” Irish thing. SO cute. Still have not gotten over it.

Note: almost all Irish people have passports according to Shirley. She says it is a really important part of the culture. When you are young you are going with your parents to Spain and France, then when you get older you start venturing further on your own.

Also, they use their passports at pubs, etc. They consider their driving license more important to keep track of than their passport! Also, they needn’t carry ANY documentation with them, as if they get pulled over or something, they are not expected to show identification then and there, but are just supposed to get to the police station within 10 days of their notification and show the police their information.

A little tipsy right now, amazing day.

Went to the local pub with Shirley. AMAZING experience.

After being in touristy and ridiculously priced Temple Bar all day, it was awesome and refreshing to go to a real Irish pub with real Irish people.

Bought a pint of Guinness; amazing. Shirley bought me two more pints! So nice!!! :) All on an empty stomach, feeling pretty good after.

Forgot what I am good at: music, lighting, food, drink, comfort, company and solitude. Mood. :)

Terrifying experience when the call came out for “London Luton Airport” the other day. I was so relaxed and having such a good time I had totally forgotten which car I had stowed my luggage in! In a frenzy I rushed ALL around opening doors and doors and doors my heart beating a million miles a minutes I hadn’t even left the UK yet and I was already forgetting things— then I found it. Yanked it off the shelf and ran out the door SECONDS before the train zoomed off. WHEW!

Got falafel and hummus sandwich from M & S’s which Gma got last time we were in Luton, which she GRACIOUSLY shared with me. :)

All the food in Europe SO ORGANIC. Will totally miss that. So much.

Got to Ireland, guy next to me talking to me, OH THE TAXI IS SO EXPENSIVE! Then went to reception, THE TAXI IS SO EXPENSIVE.


I was basically in tears when the taxi driver told me the price I was expecting. I didn’t know what I was getting into with all this money. The expenses are something I will GLADLY forget.

Anyway. Taxi driver LITERALLY crazy. And he told me so. Said the only qualification for being a taxi driver is you HAVE to be crazy. :P

Asked me about my plan for life. “I want to be a writer.” “Well, you sure need more of a plan than that!” he said. Thanks. I really appreciate my taxi driver telling me to get my shit together while I am already questioning my choices about EVERYTHING. :P He was a good guy though.

When we got to Daletree he let me out, “I’ll give the ride to you for 45. It says 48.50 on my clocker, yeah? So you are getting a good deal. Tears in my eyes (best way to get a good price in a taxi) “But you said 40 earlier!” Looked at him hard. I knew he would break. And I needed this ONE victory for this emotion filled day. “Okay fine. Let’s get your bag” “Thanks. I’ll put you in my book for compensation” :P

Went up and rang the doorbell, a terrified young mother comes to the door in a robe and looks out the glass screen. “Hi, are you Shirley Cox?” “No.” “Oh. Okay, sorry bye!” 10:30 at night and creeping on people’s doorsteps. Ireland’s first impression of me. :P

I RAN BACK to the taxi and we realized what had gone wrong with the address. “I don’t deserve to be on page one anymore” he joked.

Luckily the right house was right down the the other street, I went up and rang the doorbell and a huge commotion broke out with 3 dogs and 4 cats and I was quickly ushered into the house by three Irish people all speaking at the same time but no one even confirming I was in the right house. Ha.

Herded in a midst all this and placed onto the sofa where everyone sat around in a circle. Talked for a good long time, after I confirmed she was, indeed, Shirley Cox, and they told me all about themselves and their animals.


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