Class and Vegetarian Food

The ground wardens popped by this morning. Working on solving the case of the “Footprint on the cistern.”

We had a break in last week and Conor’s door got kicked in while everyone was at dinner. Luckily the two American girls were home and ran down to see what the noise was and they saw a guy in a maroon hoodie run out the front door from Conor’s room. His door was completely taken off the doorframe and the wall surrounding it had just crumbled like toast.

Thankfully, nothing was stolen so far as we can see, but we noticed a footprint on top of the cistern in the boys bathroom. The theory became that someone came in the window in the bathroom. Today, however, the wardens came in and were like, that window leads to a private courtyard. It is kept locked and enclosed and it is impossible to get to that window from the outside, even for us. So now we have no idea how they got in, and if they did use the window they must have had some crazy spiderman techniques.

Conor now sleeps with a huge kitchen knife. And I’m working on finding a bat.

Long day. 10 am Latin and ancient history class. Virgil and Milton. Hour in the library and then on to political ideas seminar. Really enjoy that class. I am set to give a presentation of Marx’s political theories in a few weeks. Then after class talked to a Korean girl named Yu Na in my class, and she told me she was frustrated because she didn’t understand everything in the lectures, so I told her I would help her. Shelby told me a long time ago, “You just can’t let poor souls be lonely and unhappy in peace.” Ha. Anyway, I had class at one so we sat down in the union and I gave her a brief rundown on what we had covered by Hobbes so far, and what she should expect for Locke whom we are studying next. I told her to just let me know whenever she needs help. She was so grateful I thought she was about to cry, and she was saying how she didn’t want to interfere with my plans, and that just made me want to help her even more. I love people who realize and are aware enough to thank other people. But anyway, she was like, can I do something for you? And as she said that she was wrote something down in Korean and I was like, YOU CAN TEACH ME KOREAN!! :D So now, I am going to officially start learning Korean, and I will learn my politics better as I now will be having to know it all good enough to explain to someone else. :)

Next I went to Human Rights Law with Bertrand. LOVED IT. The topic was pornography. We studied a bunch of cases and a bunch of great legal quotes, and it tied into my politics class perfectly as we focused on the ideas of Mill and his idea of freedom which is being allowed to do whatever you choose as long as it was not hurting anyone else. Talked about how there were about four definitions of harm concerning this subject, and how it can be interpreted in so many ways. Great quotes from feminists and lawyers and cases. Absolutely love the structure and the philosophical issues of law. It makes so much sense to me. Philosophy and law.

After law I stayed on campus. Talked to people, did homework, surfed the net, and then went to watch a movie for English at four in ATT theatre. It was really good- it was a modern adaptation of a play we are going to be reading in the coming weeks. Again obscene and WAY over the limits for the time period. But SO sassy. :P

Got out of the movie around six and walked out into… the SNOW! AGAIN! It is still snowing, 6 hours later. It has been like a winter wonderland/ frozenland these past few weeks!! Buses were slow with the snow- waited 45 minutes and then made it home just in time for dinner. Scarfed down some chips with ketsup (the only edible thing on the plate) and then ran home in the blizzard.

At home, read. Ate my leftover chili from last night. YUM. And then got into bed because I was too cold, and Jisu wanders in, and then Eva. I would have been asleep HOURS ago if I didn’t have a roommate who leaves the door open. :P But we had a lot of fun. We have Jisu set up with our friend Eloi, so exciting. :D Then we are all starting to plan our spring break trips. :D I think we are going to go for a month long Euro pass train ticket, so we can go wherever we feel like going! :) Our neighbors Jiung and Jay are going to join us as well. Jiung and J wandered in my room after Jisu and Eva left. After I had put on my facemask for the night and looked like a Geisha. I have no shame anymore. :P Sat down on my radiator and talked about the world. Found out Jay spent 5 years growing up in Vietnam! I want to talk to her more about that…

Jiung woke me up for breakfast today at 8 am with her little knocks on the door. Ha! They are going to try and pull me out of bed a 7 tomorrow. :O

They are both from Korea as well, I think I am destined to end up in Korea at some point in my life. We all ate the Clementines I had bought– and they told me that you can buy like 50 clementines in Korea for a pound or two! They are grown fresh there!!! :D So I’ll DEFINITELY have to stop by. :D They are bite size though- pop them in your mouth whole! YUMMMM. Talked about how I ditched my Korean buddy that I was supposed to follow through with. They were talking about their buddies and how the program was really odd. Leicester students get CREDIT for being a Korean buddy- and Jay was like, “I am not a CHARITY CASE.”

Made chili! Missed this American food!

Annie gets her pulling voice on, and seductively inquires… ‘if i want to go to breakfast and then have a nap afters…’. So, nothing special after all. stuck in such a loveless relationship :’(” -Emily on facebook.

Also, in Korean culture, you are not obliged to say sorry or thank you as often as we do in our Western cultures. You only say sorry if you REALLY mean it, not just in passing. If you accidentally brush against someone nothing is said, just a look.

Jisu Eva and Jiung came in my room tonight at 11 and stayed for a few hours. Practiced French and Korean pronunciations. Started planning for spring break. English is like a linguistic bridge between the two different ways of speaking; talking through the nose with short choppy words (Korean) and smoothly through the throat (French). I think it is easier for English speakers because we are not really ingrained in a certain way of speaking like really throaty languages or really nasally languages. We are more nasal than throat but can still pull off both with a bit of practice.

Talked about the Eurozone and national identity. How Koreans do not really feel like Asians, they feel like Koreans. And the French do not feel like Europeans, but an individual culture within Europe despite the EU. Eva says she thinks the Euro will tear apart Europe. It has only been in place 10 years and has already led to so much anger and hate between countries- right now directed at Greece, Portugal and Cyprus.

Me and Jisu traveling Europe together when I get back from Scotland and she gets back from Vienna the 7th. Eva is going to meet us for a weekend in Prague at some point during the break. :)

Eva’s grandparents were Slovenian and left the country after the war. Czec Republic and Slovakia used to be a united country together 20 years ago!

Raw squid huge in Korea. Calamari in France. :)

Me and Jiung going to make some MEXICAN FOOD. :)

Eva, Eva’s parents and my parents and grandparents and I are all going to make dinner together the saturday night after we get back from Germany!

Title of my future book: Fish with Ears. I already know EXACTLY what it will be about. I just need to get the time to write it.

In France and Spain, at least according the girls I was talking to the other day, students are full time and rarely have part time jobs. That’s so crazy to me!

Every time my friends and I have to take a taxi, I always end up chatting with the driver. I always feel so bad for them. I have been with people who treat the drivers like they are not ever humans. And it takes one hell of a character to drive drunk 20 somethings around night after night. So I always try and talk to them and find out about their lives and try to make them understand I value them as a PERSON, not just a ride. I do this because I feel it is the right thing to do, but it also isn’t so bad for our fares either. You wouldn’t believe how much you can shave off a cab price by just TALKING to the driver!

Talking to my Korean neighbor at dinner about race and ideals of beauty. She was like, “I don’t know how to judge if a white guy is hot or not.” And I told her our typical ideas of attraction. And I asked what a typical hot Korean would look like and she said those that have white characteristics; bigger nose, etc. We talked about how it is probably the effect of Hollywood and Globalization. Korean girls get plastic surgery to have a double eyelid to look more “white” and to make their noses bigger. And in America we make our noses smaller and breasts bigger. She said that breast implants were not really done at all in Korea, rightly so! A very interesting conversation about social norms and models.

In front of ASDA getting cash out of the machine earlier tonight. While waiting for my cash to come out three men come running out of the store and two of them tackle the third. Three grown men struggling in a pile three feet from me on the gorund. They picked the third man up off the ground (his face was pressed to the concrete) and took him inside. Apparently they are a lot harsher on shoplifters here in England. In America when I worked at Dillons, if we saw someone shoplifting we would ask them to please come pay. And if they said they already had we couldn’t argue with them for legal reasons. But here, Jesus. Grown men in a dog pile over stolen bread and cheese!

Studying obscene poetry from the 17th century Restoration in England in my English class and it is enlightening. Refreshing and keeps you on your toes.

Monday I wandered down New Walk on a date with myself. Found Shivali village vegetarian restaurant and various other ones as I went.

Musings on philosophy- how it is NOT pointless, it is a way to get own best experience out of life possible. Don’t take too seriously but don’t ignore out of fear. Proactive way of living this life to it’s fullest.

Open up nonchalance and realization. Best. Perfect. Drive.

LOVE living in a big city and having the possibility of getting lost. And boy did I get lost. :P

It was foggy out so I couldn’t hold onto the tall tower that you can usually see to direct you back to campus- so I just followed traffic and gut instinct. :P

As I said earlier, I stumbled upon the eerie and magnificent castle which is actually a jail. It was so epic in the fog. True England. About 20 minutes later I came to a big roadway… with a statue of LIBERTY on the island in the middle of the street!! So random!!! It was huge, too.

I was practically in heaven with all of the old houses and delicate carvings in the architecture. Again, found true England.

About an hour into my solo exploration I was starting to get a bit worried as I still had not seen anything familiar in quite a while. Looking at the shop windows, I realized there had been a dramatic change in scenery. Every other shop was either selling Sari’s, gold jewelry (new noserings!!) or curries. And a MECCA of vegetarian restaurants. I would have stopped in one of the shops if I had ANY idea of where I was, but seeing as I was basically a lost soul in the world I kept a brisk pace. At some point a guy was like, “You alright?” seeing as I obviously did not belong in that area of town. If only I had darker skin. I am SO Indian at heart. :P Anyway. Ended up giving up and flagging a bus down and getting delivered to city center.

Getting on the bus I was so happy to know that I was going to finally get to solve the myself I had been living the past two hours of WHERETHEHELLAMI? :P In conclusion, I was proud and happy to have ventured off the beaten path, but then I was OHSOGLAD to be driven back to civilization where I knew my way around again.

Tired with blistered and wet feet but I love it.


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