Fransas and Stratford Upon Avon


Eva and I are in the process of getting Dario to come live a bohemian lifestyle with us where we make music, talk philosophy and politics, don’t wear shoes and all speak French, Italian and English together.

Dario and Eva just came in and stayed for a few hours so unfortunately I will not just as much writing done tonight as I wanted to. Dario saw I was reading Dante’s Inferno and was like, “Oh, you’re reading the Divine Comedy?” Of COURSE he owns a copy of it and has read it FOR FUN. Dario is my best friend now. Eva showed LOVELY places we will be going in Paris, cannot wait. She is the absolute best. Talked about the ride It’s a Small World at Disney and then talked about Grimlins. Trying to convince Dario to leave his computer technology job and go for the arts and humanities with us. He is so like us. Also he might come to Paris with us as his dad owns a flat in Paris.


Friday night we all signed the cork from the wine bottle. Going to start doing that to remember the great nights with great people in my travels around the world. :)


Adopted a random guy at the club. He could barely keep his head up so I went and got him water and got him to drink it all. Highlight of my night; feeling like a good samaritan. ;) Do NOT belong in the club scene. :P Sat in front seat and talked with the driver the whole way home. From Yemen! :) Good night out with all my friends.

Chin Chin- Cheers French

Xie Xie- Thanks Chinese

Tuesday is Pancake day. The only day that English people think it acceptable to eat pancakes, and man do they eat them on this day! Emily and Brits from my house have already got their pancake makings, and ASDA is all about selling pancake pans, measuring cups and batter right now! They haven’t been this intense about ANY holiday since I have been here. They always talk about it and now it is finally here! Our “Fat Tuesday.” :) Going to a pancake event at the SU with ULLEX on tuesday. Also, next week is Israeli Apartheid Week, so I am going to go to a lot of free filming. The politics society is also showing a free film next week as well. Then Wednesday I am going to Nottingham for an open day at their law school. Free lunch and transportation! No idea what I have gotten myself into but worth a try. Wanted to go to Nottingham anyway. :P

Then Wednesday night there is a Creative writing lecture which I will get home JUST IN TIME FOR and then MidIMUN mock UN debates this weekend! :) Wales tomorrow morning at 6 am and tonight Loic’s. I really hope to god they do not think I am cooking tonight… I will probably accidentally poison them all!! :P

SO HUNGRY speaking of food. Where did the day go? It is not 5:38 and I have successfully never left my room except to get milk for my coffee in the kitchen. I desperately need a shower and to pack and to finish typing those DAMN NOTES I have been trying to get done all day. :P

…Still have not typed notes out and it has been two hours since I said I told Dario I would play guitar with him. He wanders into my room and almost passes out from the humidity. I had not even noticed. All my wet laundry hanging up all over, and the windows closed. Dripping with condensation. :P Opened my windows. Where would I be without others? Drinking coffee alone all day in my room and writing silly stories. And I would love it. But I am thankful for my good friends as well, who save me from humidity.

Sneaking dinner in early because every time I go with the House at 6 or with friends it turns into a two or three hour occasion. :) Always massive laughs and great new ideas but takes up SO MUCH TIME THAT I DO NOT HAVE RIGHT NOW.

Forgot to put this on blog: on the trip to Stratford awhile back, me and Eva met these German girls. Where you from? Kansas. I know where that is! :)

My family is VERY German. Where are they from? Uhhh– the Black Forest? Oh cool, we are from there as well, Stuttgart! Really?? Cool!

My family fixes a lot of German food back home in America, do you know “shoof noodles?”

Yeah!!! That’s so traditional to the area!!

Really?? I have it every year for my birthday!!

That makes my day!!! If you want to be really German, call it “Buber Spitzle.”

“Buber Spitzle?”


(All the German girls were so excited and impressed at my mastery of the word “Buber Spitzle” and the fact that we make it all the way over in America!!

They told me I am of Swabian German descent like them.

Okay. It’s official. I am unable to do what I say.

Majorly distracted again. Got art history marks back… PASSED!!! With solid marks!!! Cross the board same marks for all classes. Haha. Not marks I am proud of, but passing marks and KU counts them as pass/fail anyway. This semester will be 100 X better, but so happy last semester was not a complete crash and burn!! I did better than a lot of people in the class (they show all the marks online with our student codes) so I think I did pretty alright. Did I tell you, when I took the two hour exam, I was done in an hour, and SO READY to get out of the stuffy exam room. First one done, the exam lady marked my paper with a note, and I was like, do I get counted off for finishing early?? And she was like, “No we just have to mark when you finish. It’s completely fine you are done early. Some people are just more efficient than others.” :P Which I wasn’t proud of at the time because I thought I had bombed the test, but now I know my writing skills can take me ANYWHERE, because I know it was my passion and voice in my writing that pulled my through to a decent grade, NOT the facts that I presented in the essays.

Achoo! Achoo!

I get so distracted. But everything that I do is of equal interest to me. Always excited about what I am presently doing.

Going to try and crack down and finish typing notes and ignore distractions for a bit. But it’s so hard because my notes are packed with bits of info that I thought of while taking them and wanted to research later, and now is later, yeah? But it is never ending if I don’t just focus for a bit. So I will.


New British friend met at publishing lecture yesterday!

Bringing my French phrases book to dinner tonight with Loic Eva Eloi and Jisu, because I just realized I am the only one that doesn’t have a good handle on the French language. Great opportunity to practice! (And be ridiculed. ;) Haha.)

OH! And Dario made a website for our band in his computer technology class!! :D :D :D I’ll give you the link when it is finished.

Belle and Sebastian and slowly working my way through the mountain of papers that is my life.

Advise from a “seasoned sage” (myself, of course): Life gets easier when you stop giving so much of a shit. Haha. It all falls into place. Everyday. Every minute. And you find more and more to love and more and more to do but there is less pressure because life is beautiful and just WORKS. Somehow, always beautiful. And takes shape daily and starts forming into something real and solid and lovely and tragic: life.

Tomorrow do not have any required class. Think I will go for an International Security lecture at 11 though and then human rights law at 12. Packing for Wales and then going over to Loic’s place for dinner. Not sure who is supposed to be cooking, I really hope it is not me. I want to give back since he fixed such a nice meal for us, but I dread cooking so much. :P Plus, I doubt everyone will be enthusiastic about my vegetarian tastes. We are having a poker night though, and hopefully Jisu is cooking. I will PAY her to cook. :P

Tonight I saved $6 by washing my own clothes. I did them by hand in the tub and it took me about an hour and a half. Felt accomplished and happy to save money. If I can save that much every week, it is going to add up. :) Did not spend ANY money yesterday or today, for the record. :)

Felt a lot better today and was really enthusiastic about my studies. The publishing lecture I went to was IMMENSE, really inspiring panel of independent publishing companies. One interesting seed they planted in my mind: when looking for internships, go with the smaller, independent companies. Will get to do more and learn all aspects of the industry and thus become much more valuable when start looking for a job. They also told us what they look for in a writer, and how to impress publishers with submissions.


In the kitchen cooking pasta- a history on Wales from Jack and a critique on my pasta cooking skills from Dario the Italian.


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