Family, Plans and Protests

Yesterday walked to lunch with G and G, parents and Jisu and Emily. :)


Emily and Mom walking arm in arm ahead of us all and BOOKING it. :P

Jisu took Grandma’s arm and walked with her. My family and my friends: both so cute!  :)

All of my friends agreed you guys are all star parents and grandparents. :)

Got to the Oadby pub (The Lord Keeper of the Silly Seals… of something to that effect… :P) and snagged a table outside. Emily dutifully re positioned the ashtrays to another table. “Standard Brit practice” she commented. Ha. We went inside to order though, and realized we had to eat inside. Lined with bookshelves and brilliant little old Brits it was great atmosphere. :) We pulled up a booth surrounded by very British very cute people having their saturday brunch. :)

We all got the “all day brunch” meal, except Jisu who got “sausages and mash.” Emily explained to us that “sausages” are high class.      Whenever they do not put enough real meat in sausages they have to legally call them “bangers.” :P

Emily helped Grandma pick out a nice hard cider, she and grandpa ended up choosing some stella cider, standard hastings house drink. :P

Pop and I got some Ale, I forget the name, but it was really nice! Lukewarm, of course. Gotta love the European presentation of drinks. :)

Thank you Mom and Pop for being so generous and taking my friends out to eat with us. You are wonderful people. :)

Our meals were DELICIOUS.

Walked back, stopped at ASDA so Mom and Pop could buy me MORE things, and then headed home. :)

CRIED. OH THE DRAMA. When they left. But better now. I really enjoy having them around, but we DID have our share of tense moments this week. ;) Skype is a beautiful thing though, I can see them everyday still. Whenever we saw each other for the first time in 4 months last week, we both agreed it was like we had seen each other yesterday. Because we HAD just seen each other yesterday, online. :)

Tall Americano 5 min. before takeoff to Germany.My airport routine.

We’re flying together- Mom, Pop, Grandma and Grandpa. The only person missing is my brother, back home in Kansas.

Back in Leceister a week later-

Plane ride/landing BEAUTIFUL. :) Sat by Grandma and talked and drooled over maps of the world. :)

On the train, Gma shared her sandwich with me. Falafel, hummus and Indian spicy sauce. They absolute BEST sandwich I have ever tasted in the UK!!! YUM.

March Madness back home about to start.

“Legend” “What a good word!!”

Train ride home:

Washed out colors of houses. Beautiful. Sheep in green green grasses. Silhouettes of strong twisty trees next to tiny farms on hills.

Black and white spotted horses with the long fur. Bunnies.

“Patchwork houses” -Gma

“It IS good to be back in an English speaking country. EMBRACED by the words.” -Gma. :)

Dead nice. :)

“Grandma was the pure fluff between two hellish oreo cookies these past few days” -Ma. :P

Went to a few charity shops, the Leicester market where we passed amazing smelling Indian food stand and then an enclosed area of birds of prey with the national wildlife foundation. Then to Wetherspoon’s pub for mid afternoon dinner. It was nice. :) Mom got a delicious mocha with lime juice squeezed on top. :) Pop and I had a Carlsburg “Royal Danish” lagger. Standard. :)

Saw a Hindu parade down London road.

Burst into tears in the back of a church. :P

Beautiful dinner tonight with Eva’s and my parents!! :) We made goulash and Eva’s family brought ____ bread, which is basically like a round baguette! (Eva you will have to help me with the names!!!!) We buttered the bread and then had sausesa????? (sp… :P) expertly sliced thin by Eva’s dad. :) Also had brilliant dark delicious wine and then cheese (close to brie…) and top it all off with these adorable little desserts (lemon marzipan and taffy with nuts??) We shared butterfingers, reeces and pop rocks. They LOVED the pop rocks! :) It was a beautiful dinner, even though it was on the floor of HASTINGS KITCHEN… :P Our Dad’s were so similar with their love of science fictions and mechanical/electrical engineering and the moms with the sports and sass. :)

Eva’s dad casually tossed a penny onto the plate outside Farmer Dan’s room. He is so funny! :)

Eva’s parents also brought me a beautiful blue scarf and a French ruler. :) So sweet! I like them so much. They are such fun and nice people. Gave them a big Kansas hug and hope I did not alarm them too much. ;)

Ma and Pa’s hotel- cute little receptionist. “You’d be shocked if you knew me that well” -Caris. :P They gave her a German bar of chocolate. :)

Ma and Pa took back a HUGE santa bag full of my stuff. Thank you so much!!! Wonderful, amazing strong people! I am sure if I carried all that back to the US I would not have handled it as gracefully as you two. You know me, the cursing, the three year old fits “I’m HUNGRY,” the coffee breakdowns etc.  ;)


Parents and grandparents flew back home, and I got back to work planning travel.

Just booked an impromptu holiday with my lovely Korean neighbors. 20 pound flight to Barcelona then 14 pound flight to Sevilla. Then bus to Granada. Then bus to Ronda. Then train to Madrid. Then fly to Switzerland to start two week trip.

Only space now to fill is the 7th-11 which I am going to spend in Ireland through an exchange program Eva did, with the family she stayed with! :)

SO. As of now:

1.Scotland (Glasgow, Inverness, Edinburgh etc.)

2. Ireland (Dublin, plus day trips), then Host family in village in Buckinghamshire (making homemade British cakes at tea time and learning Chinese cooking at night. French visitors in the village and Celtic fiddles fest), then Barcelona.

3. Barcelona, Sevilla, Granada, Ronda (LOOKS BEAUTIFUL GOOGLE IT), Madrid.

4. Switzerland (Basel, Geneva, Behn, Zurich), The Netherlands (Amesterdam), Belgium (Liege, Brussels- stay with Loic)

5. Beligum (Bruges), France: (Lille, Normandy, Paris, Versailles).

Wifi in hostels so I will keep you up to date DAILY on my travels with pictures and words.

Why the &$(* was there a *$$(ing dead mouse in our fridge? GOD. Not funny.

Cardboard and duck tape covering broken windows and blood smears all over the wall. Welcome home to Hastings.  So glad I have Emily.

I emailed ALL my professors back home today. Getting everything straight for graduation. I will have to enroll when I am in Edinburgh!

Depending on how many hours they give me for my study abroad classes, I either have 21 or 24 hours left to graduate.

I am looking for a good GRE study book on amazon, any ideas? Have decided I will go straight to grad school and get my masters in Humanities and then become a journalist. Especially with how inconsequential the official media is becoming these days and how popular freelance journalism is becoming (witness Kony 2012 :P) I think I am on the right track. I want a solid background education about the world before I go out and write about it. I don’t need to go to journalism school just for a certificate.

Concerning the infamous Kony 2012, what I have thus far concluded from the viral video is that this new medium is going to be a really important tool for the future of politics, but it concerns me a bit how it is so misleading in places. And how it is so dumbed down; ‘good’ and ‘bad’ guys. The world is a lot more complicated. And I’m not sure American troops actually COULD do anything to help, they might just make it worse…. but I really like how it spread so fast. It’s cool we can get information out so easy in these days. The official news media might start to become less necesary as we all become reporters of the world.

Who thinks I will be able to survive London and Dublin by myself? We will see. I am doing it. Because I am fed up of waiting around trying to make it work with everyone else. Plus, I want to travel the world by myself as a career, why not start now in English speaking countries. 1. I have street smarts. 2. I strategically cut my hair so guys think that I’m a lesbian now. 3. And I am much more aware of my surroundings when I am not constantly talking to other people; when I am alone. So I think I will be fine. Something could happen to anyone at any minute. So we just need to do what we need to do at the time and not worry. And we need to push ourselves. It’s what makes us feel alive. :)

Presenting ‘The Programme’ by Marx in the Communist Manifesto tomorrow in Polisci seminar. Also going to try and make it to this discussion on Kony 2012 with the politics department tomorrow. They have professors and politicians and everything coming to the debate. Should be really good as no one  really knows what to think about the whole thing. Going with Loic.

Reading Pliny, Isidore and Hildegard concerning their views on science and magic. Vaguly interesting.

I am just too overwhelmed by everything to be really into anything right now. But I made good progress on my day off so that is good.

Been riding my bike every day. Don’t need to worry about me getting kidnapped in London or Ireland as I might just get smashed to a pulp riding my bike on the left side of the street down London road.

There are so many bikers though, that cars are probably always aware of bikers. They have nice little bike lanes in the road and everything. And it is saving me SO MUCH TIME riding to Uni. And I feel so good. But I am even hungrier…

17:45 right now and I am in the library at Uni. Had to print out a few things. Really good lecture yesterday in my English class about Samuel Johnson. I’ll have to read him. From the bits we read he sounded really existential and meloncholy. Beautiful.

About to start my period and being a bitch to everyone. At least that is what I am blaming my bitchiness on; it’s probably just because I am stressed out. Stressed out but bored.

So last night I decided to take a break. Had a bit of wine and Bertrand bought me a beer (which I now feel completely obliged to buy him one back, I probably won’t sleep until the debt is repaid.) and we all played pool. Like 15 of us. Originally started out being just Eva, Loic, Jisu and I but then the house invited themselves and then they also allowed themselves to grab the table and play the first game and so generously let us watch them.

Later- Italian coffee bought in France by a South Korean for an American.

Got up at 730 and had breakfast with Em. Got hardboiled eggs and “yoghurt” from Beaumont for my lunch. Might or might not have stolen another mug as I needed a coffee to go desperately. Beaumont gods, I promise I will return it. :)

New watch, thanks to Ma and Pa, and I was EARLY to class this morning. Rode my bike and everything. It was beautiful. Sat waiting for people to come, but no one came. This other guy and I were like, damn, class isn’t on, is it? Haha. He’s been in one of my classes all year, but I have never actually talked to him before. I like him a lot though, always thought he was a bit stuck up, but think he was just shy. And I of all people understand that. :) Anyway, think I have now found a husband. :P Or a potential friend at least. ;) I have good vibes. :) Too bad it’s almost the end of the year, but can’t base relationships on how much time you have. We never know how much time any of us ever have! And I want some fresh meat to talk politics with.

Laid out in the sun with the house in our backyard on the hill. Soaked up the sun and read and played a bit of football and volleyball. Dan turned on his jams and we all had a mini vacation and pretended we lived somewhere sunny for an afternoon. ;)

Em calls on the phone: “can you chuck the football out the window?”

“Sure. You know where my keys are?”

“Yeah, you chucked them in the cardboard box when you got home”

Thank god for Emily and everyone else in my life.


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