Pre-Departure for Eurotrip

Woke up this morning at 8:30 to an ambulance at the front door and windows on the main level smashed in and blood all over the floor.

No one is seriously hurt.

Yesterday brought paper plates to Beaumont and took our dinner out into the Botanical gardens to eat.

Got a European bankcard at Santander so I won’t have to keep paying that international fee everytime I buy something.

Last night at Varsity; I wasn’t really into it, so I dipped out early. A bit drunk, I was VERY hungry. And craving good food. On my way to the bus stop- Domino’s. As if it was just waiting there for me. :P I bought a cheese pizza for 4 pound and caught the last bus. Planning on sitting in front of the computer and watching a show with the pizza, the pizza was gone between the time I got off at my stop and the time I got to my front door. (Literally MINUTES) I realized this would not do so I proceeded to walk up the street towards ASDA where I bought TWO MORE PIZZAS. Came home and baked them and then consumed them in a matter of minutes as well. I didn’t even have time to load my show.

Last night the house filled up with smoke around 10 at night. Em and I called the RAs, who came and then denied any signs of smoking when it was basically impossible to BREATHE AIR in our house, so I went out for a midnight walk around Oadby. Something really interesting about the people you see late at night; a mix of drunken idiots and complete loners looking for some solo time. Both having the times of their lives.

Eva told me, when you put that little ^ hat on a French letter, it means there used to be an s following it. So- French etes used to be in Latin eStis

The other night was studying at the library late at night. Managed to get, not only locked out of the library, but miss the bus as well.

“Uni is a very interesting place at night. And god I am a dipshit sometimes, but I will survive. Indian management student comes over and starts chatting to me. “You look very intelligent-” (Ha. Ironic as I am stranded outside in shorts and a t shirt in 10 degree Celsius weather seeking warmth and refuge under a streetlamp.)  She was really nice though. Then she ran off to catch the safety bus, and I was left alone again. Only other people on campus were the ones in the pub below me, but I was too broke and too in antisocial-study-mode to venture down. Look at watch and 30 minutes have already passed, run like my life depends on it and jump on the last bus back to Oadby right before it takes off down the road. My life in a nutshell.

Sun bathing with Jisu in our backyard. Met an interesting Leicester bloke who told us all about the history of Leicester and the house we are living in. Also, any English city that ends in “ter” means it is from Roman days. (i.e. Leicester, Manchester)

Beautiful weather. Went for a jog then rode my bike to uni. Still sore from running yesterday and loving it. Slight tan already starting. :)

Uni is so busy today. Brought a coffee. Barely got a computer. Learned about Mill and his love of fringe society in mainstream society, but condescending tone pertaining whole societies being fringe in comparison to the west.

Went to do my checkpoint appointment at the study abroad office. Saw a guy from my class last semester whom I thought I had offended since we haven’t talked in forever. Tried so hard to walk the opposite way as him but he cut me off and talked to me. Nice to still be on good terms. :)

Went to the bank and chatted up the bank boy as is my weekly tradition.

Then back in the hot stuffy library on this beautiful day. But I need to finish this politics essay today or else I think I will flip shit.

Sunspot in my room- nothing more beautiful. I really lucked out with this room and room side. ;)

This afternoon- coop housing application. Now- jogging in heat of the sun. LOVE

then- shower and essay organize

then- dinner and buy tickets with Bertrand and Eva. FINISH TRIP PREP!! :)

tomorrow- pack shit up into attic and start living out of suitcase. hit up polisci lecture on Mill for my essay. finish essay rough

tues- print essay turn in. english essay write

wed- print engl essay

thurs- start ancient history essay.

(only one actually turn in is politics. rest just print just in case)

1 pound ten for a letter to the US!

pigeons and pigeon shit

busy people eating and drinking on the run. lovely.

the empire

the sultan

wandered a little too far- different crowd around. a little frightened by a group of guys my age, even though it was midday. but then realized they were really nice guys on closer inspection. good to be wary, but don’t need to be scared of the world.

one of them had a club foot. at first i thought it was just his swagger and i thought i had stumbled upon a bunch of rough gansters. but then i realized what was going on, and made me sad. but it also made me happy that he was surrounded by friends and all. but it looked like it must have been so hard for him to walk, but he was smiling and keeping up and i was really proud of him. some random individual whom i have never met, i am super proud of. :) also got me thinking, all of my worries, need to let them go. deal with things as they happen. can still be wary, but cannot worry. things happen. and then we, as human beings, deal with them. and that’s a bit beautiful, no? it’s a bit shit, but it’s also a bit beautiful. anyway. sending good vibes out to those guys i saw earlier.

Reading an interesting article on class distinction and the deliberate creation and disgust of the concept of a “chav.”

tattoos, shagy hair and cardigans, I’m in

don’t speak

stop bike in midroad to commentate. compelled to.

sitting in city center- guy comes over sits next to me and I jump on my bike and ride into oblivion

writing on brick wall

street performer with hoops

two old men with guitars and great speakers playing, so nice

sound of settling

Changing beauty of life

“would you want to be found?”

goofy grinning businessman

coffee republic- look in- NIRVANA of characters

when fully alive can’t go three minutes without scribbling.

constantly stopping bike in middle of crowded downtown to write

when I write I feel most alive. not writing- get writing.

do not hold too tightly onto anything- let free and what’s yours will always come back

Windblown cheeks

Nerdy police officers

Orange turban

handfull of sausages

sleek suit with tennies

wooden walking cane

pale and tired woman still moving

layers of cloths- layers of tradition- dragging down

purple roller carrier shopping bag

annoying newsman

darling little old lady dashing on a mission

mysterious suave young man sauntering around the perimeter hands in pockets

pink and navy striped tie on and serious. how?

only eyes seen


cigarettes, fags



argue smoke bored sermon dull

hot pink floral tights

old and young ladies arm in arm

men casually posted up against posts

don’t talk to me i’ll kill ya

baby blue turban

animal print sweaters

sunshine heating the trash garden beside the pavement. fresh trash sprouting from the bushes and grass

waterloo way train station

let me go and I will want you


shadows apear on the clearest days


Always ask for TWO eggs (one egg is the standard), veggie sausage and sauce in the morning. This morning, decided I would try to stop having such a voracious appetite. Asked for egg and sausage, and then guy was like, two? This is a MONUMENTAL turning point for me. Not sure if this is good that now I can definitely get two eggs at breakfast, or if it is sad that he remembers me as the double portion girl. :P

But GOD English breakfast is always so good.

This is roughly what my name looks like in Korean: O H LI (but the last one looks more like a common handwritten 4, yeah?)

Saranghae 사랑해

Also, if I cannot get a job due to certain entanglements with the law which shall not be brought up.. I can always go to Korea and make the BIG BUCKS according to my Korean friends. They pay foreigners twice as much as they pay Koreans because they  really promote international networking. SO MANY Koreans abroad, and so inviting to foreigners to visit. I am really impressed with Korea. I might do it to make some cash after I graduate; teach English in Seoul where I know a TON of people from.

If you are feeling particularly saucy; go up to a Korean and announce “Michen Shebel Yun.”

Just kidding. NEVER do that. No matter how saucy your sauce is.

“I don’t have a problem with that, why would I? God KNOWS I love my sleep.” zzzzzzzzzzzz xxxxxxxxx

Speaking of which, Britons pronoun z as “zed.” We don’t do that in America, right? Also, instead of saying point one percent for .1%, Britons say nought one percent.   Interesting, yeah?

Also, never vacation, only HOLIDAY. And DEFINITELY no spring break. Easter Holiday.


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