England to Scotland

Old MASSIVE foothills.  Green and stately. Handmade stone walls running through the green as if the veins of the giant beast.

First 4 hours- coldest most unpleasant

Break- shaking. Ask driver- “Can I bring a cup of coffee on the coach?” “Go for it! Where are you from by the way?” A true Midlander, he engaged me in a conversation immediately. “The Midewest! My wife and I had a host couple from Houston, Texas! I lived in Australia for a while during the Vietnam war— met a lot of American soldiers. They were good people. And I’m not just saying that because you are American! They called me a Limey and we called them Yanks. Go get your coffee!”

Cutest bus driver EVER. Short, stout, balding (all British men over 25 balding) ceramic mug of coffee and hearty laugh. His wife is in the front seat with him; motherly and all dressed up wearing a special sparkly headband in her hair. Think they are making a little vacation out of it.

Small coffee same price as the large Americanos. You know what I did.

Walking down London road- People’s gaits- how their feet move in their shoes-tells a life story.

I’ll probably hate myself when I have to pee in an hour. This is literally the biggest Americano EVER.

Nursing it like a baby, and they turned the floor heater on for us in the back. And the sun’s out now.  How fast life changes. “Oh what a beautiful view.  I guess you’ve seen it all”

Sheep! Waved at for Grandma! J

Nice single seat on bus. Grabbed.

Grey clouds touching the horizon.

Perfect window seat.

“I used to be involved/and felt like a king/now I’ve lost it all/and don’t feel a thing”

Cute couple next to me. Not even jealous. That means I am enjoying life. J

10:20 am Newcastle. The party capital of the UK. No cops, no sleep. Geordie shore, English spin of Jersie shore, is filmed here.



Hazy with STARK tree outlines.

Hiding writings from curious neighbor with my coffee cup.

Failt gu Albe (Welcome to Scotland!) 10:32

KFC, Starbucks, Burger King

Sun out again

Rugged Scotland

Country. J

Massive long haired cows in pastures

Wind mills, Pop!

Cleaner than England.

More rural but more upkept. (at least seems so 10 minutes in)

Little lamb scratching head with back leg.

Stoic brown horse with white nose on a green hill facing the wind.

I wanted America to become a foreign country for the first time in my life, and I am finally getting there! Instead of still thinking that I’M across the ocean, I’m thinking IT’S across the ocean!

Red shutters on a red brick cottage

Plane across the blue sky

Trees look almost like large bonsai trees; so strong and crooked.

In a friggin IMMENSE valley.

Vein-like cobblestone walls intersecting all over. Sheep enclosed.

Led by Turkish GPS

Impossibly dense forests

Speeding down a Scottish highway in a mini bus.

Bagpipe and two kilts right when enter the city!

Talked to girl sleeping in bed next to me when we got back. Before we left she was facing the East on a prayer mat and doing prayer. I had wondered who was in the bathroom earlier, and pretty sure it was her, doing a full body wash for prayer. So interesting!!

By 2 pm Jay and I had accomplished: a chicken sandwich from Tesco. :P

City was not that impressive: Lot of old buildings, but no old traditional shops. Very commercial. Like Leicester but a bit bigger. :P Saw a bunch of street performers though: CRAZY street dances, so cool. Little accordion gypsy lady, as every city should have. Young guy great singer. Cam back and he had a massive crowd around him, as he should. :P A fire torch juggler. Pretty cool.

Stopped by Tesco again and bought a small amount of booze to lighten tensions tonight at the get together at 9:30. Sat in the lobby and had a picnic.

Jay “Jiyeon and I were talking when we first met you, and out of all the people in Hastings, you seem like your family loved you the most. You seem like you came from a really happy home.”  J

Northern Scot walks in, taught English. Talking about Korea. Runs away when Jay says her Grandpa is North Korean and is in danger of being captured.

Concentration camps in North Korean.

China take over north korea make into china

Children’s game of hit the US person piñata

North Korean spies pretending to be refugees in south korea

While Jay and I having this lovely conversation about North Korea and the end of the world, our friend Lauren walks by and joins us. “Did you have fun today?” “No.” “Good!! We thought it was just us!!! Glasgow is boring as shit!”  :P

All sat around drinking Carling beer and Spanish wine, as we thought this the only rational solution to the problem of boredom. While Jay is swinging her wine bottle around, a herd of 1 year old boys storm in, led by their camp leader.

WHY THE HELL where there babies in a youth hostel? I laughed at the situation. Out of the corner of the room I hear a mocking laugh arise. I scanned the room for the offender and locked eyes with him in a staring contest. I was not going to let a little kid mock me! Feeling I had make my point I resumed typing on my laptop. All of the sudden I looked up:

I’m getting harassed by 12 year olds with a LAZER now!

“Oy. Put the lazer down!” Thank you, mature 12 year old. F$ck you, Conor.  :P

“No alcohol. No smoking” “Aw, damn.” WHY are there 12 year olds at a hostel??

After they left talked to this Scottish guy in the room. He was really friendly. Visiting from Wigtown which is apparently just 4 miles west. He says he has to get out into the world sometimes and remind himself that other people exist. :P Apparently it is a really small, really artsy writer town. The most second hand bookshops per square area! Rolling green pastures.


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