Germany with Family

In Germany. Girls night at home with Dea tonight; watched Glee, ate puppy chow, drank tea, water fights in the bathroom (inevitable) and attempts at making cookies at 10:30 at night. :)

Dea and I are roommates tonight. In the room putting together the duvets and she’s screaming at her mom, “Perverse! Perverse!” :P Something having to do with egg handling… :P

I will eat this amazing gastronomical discovery coined “sauerkraut” every single day I am in this country. :D Great night. Petra fixed amazing Goulash with pulled pork, tomatoes and BEAUTIFUL SAUERKRAUT.

Earlier today, rough but fast morning. Trains, buses and planes. On plane read all about all the countries of the world. Considering becoming a flight attendant for a year or two and racing around the world.

Almost did not get on the flight because they were doing tight security. There was one of the largest strikes in YEARS at Berlin Shonefeld yesterday, so we were lucky to even be able to fly today! Anyway, we were late for our departure and barely made it on the plane! Then

Lady next to me talked to me at the end of the flight. From Boston. Flew all the way to Berlin for medical reasons. While I was telling her about myself the plane shook with the force of an earthquake as we dropped straight for the landing! Everyone on the plane was saying how it was probably the world landing they had ever had. I was in shock when it happened, and then was shaking for the next ten minutes or so with relief! Really great reminder that we were alive!!

Sunday morning woke up bright and early. Coffee and British TV. Caught the train around 9:30 and watched the cities whiz by. At the Wellingborough stop a bunch of Midlands middle aged lads got on the train with us. Refreshments cart comes by and they buy Strongbows and Stellas. “He’s gonna have a steller” “I’ll have a steller, mate” :P 10 am and getting their drink on. Typical midlands accent (like my friend Leon’s) funny rough rambunctious attitude.

“Comeon, I was h-ah-vin a piss.”


“Always comes out smellin of roses”

“AHAHHAHAHAH” 8 CHEEKY lads roaring laughter

“yeah, yeah I dongetwhy”


“the cricket club…”

“free un’red pounds in-SURE-ence”

“OMAHGOD don tell me it’s ‘append”

“Stat-US donnowhatheDone inthe end-”

“Old baggers-” -Gma

“Speak for yourself, lady!” -Gpa :P

“’e drun-kit.


“curry powtuh”

“it was wrapped!”

“6 hours before kickoff…”

“should be a good laugh”

“so surreal”

“IS itttt?”

Very entertaining ride to the airport. At the airport, realized there had been a strike the day before at the German airport we were flying into. Thus, heightened security and took us a long time to get through and literally almost missed the plane! It was taking off when we rushed through! Crazy landing, but LANDED. Into Germany welcomed by Birgit and Petra. :)

Went to see Gma and Gpa’s hotel, cute little German bed and breakfast.

Back to Petra’s and relaxed and Petra made us all this beautiful goulash with tomatoes, sauerkraut and surry powder. YUUUUUM. Watched glee and ate puppy chow with Dea. Petra, Ma and Pa went to Stewarts with three bottles of wine. :P

Monday morning wake up early for train to Berlin. Duvet so hard to leave…

In the train station, man kept opening paper bag and showing my dad what was inside trying to get him to buy. TARGETING him. :P Pop must have looked like he needed a drink. :P Man realized Pop didn’t understand all the German he was saying, “You speak English??” -booze man “Nonononono”-Pop. :P

German lady helped Pop and I buy the train tickets. “I’ll just switch over to English translation now so I can pay and make sure it’s the right one..”-Pa. “Card in card in card in”- German lady. Only time I have ever seen my Dad put a credit card into a machine without researching and knowing FULL WELL what he was buying. :P

Met G and G there. “There were a few cribs at breakfast this morning. You could have joined us, Annie” :P

Waiting in train station—- I can be SUCH a diva sometimes. :P Basically in tears waiting aimlessly in train station in COLD. Then venture into cafe, and all is right with the WORLD. Grandpa buys each of us a cafe and I get ein brochen fur .25. Thought it was 2.60 (the price on the screen) and handed over 2 euro 60 and the lady just laughed. Grandma thought I didn’t have enough money and shoved more at her. She laughed more. So funny. Sat down with my beautiful brochen and cafe with Gpa and I read some Lucretius. Cafe’s make EVERYTHING better. I will own a cafe someday, I guarantee it. ;) I LOVE.

I really HATE souvenir shops like those in the train station though. I feel like they suck the life out of me. Let me stay all day in a cafe. :)

Standing outside to get on train and all 5 of us loudly trying to pronounce the name KONIGS WUSTERHAUSEN. Mom’s like “EVERYONE IS STARRING!” Rightly so. :P

Passing by so fast on train. Houses villages, wild dogs, trees, walking trails, factories with strong white smoke billowing out, practicing o with dot dot over. euhhr. with pop. hyper aware of surrounds but also really relaxed.

old german ladies with baset hound cheeks. Look like my dad’s family. :)

(when landing yesterday, felt like all this German houses with red stucco roofs looked a bit like candies you could pick and eat. cherry tree.)

tan. dark hair dark eyebrows dark eyes.

French has REALLY helped my German. The r and the o umlaut (french e) sounds. :)

prima dona with coffee. get another as soon as off the train. :P

Once in Berlin stopped off at the all important WC (bathroom). You have to pay for all the bathrooms in Germany and this one was 1 euro apiece. But, as Grandma pointed out, “You get a coupon for a half price tinkle!”

doner- duna

er an a sound in german

caught the underground train immediately on time which brought us to the Brandenburger Tor. I LOVED the Greek statues and details. Beautiful.

Hotel Adlon and all the international embassies.

Mom and I try to get all to calm down and quite down so we start mumbling and just escalates the noise and agitation. :P

Went up in the Reichstaag building on an appointment. Got to see a wonderful view of the city from the clear dome atop it.

Saw the Berliner Mauer in a line through the street.

Lunch at Treff’s. Had currywurst with curry sauce and curry powder atop. I bought a Paulander Munchen Hell pint with Grandpa and Grandma got gluwein. Also had brochen and sauerkraut on the side. YUM. The pint glass was so heavy and characteristic of Germany with it’s handle (British pint glasses never have handles).

After lunch paid for Gpa’s pot and the lady manning the bathroom’s gave Grandpa a cheeky look and followed him into the bathroom and started chatting him up. In GERMAN. Grandpa never said anything so I don’t think she ever knew he couldn’t understand a WORD she was saying to him. :P

Went toward museum island and saw tons of beautiful architecture. Also, they are planning on building a modern PALACE down there! :)

Saw the square where they did the book burnings. Now Humbolt university square. Cute German boys coming out of. ;) Went to a outside book fair. Bought a copy of Anne Frank’s diary in the original German. Love that book. Cannot wait to translate it. If I ever have a chance of learning German it is going to be through this book. Like a gateway. Thanks to Anne Frank. xxxx

Ma thinks I’ll be bilingual someday! What language?? “French.” :P

At the Berlin Mauer. GREAT ARTWORK. I absolutely LOVED it. Didn’t see it the whole MONTH I was in Germany. But finally did. And it was so worth it. Pictures come as soon as I get back to Leic and can load them to my computer. :)

This one picture on the wall “Why is there a big butt?” “It’s boobs.” “Excuse me, father?” “It’s definitely boobs. Or balls. One of the two.” :P

Why is only one side of the wall painted? Political or symbolic?

Difference between shnitzel (fried pounded fillet) and spetzel (homemade lovely buttery noodles baked with cheese. FAVOURTIE).

While Pop and I toured the wall Gma Gpa and Ma went shopping where they were almost accused of SHOPLIFTING a bag! :P

Heading back home and waiting at the train depot. Train at rest next to us, and cute skinny train driver inside kept poking his head out like in a comic or something trying to get involved in the conversation between the lads next to the train. So cute. :)

Decided that after I graduate next year I will work as a flight attendant for a year or two. Earn money, network and make connections with people from all over world, travel for free anywhere in the world in my free time and blog about experiences to make a name for myself. :) Continue to TRAVEL, ENHANCE MY CAREER PROSPECTS AND EARN MONEY!!! :D

Quietest train ride home EVER.

Back home drop G and G off at hotel, Sophienhof, and notice nicely raked dirt paths with the rake marks. If you don’t rake the paths around your property you are fined!

Drank beer in G and G’s room. Gma tried one and couldn’t do it. “I’m not usually picky, but that was AWFUL!” haha. Second try was a lot better. :)

Gpa giving me tips on how to keep flatmates from drinking my milk. “Just put some castor oil or laxative into it. Shit ‘em out” Oh Grandpa… :P

Mom is cooking chili in the kitchen pop is sleeping and petra is working upstairs. Meeting G and G and Birgit and Stewart for dinner at an Italian restaurant tonight. :) Then tomorrow, Magdenburg.

FINALLY looked up what Halal meant: Arabic for “allowed”. In all the Middle Eastern restaurant shop windows in Leic. In between haram “forbidden” and fard “dutiful”. From the Quran.

Dinner was really beautiful. Rose wine for all. G and G got shnitzel and green and white pasta. Ma and Pa got seafood pizza and sage spiced meat. Petra got lamb and I got tegliatelle gemuse. :) Stewart told us all about Hagis in his homeland and how the “canned ones are surprisingly good” and about legality of his German “citizenship.” Really fun and funny conversations. Really good night. :) Grandma and Grandpa bought.

Today I woke up early and (surprise) did a bit of Latin. A couple cups of coffee and a few fried eggs later and Mom, Petra and I were all sitting around the table bitching about boyzzzzz. :P Ha. Poor Pop walks down into the middle of it and accidentally gets pulled into the table chatter though he had tried his best to stay out of it. :P

Pop and I leave the house at 9:28 sharp and catch the bus to the train station (bahnhoff). There, we catch a regional train going straight to Friedrichsdorff station and jump off onto the Berlin streets. We take a back road as I lead the way with my excellent sense of… something.

Love the young German badass style. All of the young people have various piercings and gauges and crazy hair and snowboarder jackets. So different from the bright colors and giggling attitude in Britain. I like both a lot. Totally different, and only like 900 miles away.

Mom having a casual conversation whilst STUFFING wiener after wiener into our suitcases…

“Are those mine?” -Pop concerning petite ladies’ underwear on the bed.

“Well GOOO get it!” -Papa, pertaining to mom’s extracurricular activity.

“Can I borrow a pen?” Sure.“ 10 min. later— “Where’s my pen?” “I’m where pens go to DIE”

Lovely German boy (with piercings, of course) on the train today carrying a bottle of beer. So classy!

Day in Berlin with Pop today.

Visited the Pergamon museum in Berlin today. It was amazing. Three story high Greek columns and statues of mythical gods 3 times bigger than you. OverWHELMING at first when came in. So cool! I have never been so close to so much Ancient Grecian architecture and art. Wonderful. Also saw the wall of Babylon (also 3 or 4 stories high and completely SURROUNDING and enveloping you!  Egyptian, Mesopotamian and Turkish mile high stone sculptures of mythical beings and then Islamic art. Great morning!

After, Pop and I walked around. Got some chocolate gelato at the train station and then bratwursts at Alexander Platz. Really nice day, sun shinning and everything.

“All water under the bride” -Pop

Cute tiny dog running around with tennis ball in its mouth. ADORABLE old babushka, tan tan with a landscape of lovely wrinkles, purple head scarf, playing BEAUTIFUL accordion music.

Came home and bought beer at Netto and then watched the Daily Show together before everyone else got home.

“We’re going to Magdeburg”

“For gods sake WHY are you going to Magdeburg?” -Ulrich

Met a German man at the train station, Ulrich, sat next to and talked to the entire hour and a half trainride! He had a great laugh and spoke great English and very friendly. Talked about the Euro a bit, and how much of his tax money is going to Greece and Spain because they did not manage their money well, and Greece does not have tax! He was amazed at how bad the US economy was doing, as they did all the same things in Germany with the exporting of jobs and so forth. Interesting.

taking train past all the little German summer homes, which are smaller than my room in England! So cute and tiny. Mom says Petra says that the German live in them in the summer so they can dig in the earth and tend their garden all day, and then “protect their carrots” at night.

kleiner- little

Buttered brussel sprouts, absolute FAVORITE new vegetable. Thanks to a month and a half of Germans.

Walking around Magdeburg, had a headache, and would have shamed a three year old with the fits I was throwing.

Started writing and felt a lot better.

Grandma got to hear the bells from the church.


On the bus and tempers rising. Mom put a little rock in Pop’s hood, and when we got off it looked like Pop shat a little rock turd out. Funny.

Frankl and ‘man’s search for meaning’

interviewing Gma on the Elbe.

poems on newspaper


vibrations under feet from tram on the highway

G and G with their matching black and yellow.

Pa nonchalantly pulls the back of Grandma’s hood. Gma halts abruptly in silence. Both carry on like nothing happened.

pineapple door handle- in Italy means ‘welcome.’ peacock handles symbolize immortality.

Ate brunch at Shefeld’s. Mom tried to buy another cup, to no avail.

Germany- have to wait 3 years for a divorce to go through. Italy- 5 years.


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