Glasgow, Scotland

Getting dark out, raining. Scotland even more beautiful with this miserable, eerie mood.

Driving past on cliffs; bus splashing water off down hundreds of feet to the icy ocean below.

Sheep racing out of the way

Just a faint outline of mountains. Hazy beautiful background

“You got no fear of the underdog, that’s why you will not survive”


The first night we stayed in a hostel in Glasgow, the water was not drinkable, so I rinsed my mouth out with beer. :P

Guys fixing our broken bus: “I gotta wet arse now”

“That seems to do nicely”

“If we could just hit that with a hammer…”

“Well, I never come across such a stupid design in all my life”


sheep huddled against stone walls

Scots are SO anti government up north. Down south they are a bit more connected to England, but still there is tension. In 2014 Scotland will officially vote if they want to become their own country. And no one knows what will happen!

In Edinburgh castle, there is the “rock of destiny” and it has a prophesy and all to go along with it. Edinburgh history is so HP-esque. Supposedly, wherever the rock is, the Scots will rule. The English stole the rock hundreds of years ago and put it in London. Ten years ago or so 3 Scottish law students decided to go steal it back. And they did! They broke into the palace and drove it all the way back to Scotland!! Really cool story. Alex Hamilton.

Yasin, our group leader for the Scotland trip, is Turkish. His girlfriend Romina is from Malta. He thought I was German when he first met me.

He was telling us, the hardest thing about English is the different personal pronouns. In Turkish apparently, you use the same word, “all,” for everything; he, she, it. Interesting, yeah? I wonder if it has any philosophy behind it, like cultural? Like we are all one? Or if it is just that they do not care for pronouns. :P

Talking to a girl, Miriam, from Stockholm. Free university in Sweden, for any degree. And any European can go to Sweden and get a free degree. It used to be ANYONE IN THE WORLD, but they changed it because they felt that other countries were taking advantage of it. But WOW! Can you imagine?? If you wanted to stay in school 15 years you could EASILY. Work a job on the side and all. Wow. She got PAID to come here. Crazy.

The dynamics of the bus seating… we are back to that in an hour or so. Oh joy.

I told you how pissed the girls were when we tried to sit next to each other, yeah?

“I don’t know WHY people cannot sit in their own seats…” (yelling right in front of us and talking about us but not making any eye contact with us)

So we stopped trying and backed down and let them have their stupid seats back

Then, when we left, we were the last ones in the bus. I saw some people in the wrong seats and I was like, “DRAMMMAAAAAAAAAA.” But then it turned out the ENTIRE BUS had switched seats, so now us three could sit together in the front.

I turned to them all and smiled to thank them so it, but they all stared blankly back at me. SO I quickly turned around and didn’t make eye contact with any of them again, as per our norm.

WEIRD $**%ing people on this trip. Seriously.

Anyway. We’ll see how seats pan out today.


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