Eilen Donan Castle, Scotland

Went to Eilen Donan castle. It was on a small island off a bigger island. Walk over a bridge over the sea to get to it. Scottish guy dressed in a Tamashan, knee high socks and shortie short kilt greeted us and proceeded to tell us the many ways the Vikings sliced their opponents in half. We got the history of the castle and they told us how it was used to make a lot of movies including Highlander and Maid of Honor (with Patrick Dempsey :P). We left and went to the coffee shop, and that is where I got into a row with the Scottish lady towering over me. Ha. But not really funny, I want my 25 pence! Something interesting about the money here- it’s different from English money! They all say Bank of Scotland, and they even vary between different banks of Scotland! Interesting. The first night I got a Bank of the Republic of Ireland fiver. Last night I got a Scottish Brig a’ Doon writer ten pound note. Who was the writer again, Grandma? His face was square on the note. J So we left the cute café with the terrifying Viking ladies and tourist guides with pocket knives in their knee high stockings under their kilts, and headed to the island of Kyleakin where we would be spending the night. To get to the island, we had to cross a bridge across the ocean!!  Pretty cool. JThe whole area was called Skye. The island literally contained our hostel, a restaurant, and like 17 houses! Have never experienced anything like it. That’s where we hiked up to see the ruins, and then we went to dinner in another little town across the bridge on the mainland. In this town, Portree, we left the group (as we were now learning to do) and found a cute café that served fish and chips. Extremely good. I really enjoy fish now days. J Had some coffee after to warm up our tired and cold bodies, and then drove back to Kyleakin. There was a pub beneath our hostel, so we spend some time down there.

The next morning we woke up to a beautiful snowfall coating the mountains. Really nice. But really cold!

We packed up and got on the road. Little did we know we would not be going anywhere soon…. We had a flat tire in the mini bus! :P Took like 30 minutes, the drivers screwing and cranking things in the back, then it was decided we had to get out of the bus. It was literally the COLDEST day yet on the trip, the wind was ridiculous, and we were so pitiful. :P We filed into the mainbus, and you could FEEL the people on the main bus staring daggers at us. It wasn’t our fault, jesuuuuuus.

Got on the road, and then got pulled over by a cop car as the tire was falling off the back of the bus. Then Yasin comes over to our bus and says, just so you know, on the way to Inverness there is supposed to be 3 inches of ice on the road. I turned around to lauren and said, stone faced and matter of factly, “we are going to die.” :P

SOMEHOW we finally got on the road and spent the morning driving. The whole way it was basically a blizzard and we were all so tired we slept through it and woke up freezing to death in the bus. Drove past Loch Ness for like 20 minutes  around lunchtime and didn’t even realize that was what it was until we got to the exhibition center. Which was SO hokey. But we had to go in. It was really terrible though. NEVER GO.

Loch Ness itself was BEAUTIFUL just as all the lochs here are. You can totally see how people think they are seeing things in it! It is very eerie, and there are the strangest waves.

Anyway, we drove straight to Inverness from there as it was still snowing like CRAZY in APRIL. Got to our hostel and settled in. Met some other people from our group and went out together to a traditional Scottish music venue called Hootananny’s. SO MUCH FUN. A great band. And organic lager! Cannot get much more hipster and beautiful than that. J I like the people way up north, they are very interesting. Great personalities and great accents.


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