Packing and Preparing

Half the weight of my 10 kilo bag is packets of instant coffee. Have successfully packed laundry detergent in a jar of crunchy peanut butter which is not completely void of peanut butter.

So nervous with everything coming in the next month. But if I can do this, I will be on my way to becoming a world traveler. All of us study abroad students are nervous, we have never done anything like this before. Getting to England was COMPLETELY easy compared to what we are about to do. Also really excited though, for the next month the world is mine.

The house is bustling with activity and nerves. All of the international people store their luggage in Hastings attic over breaks, so there is a constant stream of people through our house today. The attic closes for good at 3 pm—- I have a mug of coffee and a book that I want to finish before then. Gotta read! It’s ½ extra pound I don’t have space for!!!

But god. There is something so AMAZING about packing your life into one 10 kilo suitcase and throwing everything else out to the dogs. It is beautiful. Freeing. I LOVE it. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

No heat for us tonight. Also no blankets or coats. Yay. Temperature outside and in: 8 degrees Celsius. At least I know I am not missing anything here.

Packed all of my stuff in the attic on Tuesday, but have been going up daily to add/subtract things. I spent a good twenty minutes looking for a EU charger earlier today which was buried DEEP. I’m positive everyone thought I was just ransacking their shit. :P


Night to myself though! Well, until Jisu, Jay and Jiyeun get back. Then I will have to fight for my time alone in my cold room.

Last night we are all together, going to Varsity with all the International Students.

Walk home from Campus.

Melt into the world, stop trying to separate self from it.

Doodle trees

Petite trees


“I’m happy just because, I found out I am really no one”

A detour in your new life

Slip into hippieville.

Last night Jisu and I went to study downtown. It started out as a BRILLIANT idea. We were to leave right after dinner and spend the evening in a cozy coffee shop while we feverishly worked away on our essays, yeah?

First off, we missed the bus. Well, we didn’t so much miss it as it missed us. :P Went to another bus stop, and by the time we got on the bus it had already been 45 minutes. Then we take a 25 minute bus ride which stops at Uni. Get off and walk about 20 minutes downtown (Jisu is about to kill me at this point).  We pass a bunch of people having fruity alcoholic drinks on the patios of trendy bars. “Jisu, let’s reward ourselves after we study tonight!” Jisu’s like, no way. Rightly so, probably. I, jokingly, said “If the coffeeshop is closed, we will have no choice but to go to “Vodka Revolution” (or whatever hip bar we were passing).

Well. Joke turned into truth as we got downtown and realized that EVERY SINGLE CAFE IN THE ENTIRE TOWN CLOSES AT SIX IN THE EVENING. We desperately walked around, tried ALL the shops we could think of. Even Starbucks! Nothing!

Both depressed and upset, we decided the only way to remedy this dilemma was with that drink we had been talking about. We had a pleasant 20-30 minute walk back uptown towards Uni pubs (the pubs downtown are a bit sketch). While walking we had great talks and laughed at all that had happened during the year.

Got to the Loaded Dog and I had a pint of Sprgaingakjgksdjad and Jisu had some Newcastle Ale (smelled SO strongly of weed. the elements that make up the hemp plant are also the ingredients in hops or something like that… or maybe the Loaded Dog is just trying to get us stoned all time). Anyway, had a really nice time. Sunk into the lager soaked coaches and enjoyed life.

What Are You Like? – This recent British Saying is used when you see someone do something rather silly or outrageous. Similar to the rhetorical, “What are you doing?”

After, we stopped by the Kebab shop that I always went to with friends at the beginning of the year. The Kebab boy used to know my name. Maybe he still does. I was like, do you remember me?

“Of course!” (I will marry this Turkish Kebab boy) “You haven’t been here in a long time!“

“I know!”

His name is Ual. He is so nice. Makes FANTASTICA vegie burgers. Never had better.

Took our Kebabs to go and jumped on the 31 bus. Headed up the stairs kebab in on hand and one hand reaching for the wall of the moving bus while slightly tipsy, and I was falling all over the place. :P Jisu behind me in an urgent voice: “Annie, CLIMB, don’t CRAWL!”

Good night. :P


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