Family and Hasting House Group

Beautiful day. Waiting for a call from my family when they get into town. Mom, Pop Grandma and Grandpa all visiting!

Laundry drying windows open and sun shining in. Listening to jams and alone and allowing myself to do NOTHING for the first time in a long while. Laying on the ground (on my disgusting beer stained red carpet floor no less :P) doing yoga and stretching to “written in the stars.”

Family came on the ONE sunny day of the year for England. Ha.

Laying on back in a sunspot and throwing a football up and down. Did this for about half an hour. Lovely.

Then crossed my legs and face the sun and meditate to Cocoon. :)

Family got into town and ran downtown to meet them at their hotel. It was like we hadn’t eve been apart, skype really helps close the distance.

Grandma and Grandpa were taking a nap, and when I went to wake them up a bit later Grandpa was like, “You been here long, Annie?” “You heard my screeching and cackling?” “Yes, I heard your screeching.” Haha.

We all went on campus and I showed them Attenborough Tower. They loved the crazy elevator. Showed them the view from Charles Wilson tower overlooking the traditional English row houses with the characteristic English chimneys. :) Went down London road and ate at Marquis. The cutest little traditional English pub with dogs wearing professional clothes in frames all over the walls. Grandpa bought us all a pint of Red Lion bitter, my favorite. :) Changed tables AT LEAST 10 times searching for the best spot, slowly working our way over to the window booth seat overlooking London road. When we ordered our food the bartender was like, where will you ACTUALLY be sitting?? Haha. Gpa, Gma and Pop ordered fish and chips and Ma ordered bangers and mash. I got a vege burger, of course (Still only a meat eater in Germany :P). Sat in the dark lively bar and soaked it all up and as the Britons around us started to get rowdier and louder with their roaring laughs and great humor.

Gma and Gpa went home and Ma and Pa came back to Hastings with me to drop off  presents from America for my friends. Got to see Jisu right before she left for Italy. Mom brought Korean seaweed for her. :) Brought peanut butter for Eva. Candy hearts, homemade cookies, puppy chow, peeps, robin’s eggs, and MACARONI AND CHEESE boxes for everyone. Telling them all this is the doing of my parents, I am HARDLY this generous. :P

The next morning family came over to Hastings in the morning. Of course, I didn’t hear the doorbell ring until the third or fourth time. Oops! :P

Pop ENTHRALLED by the CCV cameras at every street corner here. WAVING at them as we walked around… ;)

Visited ASDA and got food for a picnic lunch in my backyard. Turned to a really cold picnic, but held off on rain until we finished at least. :) No one really a fan of the pasties except Gpa. ;)

Went for a walk around the botanical gardens. Ended up at Beaumont hall lounge were Gma and Ma “borrowed” books and newspapers. :P Grandpa announces: “I didn’t fly thousands of miles just to sit on my ass. Let’s move!” So we headed downtown (after missing BOTH buses :P).

On a mission to see the “castle” (the most overcrowded and unsanitary prison on the UK which is actually a castle. Started walking down New Walk street and stopped by the New Walk museum which I have, shamefully, never actually been inside. It was very cool, dinosaur bones and mummies. For free! Real stones with hieroglyphs engravings! Never seen anything like it! Will have to frequent that museum more often. :)

Leaving the museum family asked the people at the front how to get to “the castle.” Ladies obviously confused as there is no touristy “castle” in Leic, I tried to cover our tracks by asking for the Tiger’s Stadium, which is right next to the castle. “No, the PRISION.” Gma yelled. Haha. Mom was mumbling as she was embarrassed as well, and that just encouraged the rest of our family to yell and chant, PRISON, JAIL, PRISON, CASTLE! In American touristy accents. OH GOD. Hahaha.

We found the “castle” and Ma and Pa wanted pictures next to it. Then they saw a sign- “visitors this way” and they got so excited and started walking that way. “No, it’s for family visitors of the inmates…” Yes, this actually happened. :P Characteristic of MOST of our family vacations, actually. Forget the normal sightseeing, we want to see the weird stuff! :P

After we walked back up toward New Walk and found a nice Cafe Nero and plopped ourselves down in it. Grandma and I got macchiatos and Gpa and Pop got Americanos. I WANT TO WORK IN A COFFEESHOP AGAIN.

After coffee headed to church on New Walk pathway. Church lofty, glitzy and made in 13th century! Actually pretty cool. Latin chanting and incense aromas. There were life size angel statues high in the eves of the church holding traditional British family shields.

After church mom lit a candle for a friend and she turned around and the priest was right there, breathing on her neck! :P She was so alarmed and fumbling for words. Ha. He was a really really nice guy though, and talked to all of us for about 20 minutes about the history of the church and Catholicism in England. His name was Gregory Murphy. :)

Walked down to city center looking for food. No one could agree on where to go or what to eat so finally we ended up in a Piri Piri chicken fast food shop. :P I threw a brief teenage-esque fit and stormed away back home as I didn’t feel like eating Piri Piri chicken. Hhaa. Mom and Pop met me back home a bit later while I was VENTING to Emily about nothing in particular. Hahah. “If you can get along with family, you can get along with anyone” -Grandma. :)

Got packed, we all ate cake with Emily, and then headed to their hotel where I was to sleep on a cot in the room they had ordered, since we had to get up so early for our flight the next morning. Walked in, and in the middle of the room has a large, white, BABY CRADLE. Very funny situation and cracked everyone up. I would say I was the LEAST amused now, as this meant I did not have a bed, and we all had to sleep like SARDINES in Ma and Pa’s bed. WHADDA night. :P

we got a pet mouse

Like ·  · Unfollow Post · Yesterday at 4:27am

For the people who aren’t at the house today and won’t be back until later – we have been given notice that we are going to receive a fine of between £100 and £200 for the tampering of one of the fire extinguishers (the one near the kitchen). We will all have to pay the fine if we don’t email the names of the people responsible to the RAC maintenance crew. So, I’m going for the long-shot, anyone want to own up?

Like ·  · Unfollow Post · 11 hours ago

    • Amy Chan You have got to be kidding me… Who ever it is, you better own up to this, because it’s unfair to have people paying for your stupid mistakes. Absolutely ridiculous. You’re an adult now, start taking responsibility for your actions. Fucking little shit.

      10 hours ago · Like
    • Jack Douglass well whoever it is might as well own up because they’ll have to pay the £200 fine anyway, they could just save everyone else a lot of money

      8 hours ago · Like
    • Daniel Ransome-Kuti I have not been drunk to tamper with any extingusher so i will not be contributing to any fire extinghiusher payments. If it was for the smoke or smoking then fair enough i would take full responsibility but i am not involved so rule me out any problem speak to me.

      8 hours ago · Like
    • Jack Douglass it’s not that we would make you pay, it’s that if noone owns up to it then we will all get fined automatically by the university and won’t have a choice about it

      8 hours ago · Like
    • Annie Windholz Yeah whoever it was, please own up. We want to all end the year on good terms with each other, yeah? :) x

      7 hours ago · Like ·  2
    • Leon Bacarese In fairness it was used to kill the mouse that is living in kitchen inside the small fridge and if there’s one mouse there are usually more

      6 hours ago · Like
    • Amy Latimer I don’t think we can really say ‘in fairness’, since this isn’t the first time we’ve been warned about using the fire extinguishers. We knew this was going to happen if they were used again so I don’t understand why anyone would use it. This is especially unfair to the newer students because none of them really knew about the previous incidents so shouldn’t be punished.

      6 hours ago via mobile · Like
    • Leon Bacarese Alright, ill let you guys sort it out then as you all clearly know far more than me.

      5 hours ago · Like
    • Sara Toth Hey guys, I don’t think anyone is trying to fight over the issue, but I think everyone would agree that whoever has used the fire extinguisher should just own up to it, someone is going to have to pay for it regardless, I think that everyone who hasn’t touched it would really appreciate if those who have, own up to doing so, and pay whatever the fine may be, because it’s not necessarily fair to make the entire house pay fines for something when not everyone is responsible.

      5 hours ago · Like
    • Daniele Shackleford Bah, we say too many serious things on Facebook, not only considering this post. Let’s just discuss it over dinner, or, after, in the kitchen.

      5 hours ago via mobile · Like ·  2
    • Conor Mitchell woah woah woahhhh i used it and i’ll sort it

      4 hours ago · Like ·  2
    • Dan McCarthy wow jack dont bust a tit about it.. have you not noticed that we’ve had this notice about 3 times before and nothing has happened. no need to go grassing people up.. unless you directly get given a fine (which will not happen if history has told us anything) theres no need to make a big deal about it.

      4 hours ago · Like
    • Conor Mitchell everyone need to back the fuck up. i ripped my shirt last night, busted my hand and now i get this shit. i’m about to flip shit. if you wanna see me get fucking loco then keep it up guys.

      4 hours ago · Like ·  1
    • Conor Mitchell jks :P

      4 hours ago · Like ·  1

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