Ann Ji Joo

Brunch with Portuguese and Koreans. :) Amo Te is I love you in Portuguese. Same as Spanish except word order inverted from the Spanish Te Amo. In Portuguese Spanish, a lot of the time the pronouns come AFTER the verbs, a big difference from Spanish Spanish. Still obviously really easy to understand both languages if you know one, though. They were really impressed I knew so much Spanish, taking English words they were saying and translating them to Spanish. And I was like, wow, I am continually surprised at how much I know as well. I always thought I was shit at Spanish, but all I needed was a place to apply what I have learned, and it will come out. :)

Worked on my Korean over brunch too. Kumowah- thank you.

Chinese and Japanese use the wooden chopsticks, but Koreans use predominantly metal chopsticks! A cultural tradition.

Drums with the constant pens that surround me.

Pizza shop lit up look in window as drive by on bus in the dark. Customers.

Riding shotgun on the bus.

And see- all this going on- music.

Metro paper which I COLLECT on a corner of my desk and save for a rainy day when I have the beautiful thing called TIME to savor them and read in a feverish journalistic high. :)

Write more from experience than from forced words of interviews.

At that point in my life where I am distinguished and wholly my own person so that I don’t just DO things anymore because other people are. I do them if that fully INTEREST me. I have an opinion now- know what I LOVE and what bores me. And there is not enough time to do ANYTHING that doesn’t interest me. I do what I want WHEN I want. ALWAYS. And I love it. In that way, at least, I am no longer a child. Or maybe I am the biggest child yet. And I love it. xxxx

Graveyard in front of me as I’m waiting for the bus after Uni. Scratch hand on concrete and feel pain and thankful to feel. :) Thankful for life. Realizing it’s fleeting. These authors I’m reading saw the world in the same beautiful literary way I do. And now they are all dead. :P BUT they all LIVED, truly LIVED for a point and time in the universe and did whatever the hell they wanted. :) And that’s what I want to do. Because the graveyard is across the street, always. But that’s what makes life a race and WORTH it. Feel and feel and feel before we are gone. :)

Total hipster and I ADORE it. Urban Keds. Skinny black jeans. Navy keds and v neck and nails. Pixie haircut. Grey hoodie with hood up. Listening to my MP3 player and the cars driving past. Slouched against a gate  with pad of paper on my lap and writing furiously in my journal.

The interesting thing is two years ago I used to think the world was worthless. That we were just in a fishbowl and all the entertainment around was virtually worthless. And now I find infinite enjoyment and possibility in every single little movement of the earth.

OH! Last night Jieun gave me a Korean name- Ann Jin Joo. I would write it in Korean like she taught me but I am not that skilled at writing in different languages on the computer. Maybe I can take a picture later sometime?

Saranghey I will remember FOREVER, it means I love you.

Gotcho- get away :P

meranhey- I’m sorry

ne iroom- I need

chinku- friend

I’ll do FINE in Korea.

Obviously feeling SO MUCH BETTER after my nap. I mean, I am talking about DEVOLUTION. Haha. Really hungry though. That curry sauce and rice was not what I would exactly call FILLING. :P

Dario is playing all of our guitar songs downstairs on his speakers. We can always hear each other’s music because my room and desk is right over his. :P We always comment on facebook about each other’s music and reply right away because we are always listening to each other’s music. There was a time when I would play Pumped Up Kicks every morning for like 2 hours straight, and he always laughed at me.

Then, last night, I was playing ukulele in my room with Jay and Jieun singing along, and they were like, someone else is playing guitar. I stopped playing and listened, and it was Dario playing the exact same song by Mumford and Sons. :P So I wrote him online, fine Dario, come on up. Haha.

I feel like in such a compromising position since he hurt two of my good friends. He IS a bastard, but at least as I realize that I think it’s fine. NO PITY. Just music. He keeps playing all the songs we play together down in his room. Just for my benefit I am sure. :P We are really good jamming buddies. I’ll have to make a video and send it to you all. I promise it won’t be quite as painful as my solo attempt earlier today.

OH! Also, I think I might be done with school for awhile after I graduate next year. I feel like I am ready to jump into real life for a bit. I feel like this year has especially opened me up to all kinds of new outlets in the world. And the more I get involved in them, the more outlets I FIND to get involved in! Constant barrage of opportunites and new ideas and epic prose, poetry, lyrics and collaborations. School’s always there to come back to. :) Plus, I can still go to public lectures and events, but I just won’t have to write essays for grades. Maybe for my JOB, but not for grades.

Late fro dinner. Arrived 10 minutes before it closed and snagged a plate of curry and rice and chocolate cake with chocolate icing. The days when the food is good it is REALLY good. I wish they spread out the good so that every meal was edible and not so contrasting between horrible and beautiful. But what can you do. Enjoy the chocolate cake and curry. ;)

Me and Dario talked over a rushed dinner about the different newspaper’s political leanings in Britain, the right to vote, anarchy (our shared love), Kant (hated Kant, but Dario’s interpretation of him more appealing than my shitty philosophy teacher from KU’s interpretation of him), the categorical imperative and Spinoza. All in life 15 minutes over mouthfuls of cake. This is the good life. This is the fast life, but this is the good life. :)

Brought home Pope, Milton, and T.S. Elliot. Started reading the Wasteland in a cafe waiting for the bus. Feeling grownup… or something. :P


Cancelled on going over to Loic’s because I have a RAGING headache and so much to do. And I know this headache will not go away until I get ahead in my work.

“I’m trying to rest but Ana and Aurelien are next door laughing like GEESE” -Eva

I will never get over the dramatic change in attitude with “University” students here and “College” students back home. I think people might take Uni a bit more seriously over here in some ways, but in other ways not. :P

We have important presentations that we are expected to present to the class, but for no credit at all. We also have a ton of encouraged reading but none required. When I first got here and I realized nothing was graded except our final exams, I was like, WHY would I do any of these projects, especially stress about them as much as my English peers do. Now, I realize it is more an incentive to not look stupid in front  of classmates and hold your self respect. It’s not like they want to LEARN more over here, but they care about what people think of them as opposed to American college students where we don’t care what you think of us as long as we make the grade. And if something is not graded, it is completely outside of our world. Here though, for example, we had a voluntary screening of an English play one night a few weeks ago, and like 60 plus people showed up! Just a completely different mentality for me. It IS a lot more like our American graduate school, when you are expected to find out what to learn by yourself. They give us a vague outline in class, and then give us a seemingly unlimited amount of resources to choose from. And I will NEVER get over the ungraded presentations. I am going to give a presentation in a few weeks, and it does not affect my grade at all, but I will do it, and I will do it good. Because that is what is expected. Back home, you are more looked down on by your peers for putting in too much effort. Here, though, you are at university, and everyone is of the same mind that you should be learning and actively participating. For your own benefit, for the class benefit, and just because you SHOULD. I continually ask my English peers what would happen if we didn’t do an ungraded project, and they were like, “We don’t know!“ because no one has that attitude of just SLIDING by that we love to promote in American Universities these days. They are, like, actually here to LEARN!

What they do outside of the library and Uni though is a completely different matter. Since there are not sororities and fraternities to capitalize on the party scene, EVERYONE is pulled into it and it is promoted by the university. At dinner every night, there are fliers on the table for that night’s club event. Every night of the week has a usual club that the entire university population usually goes to. The standard nights though: Monday- Republic, Tuesday- Mosh (hipster club I have surprising NEVER been too. :P usually everyone takes tuesday night off though, which is stupid and annoying because we all have Wednesday off, but Tuesday night is the only one we don’t go out really :P), Wednesday- Red Leicester at the uni O2, Thursday- Chili Whites, Friday- Shabang at the university O2, Saturday- Propaganda at the O2. Monday is the ABSOLUTE biggest night in Leicester which I found ridiculous when I got here, but partook in it for the experience. Nowdays though, I have a 9 am on tuesdays and am not as keen on spending 10 pounds plus a night for a smoky sweaty club.

My lovely friend Eva had a boy confess his love to her today, likening her to a catfish and himself as the fish who “cannot SURVIVE without the catfish.” “You are my CATFISH now, but someday I will be a catfish for you!! You will see!!”

I just got a special edition Harry Potter English version for 50p.

They change the way they talk a bit and a few of the place names and stuff. Different cover art and they use my FAVOURITE British spelling. :P Did you know that the French version completely changes the names of most of the main characters?

“BERK”- the French “BLEH”

Our Satire to Sensibilities class is brilliant.

I have realized that I am going to become a journalist. For sure. I love being on the internet and reading the news and having a blog and staying in touch with new ideas and opportunities on facebook, twitter, email. And that is the journalism of our age, I believe. Read Mother Jones online today, wikipedia, read BBC news online, the guardian, watched 10 o’clock Live and laughed as my FAVOURITE British comedians took a piss on the news of the week and now I’m watching the Daily Show with Samantha Bee (she has my dream job) and Ricky Gervais. And I am pausing the show every few minutes to google something that happened in the news and to find other people’s opinions on the issues. I have a stack of newspapers on my desk that I am collecting for a rainy day, because even though the internet is great and more up to date, real papers are an absolute luxury. I LOVE learning about new things and I can’t stay focused on one thing for very long because there is so much happening at all times. I am going into journalism. I am ALREADY a journalist. I have a compulsion to write down everything I discover. All these notes on my desk and I will not be able to relax until they are cataloged SOMEWHERE in my stacks of notebooks, computer files and internet blogs. Never let me convince you I want to do something different. :)



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