Not allowed to have pets in Hastings so the joke is that we have adopted mold instead. Our kitchen table is a vast playground of “turned” food that continues to grow very interesting mold. This house has got to be one of the best and one of the worst things I have ever experienced.

Nutella pancakes (crepes) for Pancake Day. Also had lemon juice, sugar, caramel, chocolate and jam.

My friend Loic has applied for an internship either at the UN or Amnesty International, and I know he will get one of them.

No Nottingham tomorrow I don’t think- I am super into JOURNALISM now, again. Just want to drink coffee, read the paper and catch up tomorrow on my day off. Read novels and organize my life.

Tonight spent a lot of time talking to friends. Stuck as the middle man in a love triangle. Friend broke up with friend for another friend. Talked to them ALL tonight. Weird hearing all different views of the same thing. Glad to not have any drama of my own. Jisu and Eloi are going to get married and have children. I can already see myself flying to Canada or Korea to stay at their place and visit. They are both some of the sweetest people ever and I really hope it works out! Same with the other love triangle… hope it turns out okay…

York accent I consider the best accent currently. English class today and English boy with York accent and me debating the structure of the “traditional novel”. English boys studying English has got to be one of the best things I have found over here.

French phrase, “drinking your words,” when someone is really engaged in a conversation with you. :)

mither- to bother

Pool with the French and the Chinese on friday.

mobile- English term for cell phone

College in the UK is from  16-18, also called A forms, the last two years of high school in the US. They call NEVER university college like they do in the US. They call it University or Uni. :)

Also, they do not STUDY for exams here. They revise and do revisions. Studying is something that you do all year, then when you are really studying hard you call it revising.

Also in France, whenever you are a little kid and you win or something, you will push your thumb out from under your chin and say “shey” to be like, “look at that!”.

Chin Chin! Cheers

Not sure what this implies or how offensive it is, but when I was in Germany someone told me that some Germans call Britain “Monkey Island.”

LOVE these pants that British boys wear. They are called chinos. If American guys are not wearing these yet, they better be by the time I get back!

Down in the kitchen 1 in the morning and rip out a page of the phone book laying on the table for a souvenir.

In French class we are all constantly mumbling and talking under our breathe trying to get a feel for the words.

Went to ASDA and bought a lovely loaf of carrot and pumpkin bread. Excellent. Almost as good as the bread in Germany!!

Need to figure out how to say small player in French. My favorite insult. :P

Also in French there is this saying you use in the morning when you are really tired and don’t want to talk to anyone, you say, “my head’s in my ass.” :P

Bought pancake mix for Pancake Day tomorrow!! You guys celebrating fat tuesday as well?? :)

ASDA is jam packed with pancake fixings. It is literally the biggest holiday over here.

They have lemons, powdered sugar, honey, jam, nutella all on display to coat your pancakes in. Pancakes are basically crepes, maybe a WEE bit thicker, but not at all like American pancakes.

Also a bunch of Belgian waffles out to buy for Pancake Day. Loic was telling us about the different kinds of waffles in Belgium. The traditional square “Belgian waffle” you get at restaurants is the Brussels waffle. The Liege waffle is not as symmetrical and SO MUCH BETTER according to Loic. :P He also says that the stereotype is true that Belgians love waffles. When you go into the city center of Liege all you can smell is WAFFLES and all people eat are WAFFLES. :P

Tomorrow we are playing pool again. :)

Listening to Em do maths over skype. (maths, not math)

Fried veggie kiev for dinner. I want some rice and vegetables… note: study abroad in China for good food.

5 pm dinner on Mondays- can make the bus by 5:33 to go to French. Love the buses here- double decker or double length. Great rides. Massive amount of travel time, but totally worth it.

Continental breakfast- means “from the continent” (mainland Europe, not the UK) FRENCH breakfasts. Em said, “That’s the reason we don’t fancy the French that much. We are over the Napoleon stuff, now we are just upset that they ruined breakfast.” Brits DO have the best breakfasts I’ve ever had. :D

Not a fan of their custard and creme and clotted creme. First of all, clotted creme has no taste, what is the point??! Tonight we had apple pie drenched in a massive congealed ocean of yellow custard. Cannot just have apple pie, have to dig it out of the mush they call custard. Every dessert is like this, it is always covered in either custard, clotted creme or regular creme. The custard is hot when they put it on, creme is lukeward and the clotted creme cold. Now you know.

Aw! Last week I was sick and missed French, and my friend Sam was so nice and typed all the notes out for me. I was like, thank you so so so much if you ever miss I have got your back! And he was like, I will never miss class because I paid for it. And I was like, well if you are on your deathbed, I got you. And he was like, I don’t plan on being on my deathbed in the next 6 weeks… :P But then he was sick tonight and missed class. Just wrote him saying, I hope I didn’t actually jinx you! And he was like, yeah, I was just thinking about that. He has decided I am a witch. :P I said I was waving my wand right now for him to feel better.

My Mama is so sweet, she got Valentines cards for me and all my friends here.

Before I left Kansas, the study abroad people were like, “Dress nice for the Europeans.” Went dinner, French and library in my pajamas and mocassins. Psh.

“Shithot” -Brits’ FAVOURITE phrase currently

Taking out the trash, and took a moment and admired Emily and I’s economic and recyclable trash cans. Magners cider and Grolsche lager boxes with ASDA bags.


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