Inverness, Scotland

Sitting in our hostel cooking dinner. I got vegetables and sauce to cook the pasta I had leftover. Creepy story, just walking back from Tesco and saw the Hostel guy from INVERNESS walking down the Cowgate street (actually a cow path back in the day. Where our hostel is located!). SO WEIRD! What are the chances? 7 hours across Scotland and there he shows up again, not even 36 hours after telling him audios!

It’s raining outside now, but otherwise beautiful, though cold, weather. But, apparently, it wouldn’t be Scotland without the cold.

Inverness: Got slightly drunk and listened to folk music in an adorable pub while snowing and raining outside. How I could spend all of my nights. J

Blue Rose Code. My friends made me go ask the cute guitar player from the band their name. :P

Short bread

Scotch eggs


Black pudding (a blood sausage)

Black roll (fruit cake)

Cheese dip with pesto mmmmmm

The House of Boah stopped for a break from driving. Really nice, good food. But I got the feeling we had stumbled upon some kind of cult or something…

Traveling journalism job starts: NOW. Clean up blog/language/grammar and use on CVs.

An inverstment. J

Gypsy. xxxxxx

New friend Jack was telling me about how he went to Kenya last summer. Sounds so cool! Said all the officers carried scary guns though, and you were not supposed to make any sudden movements around them. Before he went he got the shots though and didn’t get sick. That’s the main thing that scares me about Africa, the foreign diseases that our bodies are not used to. You always hear horror stories. But it’s not necessarily inevitable! But it is inevitable that I am going to Africa. Just get my shots and have lots of fruits and veggies. X

Alex Crawford: Libya independent foreign correspondent. Got job on her fourth try. Has four kids. It totally is possible. J

“Volga Germans… they are HARD people. Didn’t need training to be soldiers as the environment already made them into brick wall warriors”

Subway so good. Lauren bought a water for 30 cents. Then I went through and bought my sandwich, and he’s like, your friend bought a drink, yeah? You can have whatever you want to drink because there is unlimited free refills.” Ha. So nice!! So many tattoos too… :P This was in St. Andrews, a thoroughly depressing town (probably due largely to the weather ) but he was a little handsome spark. J

Long red haired cows. I just love them. And the sheep: they sometimes eat kneeling on their front knees!! The first one I saw doing it I thought was deranged. But then I saw more and more and realized it must be okay. Or else something is going on with the sheep… ha. They are very odd creatures though. But so VERY adorable. Saw a black sheep and thought of Pop as he always calls himself the black sheep of his family. J Saw another one sitting facing away from the group, and thought of our family. Ha.

Glamis castle: the Queen mother’s castle.  Had an American guide. She reminded me of Aunt Donna. She was so excited about everything and so cute. J Glamis castle was where Macbeth was set. Heard lots of ghost stories. Also, did you know people in that day slept sitting upright? First of all for respiration but second because they believed that if you were lying flat, that was a corpse pose and the devil, when he was doing his nightly rounds, might mistake you for a dead man and steal your soul! They were very adamant about this. Which reminds me! In Scottish history, your body had to stay buried for at least two weeks after you died or else you wouldn’t get to heaven. The really rich had locked cages made for their graves and the poor had to beg their family members to take shifts sitting on their graves after they died for two weeks! Anyway, Glamis castle is the MOST HAUNTED castle in Scotland. Our guide told us a story about the “grey lady.” Cannot remember the story now but it was really good. Also, in the chapel in the castle is one out of ten paintings in the world of jesus wearing a hat! :P

For every city/country I go to, I want to find out if they have free tours, because they are the absolute BEST. I think there is one from our hostel in Barcelona, so remind me to do that if I forget!!! It’s a great way to learn about and feel comfortable with a city.

Rain. Windshield wipers. Reminds me of family road trips as a kid.

We are currently in the northernmost town in the UK- Inverness. Shit town, but interesting hostel. Right now sitting in the lounge with Lauren, Jay and Aaron. Made pasta for lunch and got pissed at the Spanish. Got set up in our rooms and got pissed at the French. Cannot stand them. This trip is turning me into a racist.

Free milk from the fridge. Sour. Jay and I get the cute blond receptionist guy to grab some more. He comes back with 4 huge jugs and no words. Very awkward and funny. :P

Great coffee. Met four new friends in the kitchen and invited them to play cards which they are waiting on me to play now.

Ran to the piano and played Fur Elise and the Entertainer and then grabbed a guitar and banged out some chords on the four string broken guitar. :P

No heating in this place but it’s got character.

Shower. No towel.

Went to a Scottish pub. BRILLIANT. Was in LOVE with this boy at a table, getting into the beat and all, then it turned out he was the drummer for a live band! So many live bands at clubs here; constant. Amazing. So much fun. Yasin applauded my drinking abilities. :P Lauren and I stayed all night. Ended up at an Indian food restaurant getting vegetarian pakora and chips with a guy from ISA. He got chicken chips with curry. All shared. So good. Talked to much about politics and human nature— really really interesting. Especially since he is freshly from India— like a few year out. Very interesting.



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