Ben Nevis Mtn., Scotland

The longest, most rewarding hike I’ve ever done. Four hour return trip. Amazing views. Pictures to come soon.

Top: crazy Scottish grass cracks like spaghetti noodles under your feet!

Chase the Wild Goose Hostel

Cutest hostel ever. Like a big house. Sitting in bed with free wifi and coffee.


Saw my first loch

Practiced my pronunciation of Slovakian mountain ranges and got lots of loud sighs from Bertrand. :P

Drove an obscene amount of hours

Waited an obscene amount of hours

Four hour return hike up Ben Nevis mountain, tallest in UK.

Exhausted. But worth it.

Back at the hostel fixed spaghetti: meatballs, green beans, mushrooms in sauce


Moved into our rooms, took showers and settled in.

Ben Nevis Whiskey Distillery visit:

HUGE vats of whiskey. Very interesting.

Did you know that whiskey is just beer that is distilled twice?

Saw it all, and got a free sample shot. It was nice.

Also watched a video of “Hector MacDram: King of the DEW” :P It was their mascot, a huge hairy viking in a kilt. :P

There were only EIGHT people who worked at this place. Really impressive.

Out the window:

Clumpy grass atop layers of grass

Abundance of grass

Mossy rocks

Trees uprooted take neat layer of grass with it

Like Colorado with more lakes

Kilt guy

Columbians sitting next to on bus. take picture for us and strike up conversation:

“You are a writer, yes? I have never met a writer before! I’ve never seen anyone write as much as you—”

So cute. He said he thought it was so cool, saw me writing on the bus the whole way here.

“What do you write? Just thoughts as they pop into your head?”

“I have heard that good writers just take their own life experiences and put them into a story…”

“You should tear me a page out of your journal so I can keep it and show it to people when you become famous and I am reading your book”

So sweet. His wife was too. Within 3 minutes of talking to them, they had already invited me to stay with them in their home in Colombia if I ever go. :)

Coffee- two pound. said 1.75 on the board. Got in a scuffle with a large Scottish lady over those 25 cents… :P

Really nice coffee break with friends though, we really hit our travelling stride that day.


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