English Homework and Travel Plans

A day in Liverpool. Caught the bus at seven am after just getting to bed a few hours beforehand. Three hour bus ride in the back of the bus next to a bunch of Spanish guys with dreadlocks.

Got to Liverpool. Had no idea where to go after realizing that touring the Beatles’ museum would cost A FORTUNE. So we started at Starbucks and bought iced mocha lattes, and after that all was good. :P

Went and walked around Albert Dock, went in a bunch of cute Beatles stores. Loved all the ships and being able to physically SEE the ocean at all times!! :)

Started walking downtown and saw a bunch of pretty buildings of which we had no idea what the were. Stefanie had a map and I was “feeling it out” as I always do. Found a cute little pub thanks to my lack of map though and me and Stefanie went inside and each got a Guinness. The owner was so nice, asking us where we were from and all. Really welcoming place. :) We were about to walk out the door and I said bye, and the owner was like, it’s pouring outside, stay inside til it stops, I’ll buy you a drink. :) So we did and it was so fun. And we got to meet and talk to the other locals in the pub. One guy claiming he met McCartney when he was younger. Another telling us about his travels at seas as a mariner. The owner showed us his “wine cellar” which was actually in the attic. You literally walked up the stairs, and opened a door to a sheer drop outside, where they have loaded the booze in for the past 300 years. :)

GREAT start to the day. Me and Stefanie, since it was St. Patrick’s day, and we would have spent that much money in a Beatles’ museum anyway, decided to spend our money in the way the Beatles would have used it when they lived in Liverpool; so we hit up all the pubs we could and listened to all the wonderful street music we could.

Saint Patrick’s day in Europe, not mandatory to wear green like in America. Everyone still wears black except the really festive few. :P Also, Stefanie wanted green beer, but it is DEFINITELY just an American thing, like I thought.

Ended up being a really nice day. At the end went back to Albert Dock and got a pizza for the road. Then hopped back on the bus. FIVE MINUTES LATE. God, I am terror for group efficiency. When we stopped for a break later, Yasin announced to the bus, “Everyone you have a 10 minute bathroom break. Except for Angel and Annie. You two don’t even bother.” :P

Had a nice chat with Julia from Germany and Natalia from China on the way back for an hour. And then I was out. :)

Back home there is a new drama around Hastings house, this time, having to do with the kitchen sink. Someone put noodles down the sink and now it is plugged. Who would do something as atrocious as this?? Everyone is APPALLED.

It was me.

I am death for sinks.

To be fair, I was having a really shit night. All I wanted to do was have a bit of mac and cheese and while draining my noodles, they all fell into the sink. I scraped a few handfuls out and threw them in the trash but the rest I just washed down the drain. I thought the house was shit enough, a few noodles down the drain will not kill anyone. Had to put up with so much else shit I figured I could add a little shit as well undiscovered, yeah? NO.

The news is all over Hastings House Facebook Group; I am a fugitive on the run. No one knows, and I hope to god I don’t have to discuss “the sink perpetrator” with the house as I am completely unable to tell a good lie. :P AND I DON’T want to have to take responsibility for this as I have put up with so much from everyone else this year. We’ll see if I can just ride off the reponsibility like all the boys in the house do. All the girls are so pissed because they think it is one of the guys but little do they know… :P

I wonder if people would be as pissy if they knew it was me.

Anyway. I had to listen to ALL of them drunkenly SCREAMING in the room below me last night from 4-5 am (FOR AN HOUR STRAIGHT. ALL YELLING IN UNISON) so I THINK I can get away with a little noodles. And this is a learning experience too in my unstable relationship with sinks. Ha.

This morning when I woke up, cleaned my room and got my bag packed. Went to brunch 10 til it closed. Briefly chatted up Italian Dan’s visiting Italian friend and then hopped back on my bike and rode to the library cafe. Jisu might be coming and we are going to bitch and moan about how terrible the coffee is here. And it will be a perfect day. :P Currently, my coffee is really good. Only 1.30 for a large fairtrade coffee. Really not too bad at all. Until you convert to dollars. I need a way to make money. Or else I need to stop feeling guilty about spending. One or the other.

Homework includes: 1000 words on Marx and capitalism as the essential tipping point for the proletarian revolution. 1000 more on Mill and then fuse the two together with another 1000 and I’m done. Theme: awareness. 1000 words on Rochester today as well. 2000 more words on Samuel Johnson and then the fusion of the two. Theme: change.

Can I finish this week? I would absolutely LOVE to. I am writing the best essays I have written in a long time, because I am starting early. When I start too close to the due date I get stressed and just type a bunch of bull and call it good just to be done with it. I WILL finish these essays this week. And if I have time finish my second ancient history one. But if I don’t have time I can write that one over break, it is a bit more relaxed.

Eva and Loic showed me these Nespresso commercials with George Clooney and John Malkovich. We don’t have Nespresso oin the US, yeah? Or am I just unobservant? I remember Birgit had Nespresso now that I think of it.

Riding down London road today and looked at a herd of kids walking by and was DISGUSTED. Sad tired young woman with them all. It was like my life flashed before my eyes, and I was all, thank the LORDGODALMIGHTYTHEREISNOTHINGLIKETHATINMYLIFE.

I rode by on my bike as fast as I could and was so thankful for the freedom to move on my OWN :)

Confirmation from my mother:  If I EVER get stuck with kids I can dump them off with you all for 95% of the time. We will just blame it on my career, yeah?

But GOD, I am counting on Ben and Cara for this accomplishment, because I am nowhere NEAR heading that way any time soon. And I am so thankful for the freedom I have to move on my own with no ties. Already packing up and getting ready to leave Leicester for good. I love it.

Sorry for the lack of writing lately. I always know something must be wrong when I don’t feel like writing; super stressed out these past few weeks with catching up on work and getting ready for 5 weeks of homelessness. :P

Yesterday I turned in a Latin essay. That felt good. Last thing due before break. BUT the week after I get back I have two more due. And maybe three. So starting on those today. :)

Got everything booked up to Belgium this past few weeks. We just need to get to France and then we are done. Whew! Definitely the most stressful and intense thing I have ever done; planning 5 weeks of travel across Europe! BUT the worst is over, now. And I don’t think it will ever be that stressful planning travel again, as I now have a VERY good idea of how booking works for trains, planes, buses and hostels works. A VERY good idea. Ha. Spent SO MANY HOURS discussing and crying and screaming with my friends to get this all ironed out. But now everything is peachy. :)

Here is the plan:

Leave 5 am on the 31st for Scotland with ISA (International Student Association). Arrive in Glasgow that night

1st April- Fort William

2nd April- Kyleaken

3rd- Inverness



6-arrive back in Leic around midnight.

7th- fly to Dublin. staying with an Irish family for 5 days in a village right outside of Dublin. :)

12- fly back to England and stay with English family in Buckinghamshire til the 14th :)

15- flight to BARCELONA!! :)

16- Barcelona, Spain

17- Sevilla, Spain

18-19- Granada, Spain


22-24- Madrid, Spain

24-Basel, Switzerland (friend Leon lives there!)

25-Geneva, Switzerland

26-27- Amsterdam!

27- arrive in Liege, Belgium in the evening. staying with friend Loic. :)

28- Liege


30- Brussels

May 1- free day Liege

2-Lille (friend Bertrand)

3- Paris with Eva!


5-6- Paris with Eva

6- back in Leic

On a scholarly note: reading my favorite English author today, the Earl of Rochester, to prepare for my essay. I want him to make a giant appearance in my final essay. :) Try and get that done this week. Then politics one next week. Ancient history I can do on the road.

God this year better change me, because I am sure doing enough work for it! Literary, political and cultural new ideas. But then, at the same time, I feel like I haven’t learned anything. But, I think that’s how human beings always feel. I am DEFINITELY a more able person than I was last summer. Last summer I had NO IDEA how to book let alone GET on a train. ;)

On a completely separate note: talked to Deb, and she is living in the KU co-op next year. I want to apply for that.

Notes from Kony 2012 debate last night. Socialist leaning audience even though speakers had all different viewpoints

  • look at state and LRA as a whole, not as a person.
  • ‘Americans the only ones with the resources to do anything’
  • Somalia 90s though
  • Amnesty Int’l- REHABILITATION of citizens instead of “bad guy chase”
  • ICC- the US won’t join to be charged for OWN warcrimes. But want to put another in trial there
  • who benefits from this? how do we find out who benefited?
  • why western intervention cause more problems?
  • ‘open up the free market’ -motive for going
  • oil northern uganda
  • socialist meeting next thurs
  • where getting weapons from, etc? COULD start there
  • free enterprise economic imperialism
  • small percentage of very rich only ones who benefit from capitilistic system. tyranny.
  • strategic use of philanthropy for longevity of the coorporate world
  • rich realized that grassroot campaigns dangerous to current world order so created conservative organisations to ‘represent’ the people instead
  • nonprofits not organized in a democratic way. rich use non profits to avoid tax. funnel donations into their own charities which promote the free market thus MAKING them more money through the system
  • IMF- debts force into capitalistic system
  • recieve loans based on corporate loans.
  • rich not obliged to give to poor, poor obliged to unite challenge the very rich.
  • very richest CRUSH and then throw a few pennies. Root of the problem: just stop CRUSHING! Charities like fixing a broken leg. The person will just have to keep coming back unless you tell him HOW to fix it. And the capitalistic way to fix it DOES NOT WORK for anyone but the very richest of countries. But we push it because capitalism needs to expand.
  • UN peacekeeping intranational groups
  • no country going it alone
  • higher level neo liberal order promoting and benefiting capitalistic agenda
  • be critical consumers
  • role of consumer
  • DON’T be a consumer. be a person. all people.
  • general awareness dumbed down so get in your head. not always bad. it’s like advertising. as long as go and do more reseach fine
  • patronizing treatment in videos but full of factual inaccuracies
  • 30 hour week instead, then TIME to research these things instead of just being TOLD. Equality.
  • the NARRATIVE style the key. EMOTIVE. mass media documntaries follow same style
  • appeal to knowledgeable OR to general population.
  • state system and idea of humanity incompatible?
  • people frusterated by NGOs because the world remains the same no matter how much money give. might be getting worse because of. need alternate means.
  • world is not getting to be a better place. Is the system we live under really workable?
  • shift in ideology needed away from capitalist agenda.
  • socialist leaning audience last night! interesting as the event was for all different views.
  • ROOT change. don’t TREAT symptoms, find root cause and change IT. Benefit the MASSES. Big organizations benefit small majority of the rich. And the big organizations are the one’s making all the big decisions. And humans are inherantly selfish. We think the decisions the guys on top make is the only way but that is only because that is what the people on top TELL us. They TELL us it will never change and be more equal. Start thinking in ROOT reasons; why people do things, not what they say, but what the actual root of actions are. Root causes are not politically viable though as people want a quick fix and immediate action. Thus, we treat problems but never solve them in this system we live under.

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