Scotland to England

Last night on way home in front seat with cute old English couple:

Passing lake district. Windermere the biggest lake there. Where Beatrix Potter’s stories are set, Mom. :)

George Orwell’s “Walk to ….” Passed

Leicester used to be called Rattay when the Roman’s lived there. My nickname for Ben! Ha.

Passed by Westmorland. Supposedly really expensive

Sheep scattered all over hills: Look like salt you could just blow off

Clouds CONSUMING hills

Sheep sometimes lean on front knees to eat. Thought first one I saw was deranged but then saw others doing it.

Icelandic horses, beautiful!

Barrow- naming my kid

Scots flag- a huge white x on a blue background with four yellow dots

So FOGGY in lake district

BEN we need to go to Salisbury and Stonehenge

Signs “Dead Slow”

Cat eyes- little reflector lights lining the lanes of the highway. Reflect different colors back at you at night to show you the edge of the road, and the different lanes. Really, really smart. Every highway has them here! (They need it with how fast they drive though)

Supposed to check out Wigby- it was the inspiration for Dracula and is just supposed to be the creepiest place ever. Ben wanna go there?

Backpool- mini Eiffel tower

Robin Hood’s Bay- the most ROMANTIC place in the world according to Robert and Leslie Startin.

Take the local bus- basel to Geneva

Alhambra palace in Granada. Arabic architecture. Supposedly BEAUTIFUL. Gardens as well.

Payella- Spanish leftovers, but really, really good according to Brits!

Robert’s recent trip to Ireland: Irish friend asked him jokingly, “How do you get a girl pregnant?” “I don’t know” “I’m supposed to be the daft one and even I know that!” :P

Supposedly the English make fun of the Irish (as they do EVERY COUNTRY) and say that they are the thick ones. France does the same with Belgium.

Under crackling tree outside reading a book. :)

Supposed to try:

Soda bread and Guinness with the foam being scraped off with the stick.

Ireland: here I com!


Currently in Freemen’s Common’s student laundry room. Could not find a SINGLE laundromat downtown, walked all the way up to school and figured I would give Freemen’s a try. Everything was locked, of course, but I saw this girl putting up fliers, and asked her if she could let me in the laundry room. She did, and asked me where I was from. I said, the US, and she was like, “yeah I know, me too….” Ha! I do not even notice accents anymore I have been so overexposed to them! That AND I was just in a huge hurry. Turned out she was from Utah.  :) She was really nice and we talked a bit, then I holed up in the laundry room and started de-Scotching myself.  (Clever, yeah? I thought so… :P)

I have learned to check the laundry machines before you put anything in, nasty little surprises like to live in the corners of the machines. I have learned this the hard way. :P Just now, as I was expecting, pink condom in the first one, and different colors in the second. This is my life right now. :P Third machine was clean and I am SO excited for beautiful clean clothes soon. Not just because I am sitting homeless on a table in the washroom wearing basically no clothes, but also because there is NOTHING like fresh laundry. Especially fresh laundry after you have been traveling for a week climbing up mountains. :P

Eating peanut butter and apples and croissants on my perch in the laundry room. A lot nicer than ours, really. We do not have anywhere to sit down in the Oadby laundry rooms. Also, I have not USED a laundry machine in SO LONG. It’s nice to just let the machine do it and —–

Ah shit. Haha. My bloody mp3 player is swirling around with my clothes as well. Pfff. This is why I do not own expensive things. :P

Anyway.  It will be nice to have clean clothes. Let’s cross our fingers on the mp3 player.  :P

This morning’s breakfast at the hotel was really so nice though, the first sit down breakfast we have had in a week and a great view of the city. :)

Seven minutes left!! Then I am going back to the library café til 3 and then heading to train station.

In Scotland, they said if you wear underpants it’s a skirt and if you don’t it’s a kilt.

No shame anymore. Tore warm clothes out of machine and got dressed right here in the room. SO WARM HAVE NOT BEEN THIS WARM ALL WEEK IT IS BEYOND WONDEFUL.

I have made it.

Befriended the English driver couple on the way over. Might have invited them to the US to stay for as long as they want…

They were really cool. Robert was telling me the reason they call the conservatives “tories” is because a few hundred years ago, when you were on horseback and you got robbed, they called the robbers tories. Ha. Fitting for any conservative party, yeah? :P

Leslie was really sweet and talked to me the whole way about traveling, and saying you’ll be fine and you should travel now while you can and you’ll never regret it and all.

A nice hotel when woke up in the morning!! :P Breakfast was really nice, they had the best croissants, ate about 17 of them and stowing some away in my bag for lunch and dinner.

On my way to find a Laundromat and then on to the train station for London and then Dublin.


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