I love walking into the kitchen at 1 in the morning and always having an assortment of people from all over the world to talk to. And I love how we all love each other so much, even though we are all so different, but we are like family- surviving in this crazy house together.

Our sink in our room is always in varying states of usable.

Me and Eva treated everyone to a very explicit and obscene conversation over dinner. She is definitely my best friend.

Cannot believe that I went through the whole winter without running!!! I LOVE IT!!

Just got back from playing pool at S-bar with Eva, Eloi and Loic. Picked up a bit of French and getting alright at pool.

OH! Just so you know I just got engaged. Mark from Florida. Just agreed on now.

Dinner. Em locates me reading a play in Beaumont bar and convinces me to have a second dinner with her. “You can read, and you don’t even have to talk to me!” :P “Can you get me more cheesy cauliflower bake?” Done deal. Get to dinner at 530 and stay reading and sipping coffee and hot chocolate til 630 when we are allowed for seconds (or in my case, thirds).

“Maybe we should move?” -Me,

“I’m far too busy not giving a shit” -Em as she returns to her hot chocolate.

(“Always nice to know I’ll be quoted on something poignant, one of those hard hitting problems. World hunger, education, peace and the fact of whether or not people queuing around us is problem” -Em on being put in my blog. :P)

“Your blog is like the Daily Show, except with fewer mention of dicks.” -Em.

Sprezzatura: Ease of manner, studied carelessness; the appearance of acting or being done without effort.

Me and Eva did Tarot cards last night. Let’s just say, in the romantic love department, it’s looking pretty bleak for me. We tried four times, and every time I drew the L’ermite card. Hahaha. And concerning my new Greek boy- I drew the devil, imbalance, death and destruction cards. So, will take that into consideration… hahaha. Not that I take tarot cards seriously at all, but they are so much fun. And they reaffirmed my opinion that I have been forming for awhile: that I am so much better on my own without distracting love relationships. I have so much passion and interest forming in me for SO MANY different aspects of life that it seems pretty much impossible to care about anything but pursuing the WORLD right now. :D And this is a view that I have never been able to achieve in my life before now, so I am holding on tight to it and keeping it as mine. As L’ermite.

Just got back from a night jog down London road with Jay. We went 45 minutes, it was great and I feel amazing!! Those tights came in handy too, running in tights is beautiful. So warm. :D

Watched a bit of The Parent Trap with the girls from the house and then going over to Eva’s to watch Catch Me If You Can with Eloi and others.

I have so much to tell you and feel so great and alive and life is wonderful and jam packed WITH life.

Last night at dinner the vegetarian option was some unidentifiable substance, so I grabbed a plate of fish and chips. MY FIRST fish and chips since I have been in England! Haha. It was really, really good. They serve it every Friday, I might just become a fan.

Today in English: more obscene Libertine writing. I LOVE.

Points drawn from today’s class:

  • If one is enraged by something, it means they are guilty of understanding the thing that enrages them. Assumes they have been in contact with the immoral things themselves.
  • restoration comedies do not always end happily with marriage. Rather, they usually resolve and continue carrying on as they did in the beginning.

Eva and me concluded today that the first step to seduction is: good grammar. :P

In my planner everyday: 8 am- breakfast. A girl can hope… :P

I think I want to be in a play next year.

Walk out into the hall carrying a book, journal, pen and spoon and belting the lyrics to a song. Halfway down the stairs before I notice there is a guy standing there. “Just singing in the halls… sorry” :P “Why not?” he said. :D

There is a pizza advertisement that has been stamped to our kitchen table in Hastings. It almost looks classy. :P

Revelation: REAL SWEATERS warmer than mere jackets. CANNOT believe it took me 21 years to learn this…

OH! Talking about Spanish language at dinner with Anna who is from Spain. Everyone was making fun of the fact that they have b’s and v’s but only one sound for both. “That doesn’t make sense!!” But I think it is really cool and makes a lot of sense. Spanish comes from the Latin roots- that’s why they keep the distinction between b “b” sounds and v “b” sounds, because of etymology.

Talking with British girls in Latin class. They decided their course track for education when they were 14, opposed to my 20 year old self deciding to go for “global studies.” I think that is one of the main differences between England and America. And I have to say, in that area, I think America actually wins. I would NEVER have been where I am now if I had had to decide when I was that young. But the plus side is, British students know a whole lot more about their subjects, and then get through university faster.

Martin, from Slovakia, had a dream last night that it was Cold War II. We spent the whole bus ride to Uni talking about it. :P

Something about gender a bit different here. I wouldn’t say women were not treated as equally, but they are just protected a bit more I think. And I can’t figure out whether I like that or not From a feminist’s perspective, obviously no, but from a scared 20 something year old girl who just had a break in last week, yes I appreciate it. In all the houses the boys are on the bottom and the houses that are open more often are all boys. Also, when we first got here they were like, who wants to join the Oadby football (soccer) team? Sorry ladies, it is just for males. And I was like, wow. But mostly, I think it is comforting how they are more protective over their women. But then again the British women are crazy badasses so they don’t really need any help at all from ANYONE.

I’m fed up with being cold in this cold old house, so I finally decided to be proactive. I bought a shitton of tights at Primark today and knee high socks.

I also got some Wellies for 12 pounds, they are super nice! I held out a good long time in England without them, but suffered MANY MANY a day and night of frozen wet shoes socks and feet. No more! :D And now, I feel officially British.

Due to a combination of the freezing place we call a house and the fact that I am not very good at keeping things organized for long— this is what my “closetbed” looks like. I pile clothes on my bed throughout the day, jackets hats and scarves as well, and then when I go to bed I leave it all there and crawl under the heap. Warmth, and effortlessness.

Is it bad that I have to sponge off my desk at least once a week? My coffee pot sits on my desk, to be fair. And I turn on my coffee pot without placing a mug underneath AT LEAST every few days. SO my desk turns into a caffeine swamp. I never could understand how my teachers in high school always managed to spill coffee all over our papers, but now I do I realize it was an act of love. :P I am probably destined to be a crazy professor… I WOULD LOVE THAT. With my caffeine swamp and all.

They fixed the door and the window. Conor’s response: “Not gonna lie. I  kinda get a buzz knwoing that someone might burst in on me at any point without warning.” :P

The porter (warden) added me on facebook!! :D He is so cool in a Hippie-Hagrid-Harry-Potter way. He is famous around our university.

Sitting here shoveling yoghurt (that’s how they spell it and pronounce it here!!) down my gullet and doing my Latin readings on St. Isidore. Did you know he is known as the father of the modern encyclopedia? Used etymology and parallels from the world to create his giant life’s work encompassing a “summary of human and divine knowledge.”

Me and Jisu having a coffee date in my room, and Jisu was being all nice and washing my mug, then the doorbell rang and she slammed it down against the sink accidentally and broke it clean in half! Hahahah.  Really funny. She said she would steal a mug from Beaumont for me to replace it though. What a good friend.


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