I am cinnamon. You can sprinkle me all over anything and I’ll enhance it, but you can’t use too much of me in one place or else I taste bitter. I am NOT flour. My family is my flour though, they are all I need to make my cake.

You are allowed to say, “He’s a bad driver,” or “She’s a bad driver,” but you are not allowed to make offensive sweeping generalizations such as “Horrible drivers; must be women,” and expect it to pass smoothly. This is the 21st century, not sure where you grew up but this is as unacceptable as saying someone is the way they are because of the color of their skin. It is archaic and ignorant. Did you grow up in the Medieval ages? That’s sad and ridiculous that your did, but now you need to realize and learn about reality. Yes, it has been proved that women have worse spatial positioning than men, but it has ALSO been proven that women have less vehicular accidents than men. “That’s because there are less of them on the road.” No, people do PROPORTIONAL  studies these days. You are allowed to disrespect yourself and body but when it is taken into the public arena it becomes everyone else’s problem as well. There is a reason why it evokes firey opposition from fellow students on the street  at 7:30 am. It is NOT okay to say. Attitudes like this are precisely WHY women are held back in the “man’s world.” But you say our gender’s not held back? That we are doing as much as we ever could and we are actually stepping TOO far out of our gender roles these days? You can live in your dream but do not, DO NOT, poison the air around us with that opinion. Respect yourself as a woman. And if you can’t do that, at least respect the fact that no one else wants to hear that view in the 21st century and keep it to yourself.

In our ship-style bathrooms; was just reminded of my 3rd grade teacher who nonchalantly told us a story about how she drank a cup of toilet water on a dare. “EWWWWW” a bunch of 10 year olds screamed. “What? It’s not like there was anything IN the toilet at the time. It was clean water!” Pahahahah. Wow. Great teacher… Uck. Probably NOT something you should tell a bunch of ten year olds. I wonder how many of us believed that was true and went home and tried it.

No RAs living in the house. RAs do not care what we do. So different from RAs freshman year who hardcore monitor you. Parties are encouraged by the RAs so as to network. Last semester it was the RAs who encouraged us to have our house party. “The Knoll is doing one this weekend, maybe you could do one next weekend, yeah?”

The boys have probably had a fire extinguisher fight at least 7 or 8 times this year. Last weekend they tore apart our vacuum. Despite this, it’s still- “Sorry? Pardon?” No “What or Hmm?” They ALWAYS keep their grammar polite and correct even if they do break down doors and rip apart walls.

18 and you can grab a box of cider and lager and do anything you want here.

But you can’t blame the British boys, you just have to blame BOYS. My freshman year the boys on my floor ripped up the ceiling and by the end of the year wires were hanging out all over the common room the ceiling gone and dust and debris to the max covering the floor like icing. What is it with drinking and the urge to destroy?

Differences that have become normal for me: the three prong plug ins, the flat light switches and the cross nation standard locks. The ones shaped in a teardrop on the back of a door? :)

Anti-pasta is the stuff you have before pasta. I thought it WAS pasta. Ooops. I swear when we went to Italy I ordered anti-pasta and it was spaghetti noodles… hmmm. Anyway.

Perfetta rolls for dessert tonight. No idea of the spelling. Even tried googling it but I am too lazy to find it. :P They are the creme puff balls with chocolate drizzled over? The French make christmas tree castles out of them? Who knows.

Went and filled up the squash jug (that crazy drink is growing on me) at dinner and played waitress at my table and poured everyone a drink. Everyone was skeptical about it because I was “smiling and being nice.” They were positive I had either poisoned them or drugged them. Ha.

Last night the moon and the stars were visible in a diagonal line across the sky. Really pretty! Have not seen stars in a really really long time. So much light pollution in Europe, I love it. It never really gets dark here in England, the sky just turns a sort of red color. Pretty in a light pollution way. Perfect in a “I hate the dark” kind of way. :) Part of the reason I feel like it never is actually time for bed. It never actually gets dark! I LOVE IT.

Was jogging through some neighborhoods today and soaking up all the architecture. LOVE how houses and apartments all smashed together and every street has a ton of things to look at. I do not miss the expansiveness of Kansas so much. It has always freaked me out, even though it is beautiful. I love feeling like I am being held by the city in the palm of it’s hand, like if I fell, I would fall on padding, because you are never in the middle of nowhere. You are always somewhere. And it is always full of life and moving.

Brand New Day track on my MP3 comes on every time I start a jog.

Greek, French and Spanish at KU next semester. I need to ENROLL!!!

Realized on my jog, life is not mine to CLAIM and feel like I have such a right to. I have a right to it, but I have to be fine with the “terms and conditions.” Somehow, got this crazy chance to explore the universe. Naturally scared I will lose it, as fear of death is biologically based, self preservation so continuation of the species. But can’t let fear rule my life. Can’t fear the good life because it’s too good. Can’t fear the bad life either. Accept whatever is and live it until I die. The agreement. Be thankful, live fast and love.

“Be the Best in Britain. When I say Best I mean Best at Livin” -Rizzle Kicks Dreamers

Bof bof- so so in French

My friend Eloi almost killed someone at brunch today trying to give me his skype. :P The dining hall tables are so long and so close together so you literally have to SQUEEZE through, with your tray over your head. He dropped a knife onto a guy’s head next to me while he was trying to talk to me.

Tree lined streets like in Berlin. Roots eroding the pavement. Pop would have a heyday with his caulking over here. :P Will NEVER get over the MASSIVE trees over here. Towering over you wherever you go, like they are watching over you. Epic and mossy. They have seen so much. Wonder what all they have seen…

Massive houses as well. STRAIGHT UP from the sidewalks and streets. Door right on sidewalk. Huge houses split into apartments. National standard locks. Brick and whitewashed wood with black lining for decoration cross the city. No yard. LOVE IT. Love the closeness. Different from the country SOCIAL closeness with physical separation. I like the physical closeness and the social aloofness. :)


Walking to dinner tonight through the Botanical Gardens and saw a soccerball on the Knoll lawn (I called it a football though, British culture slowly creeping into my veins… :P). I was like, Em, go grab it! And she did. We hid it in some exotic bushes by Beaumont dining hall and took it home with us after dinner. Later, Jisu turned on some kickin Korean rap and we started playing volleyball with it. We moved out into the hall and played football using the archways of the hallway as goalposts. Then we did a little basketball up and down the stairs. Everyone was really impressed with my basketball skills, the under the leg dribble and all. I think I am probably better at sports NOW than ever before, now that there is no pressure to be good. Anyway, it is a WICKED ball. Perfect. Worn out and used because it is a REALLY NICE ball. Perfect for all sports. So now I have a British football. :)

Tieja unidle! -Goodnight sisters! (Korean to Jisu and Jyeon.)

“Em, lock the door. Thanks. You two enjoy your movie.” I plug into my headphones. “That’s her way of saying she is zoning out and will not be with us for the next few hours.” Em said. Explain to Em’s boyfriend: “I am the MOST antisocial person you will meet. I ALWAYS tell Em to pretend like I am not here. I tell her NOT to answer the phone or the door, but she always does, and people come in my room and pull me out of my imaginary walled fortress. If I didn’t have a roommate I would NEVER leave this room, and no one would ever know I existed. And I would absolutely LOVE it.” :P

But seriously, I have created this “word wall” in our room. I will tell Em, “I am putting up my wall and focusing for the night. Pretend I am not here.” And she is okay with it. She will still talk to me, but she is fine with no answer. Ha. Love her. And like her new beau, he is actually really sweet. I like having him around. They are watching Sin City right now, disturbing dialogue… I am turning on some Peep Show.

“OUI!” British hey.

Eva’s family is in town, and we are going to prepare a French/American dinner at Hastings house!



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