Thirst for Knowledge

Joyeuse Saint Valentin,

Je vous aime, je etes les meilleurs.

Happy Valentine’s Day,

I love you all, you are the best.

Dinner with Eva, Eloi, Dario and Bertrand for Valentines Day. Talked about the Queen coming to Leicester and if the Queen is still useful and worth British citizen’s 56p a year. Bertrand LOVES the Queen, he would marry her. Dario, the only British citizen, says he thinks she serves no purpose and just sucks money up, and he would throw an egg at her in protest.

Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch- 76% of population speak Welsh fluently. :)

Talking to my friend Calum at breakfast this morning. He is from Wales, near Cardiff, a town called Newport. Note to self- if ever come back to live in the UK, live in Wales. People in the UK love taking a piss at the Welsh, especially English people, but Welsh people are so cute and have THE BEST accents in the world, I think. THE BEST. Well, maybe after the Irish accent.

Giggling and chatting online with boy from my French class in my feverish state. All of the sudden, turn solemnly and suddenly towards Em, eyes wide, and say, “How do I know he is not a serial killer?”

Fever last night and woke up with it this morning as well. Decided I should probably go home when I started stripping in my Politics lecture this morning. :P Strange to be “too hot,” I forgot the feeling. Haha. Home for the day before French at six.

Bus ride home was quite amusing in my feverish state— lads next to me talking about Valentines Day. They obviously felt passionate about the subject. :P

“It’s not even supposed to be about COUPLES- it’s the day you let that person you secretly fancy know, you send them a card.”

This proceeded into them talking about Wednesday night at the Union Club– we are having a Stoplight party– where you wear red, yellow or green to designate your relationship status. Also, when you walk in the door that night- they give everyone red, yellow and green cards. When someone starts dancing with you, according to the website, you flash a red to say flip off, a yellow to say stick around for a bit, and if someone flashes you a green card, “Grab your coat, mate, you’ve pulled.” Hahaha. They were saying how the whole event was designed to make it easier to reveal girl’s thoughts and since it was Valentines day help everyone to “pull.” (When you go out for the night, you are generally “on the pull.” When you are hitting on someone you are “chatting them up” and then if all goes well at the end of the night, you “pull”. Hahah. LOVE IT.

Then this led into them plotting to send a love letter to their flatmate and discussing various techniques of how to portray a feminine letter. Very funny bus ride. Typical English “lads,” American equivalent: bros.

Felt like absolute shit today. Did not get much done, but at least getting better. :)

Let’s see if I can actually follow through with my agenda for tomorrow as opposed to today. :P


10-11 Latin literature seminar on Geographical Literature

11-12 Human rights law lecture

12-1 Political Ideas seminar on Locke

1-2 Human rights law lecture

2-4 Publishing Lecture

6- Dinner

Study French, German, Latin.

Read Roxana by Daniel Defoe, Leviathan by Hobbes and Second Treatise on Government by Locke review.

Watch Peep Show.


Geometry. Define world, then can reason it out. Trying to come up with rules to make sense of the world.

Newtonian idea- people always moving- away from aversions and toward appetites.

“Without common power to keep the people in awe men will be in that state called war,” (war defined as a state where conflict and fighting is POSSIBLE and there is nothing to stop it. The “state of nature” according to Hobbes

(Work with headphones on at home. Easier to drain out distractions.)

Injustice- not keeping covenant

Sovereign- does not have a covenant to keep with the people, only they with him, thus he cannot break covenant and people cannot dissent.

Fair choice. Still fair choice under dictator as long as he is not PHYSICALLY restraining you. Choice of money or death is a valid choice according to Hobbes within Social Contract Theory.


When majority rules for a sovereign, there is no backing out unless want to deal with the consequences, since voluntarily agreed to join. Can voluntarily choose to leave even if option is death. 2nd, 3rd generations born into, Hobbes skirts around the idea of when “voluntary consent” is actually given by following generations after original. They are still treated by the same rules as those whom agreed to Social Contract, but did they actually agree? Did they have a choice? Hobbes says yes, they could leave and die.

I was saying in class how I thought the state of nature seemed a much more fair place, every man for himself, do whatever you want. Don’t need a sovereign to protect, I would be much happier on own without rules to conform to and let the world be a free for all. I was the only one in the class who thought this, we went around and everyone else voted for a sovereign, no matter how bad the government was, they all said it was “better than the alternative.” Psh. But majority rules, so we created a government in our seminar, and they killed me for dissenting. Factions (like I was) were a harm and poison to the BODY of the sovereign as a whole (the power of the government, thus the “safety” of the people.) According to Hobbes, and my class, people are more safe when they are in “awe” of a greater power like a sovereign, no matter how restricting or harmful he may be. And I was the rebel that had to be taken care of before I could spread my opinion which threatened the sovereign, thus threatening the community as a whole. Because, in fairness, majority rules in the end, and I still have a choice. A choice to conform or die. Great class. 

Woke up this morning at 11, (Oops! But I definitely needed the sleep) and made a pot of coffee and ran to my politics seminar. Then to my law lecture and just got back from a lecture on the Publishing world. Throughout these mere four hours I successfully became an avid Political Theorist, Prospective Law Student and then became intense about publishing and writing. Missed my seminar on Ancient History, but maybe that was going to be a little too much career swapping for one day.

“Taking the mickey,” a less offensive way of saying “taking a piss,” which in the UK means to mock, tease, joke. :P There are 4 uses for the word “piss” here.

Thank you so much Mom and Pop for giving me this opportunity to explore the world. I love you both so much more than you will EVER know and am thankful everyday for you being the wonderful and supportive people you are and for raising me to believe I can do anything I want. I love you.

Skyped Ma and Pa tonight. It was only when I looked at my face on the video that I realized how terribly ill I am. :P Horrible fever came back tonight. Sweating the whole time we were planning our European trip. Kept telling people I was really sick but everyone kept laughing and more people kept coming in. I am obviously not the most persuasive person, even when there is clear evidence to my argument. :P I just don’t ever want to disappoint or hurt anyone, but sometimes I need to for my own well being. Mom and Pop made me kick everyone out of my room and told me NOT to watch a movie with everyone. Thanks, Ma and Pa. You are exactly the kick I need a lot of the time.

Jiun was so sweet when she found out I wasn’t feeling well, she was offering to make me tea, giving me her blanket and telling me to get in bed.

Okay, well I really am burning up so I am going to start getting ready for bed. So much to do though! I had so much I wanted to read tonight as well, Salman Rushdie, Daniel Defoe, French and Greek studying, the Leviathan and Second Treatise on Government and the newspapers I have stacked up on my desk. Plus I wanted to watch Moulin Rouge! I love that movie. Have to go see Moulin Rouge when I’m in Paris…

BEAUTIFUL day with English classes. In seminar- acting out witty restoration plays with my British peers, so fun to hear the plays in the original snappy British accent! SUCH a great class to take in England. LOVE.

Just got out of a lecture on Daniel Defoe. LOVE! He is like the precursor of yellow journalism. He was a such a brilliant liar, so many layers to his works!!! AMAZING!! Reading Roxana tonight.

Jumping in the shower and crossing my fingers for hot water, then whipping up a pot of chili and then running to dinner and then I have my work cut out for me for the evening. Work work work and then celebrating Valentines day with Jisu and Eva aroudn 10 tonight- none of us have class tomorrow! :) Planning out our spring break.

First week Scotland for me, and then last week we are all going to Belgium to meet Loic in Bruges and then to his place in Liege. Then to Paris for a girls weekend before school starts up again! :)

Wales this weekend, should be a great trip. Going to like 4 different places in two days. Camera ready. :)


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